Monthly Archives: February 2007

My Very First Post!

Here’s my very first post for my very first Blog.
And as I sit here, trying to write something, my mind fails to help me. My thoughts seem to have abandoned me. And all those ideas which I thought would come pouring out of my mind, on to the screen, are all gone!!!
I will start with telling you- I am at a beautiful stage in my life.. Standing on the brink of motherhood..I cant wait to hold my lil bundle of Love, who’ll be here with us in just about 6 weeks.When I found out that I am pregnant.. or even before I got pregnant,I had decided to document my pregnancy.When I found out that I am pregnant,I kept thinking -“OH I have so many months to do that.. there’s still time”.. and now i realise that the time has just slipped out of my hands.. and here i am struggling to put all my feelings, all my emotions in words.. and I thought I was good with words!OH Well,That is Life.. Or is it the Hormones???