Our Anniversary

Dec 20th,2006-Our 3rd Anniversary- I had plans to make this anniversary a special one as this would be the last time we celebrated our anniversary as a twosome. But, it turned out to be a busy busy day.

We scheduled our regular appointment with Dr.H for around 3.00 pm so that DH would come home postlunch and we would have a longer evening. But as luck would have it, he was swarmed with work and we barely managed to reach the Doc’s office for our appointment. It was a good appointment and then DH had to go back to office. And he ended up working late that day!We still had plans to eat out, but he didnt get home until 9.30 and most good restaurants in the valley close by 10.00. So, we just managed to get take-outs and finally had dinner and cake at around 11.00. By then,I was so tired,I headed to the bedroom and he to the den, for more work!

So, that was our anniversary!

The rest of the weeks flew by peacefully up until my 28 week check up.

That was when they poked me yet again, drew another sample of blood and discovered that I had Gestational Diabetes.
I was bummed.I had never felt healthier. I was eating healthy, excercising, doing everything I could to make sure that I had a healthy pregnancy,then what did I do wrong? I went for diabetes counselling and also receieved a glucometer to monitor my sugars 4 times a day. DH was very supportive, attending the counselling with me, encouraging me every step of the way and even giving up some of his favorite foods( just because I couldnt eat them).I tried to control GD with just dieting and it didnt work and I was still depressed when I went to see Dr.H .She explained to me that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. I had PCOD, I had a family history of Diabetes and So did DH.She explained to me that it was not my fault and that sometimes the body needs a push in the form of medication to get back on track. But she didnt talk about Insulin and decided to try oral medications and that was a relief!
So, I started talking oral medication and it really helped. My sugars are in control and now, as on march 23rd, I am down to testing just twice a day. Dr.H is happy, I am happy-Its a win-win!
Sure,I still crave for the no-no foods but DH is very encouraging and reminds me gently that its not too long now. We’ll soon have that beautiful baby and then I can eat whatever I like.

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