Baby Shower!

Feb 10th, 2007!
We decided to have a traditional Maharastrian Dohale Jevan for me and Baby Sunshine.DH,being from Kerala, had no clue what is to be done, but he knew I would love having a traditional shower.So he started asking my family what is done. Fortunately for us, my dad’s cousin and aunt were visiting USA at that time. We had met them over Christmas and they wanted to do the ceremony for me.My friend Vidya also wanted to throw me a shower. So, we invited everyone over -Vidya stays on the East coast and My aunt(atya) and grandma were in California.And I was not crazy about travelling anywhere in my 3rd trimester.
So, they flew out to shower us with all the love and blessings. It was so exciting to have family over in this country.It was also the first time after our wedding that we had someone coming over for a visit.So, we were super-excited. DH ordered all my favorite food from a local Indian restaurant-Sans the sweets ,of course. Vidya ordered a beautiful cake. Atya pampered me for those 2-3 days by taking over the kitchen and we were all talking non-stop,making the most of all the time. On that day, we got up, had a leisurely breakfast and then went to the temple.Before that DH,Vidya and Atya decorated the living room beautifully with all the baby banners.I just sat on the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table!Then we headed off to the restaurant for a much needed dose of chaat and also to pick up food for the evening’s party. DH had also invited some of his colleagues and I was meeting most of them for the first time. but it was a great party. Atya performed all the traditional rituals. And DH had another surprise for me. He had ordered glass bangles for me. How they managed to get those beautiful bangles all in one piece is still a mystery for me. But, I was so thrilled, happy and emotional all at the same time. The only downer was that I missed my dad and sister, and judging by the number of times they called ,I know they were missing us too. OH well! may be next time!
Baby Sunshine got some lovely gifts-
Bath tub
A hoodie
dino pillow and a complete yellow set of onsies,socks,hat n towel
Rattle,soft toys.
A crib mobile
A high chair
All this cute stuff makes me wish I was a baby too!

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