For you, Mom!

My mom was a great cook.Be it cooking daily fare or special treats,she was just great at everything. Now when I am almost a mom,I find myself missing her even more and catch myself planning delicious treats for my baby.
Yesterday,I was telling DH about my mom and her always ready nutritious snacks and he said “OH! the more you talk about your mom, the more I realise what I am missing”. That’s when I decided to bring back some good food to my kitchen.. get some delicious recipes on the table.. and almost rushed to the kitchen at that moment. And then my big belly and third trimester fatigue brought me to a screeching stop!
Anyway, I was playing with the idea of a cookery blog for a long time and decided to do it after the baby is here.. but then I decided why wait..I might as well start it now.So here’s my tribute to my mom and her delectable recipes.
This blog also features my growing collection of recipes,some I have perfected and some I am working on.
I am what I am because of her..She was the best mom, perfect wife, a wonderful daughter.. just perfect in every possible way.She made every task seem effortless, even enjoying the toughest chores.I don’t know about the rest but I sure hope to be that kind of mom someday.And what better way to start than with perfecting her recipes.
This one’s for you mumma!

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