amniotic fluid scare!

I have been posting since morning. I feel as if I am rushing against time. But who is to blame? My own fault for having been so lazy all these past months. I am tired of writing in past tense and feel like I am just documenting- which is essentially what I am doing right now. But,I also don’t want to miss out on anything important from my first pregnancy. And so, I decided to try and get to the present as soon as possible. That way I can write my true feelings and not just document!
Anyway, on Feb 28th, 2006, we were scheduled for another ultrasound. Dr.H felt that constant monitoring was required with GD. After the ultrasound as we were waiting for Dr.H to come in, we were laughing and joking.We got a side profile of Baby Sunshine. And Boy! did she look angry. DH was joking about her being a private person and not appreciating the constant monitoring.And then Dr.H. came in and she didn’t look too happy either.She got straight to business and asked me if I was leaking fluid.I said no..butI wasn’t sure.She was really upset and told us that my fluid level was too low and it could be a potential risk to the baby. She decided to run some test and left us alone , while I undressed and she grabbed her apparatus. DH was upset too. And I started crying,not because Dr.H was mad at me,but because I was worried how could I not know. Not that I was a pro at being pregnant,it was my first pregnancy , but if I couldn’t be aware of such an important thing, what kind of a lousy mother was I going to be for my little angel. What if we had not come for the ultrasound today? All that was so overwhelming and I started crying.
Dr.H came back and apologised for being so harsh and I am thinking OH that’s so sweet of her. Anyway, she checked and found out that I was not leaking fluid and so referred me to a high risk specialist Dr.G., after 2 days of bed rest.
We went and saw Dr.G. and he told us to see Dr.H again after 2 days. So back we trooped to Dr.H’s office after 2 days. And then she had good news for us. The bed rest had helped raise the fluid level. Baby was also doing fine and I didn’t need to be on the bed whole day.
We had a follow up visit on March 20th. And the ultrasound results were heartening. Baby Sunshine weighs around 6 lbs now and the fluid level is great too. Our precious angel even gave us a smile!
I have completed 36 weeks! Dr. H gave us the good news that the baby can come anytime now!

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  1. See…you would know something as fluid leaking and your fluid wasn’t leaking. Don’t ever correlate any of this to your ability to give to your child. That is a natural inborn thing.Glad the issue is resolved and you can look forward peacefully to your daughter’s birth. Finalised the name?

  2. Aww Thanx, Tara.Yes, I am glad everything is fine now.Name almost finalised.. will share soon.

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