37 weeks….

And still waiting.My patience is running out, its getting difficult to move around and not to mention the backaches. To top it all, my emotions are all over the place!
In the last 2 days, at least 4 people told me that when I didn’t take their calls, they thought I had gone into labour. Or that the baby was already out! You WISH!
Its so funny.Now the BH contractions are getting stronger and they are lasting longer, So, everyday, DH and I are sitting with a pen and paper and writing the timing of the contractions.This goes on for 2-3 hrs sometimes even 4 and then they stop! Yesterday the contractions started coming 5 min apart. and I was excited. YES! excited.. now if only they would last for a Little longer than 1 hour. UGH! no such luck They stopped after 20 min!!! Come on!!! another 40-45 min.. !!! Oh Well, another day!
I keep checking at least 3 pregnancy sites and everyday there are at least 7-10 births on the April board. I was so frustrated ,I didn’t check this site for the whole weekend and then checked it again this morning and guess what? there were 60 new posts in the birth announcement section!! 60 new births!! When the first of the babies were born, I was so thrilled.It reminded me that it will be my turn soon. But as the number of newborns is increasing, makes me feel.. when will it be my turn??
Every time Baby SS kicks me in my ribs,I tell her.. ‘aww sweetie, that’s so sweet.. now practice punching.. and punch a big hole in that bag of waters!’But does she listen..uh No! She wants to do her thing! ‘Come on Mom kicking you in the ribs is more fun!’ Alright baby girl,take your time.. Mommy is not going anywhere.. Just a few more days and then it will be just you and me! And daddy too!!! yeah he is that other voice you keep hearing!
We went for this parenting class at our local hospital- Newborn child care! The instructor made the class so much fun. One of the things that she said and I really liked was- for the first few weeks, your baby doesn’t know that you are a separate entity. For her, you are a part of her and her own limbs are something new.She is trying to explore them. And when she looks at you, she thinks she is looking at herself, but when she looks at herself in the mirror, she feels that she is hanging out with a new buddy! Now isn’t that cute?
Everything about a new baby is so beautiful and new. And may be that is what is making me so impatient.I want to start my new life as a mommy. And haven’t I been patient enough? Last 9 months and what about the months before that , when we were TTC? Surely that counts too. Oh Well! At least I know it can be anytime now!That’s consolation enough.

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  1. Hi! Nice Blog..I remember feeling the same exactly one year ago. I was tired, frustrated and more than anything else impatient. And when the show finally began, I wanted to hold it up for just a few more days. We women!!Don’t worry it will be time soon enough. in the meantime get all the rest you can!

  2. Hey SM, Thanx for checking out my blog. Nice to hear from you.Do keep coming back!heheheI will see you at yours!

  3. Oh wow, I love what the instructor said..I was overdue with my son and frankly I was in pure agony. I kept counting the days and then…jeng jeng jeng, he arrived:)

    • ohhh man!! being overdue..DH wanted to wait till 42 weeks and I was so ready to kill him!!Thank God the baby came early..and now she is 3.
      And about what the instructor said..it is really cute na?
      hopping over to check ur blog now.

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