Newest Mom on the blogs-Part-2

Finally,I got around to post part 2 of my birth story.DH is out grocery shopping and Baby SS is sleeping.
So, sometime between the final decision and the actual surgery,I was examined by at least 3 nurses and 2 doctors. And then the Anaesthesiologist came to talk to me and explained everything and asked me if i had any questions.Uh, Yes I did! One of my high school teachers had gone into a Coma due to a wrongly administered Spinal and I was nervous and just needed a reassurance or something to calm my nerves. So, I asked him what were the chances of something like that happening. And he tells me.. Sure you can die. I wont lie to you. This is a hospital, anything can happen! WOW Thanks for being so brutally honest. I looked at DH and DH at me!
So, I decided that if i am going to die.. i will die , talking.. even if I am flat on my back and with an opened up belly! And yes I hated him!
Fast forward to OR-
I insisted on walking to the OR,my last pregnant walk for a while. And I did it as gracefully as possible. Anyone who has worn a hospital gown will know what i mean. Anyway, I got my spinal and was prepped for the delivery.DH came and took a seat near my head. And we were chatting, Dr. giving us a blow by blow description of each step. It was like a dream.I felt like an outsider watching someone else’s life. I asked for Oxygen! LOL!I was feeling dizzy and seeing stars.. The Anaesthesiologist asked me if I saw Brittany Spears..I said no Indian stars. By then I had softened towards him. he gave me O2 candy!!hehehe
OK Dad, get your camera ready! Huh? already? “yes! we are going to get the baby out!”
DH stood up, to take a peak behind the curtain and he had this enthralled look on his face!
At exactly 8.33pm-Welcome Baby Girl Aadya !” said the Dr.Is she ok? I asked “She is perfect!”said the Dr.
Take her picture ! Take her picture!! I am telling DH and he is still in a daze, looking at his daughter. I am pulling his hand.. and he doesn’t react.. TAKE A PICTURE!! Finally the doc told him.. Dad you better take a picture.. don’t mess with mommy at this time!”
LOL!And at that very moment she cried! Aww that was music to my ears.That jolted him to his senses and he started clicking furiously.. and then,they took her clean and weigh her. His eyes followed his daughter..and the next thing I know is that his hand had slipped out of mine. He was no longer at his position by my head.. but was standing by his daughter’s side. So easy it is to slip into daddy shoes..
I had to wait a while longer before i got to see my princess.. DH was so in awe of her..He held her up for me to see – he just didn’t realise that all i saw of her was the blanket.. everything else was hidden behind her dad- showering her with kisses. The nurse had to tell him 4 times that it was time to go to the nursery.. he just didn’t seem to hear!He was not ready to let go. Finally I told him.. its OK, you go with her.. and off they went,without a backward glance!! The new twosome!My darling and our darling daughter!


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  1. Congrats Trishna! I have linked you at Welcome to Mommyhood! 🙂

  2. Wow…I’ve been kind of out of the loop for awhile. And came here eagerly waiting to see what’s been happeneing. Congratulations Trishna. I am thrilled for you both.Aadya is a gorgeous name. Hwow are you settling in?

  3. Heyy Boo, Thanx for linking me to indianmommies.Good to hear from you!Tharini,I know I was wondering where you were too.. But just never got around to mailing or messaging u. We are adjusting ok.. trying to come out of sleep-deprived state.. But enjoying mommyhood thoroughly! how are Winkie n Thambi?

  4. Heeeeeeeeeeey!! Welcome Sunshine!! Aadya is a beautiful name.Congratulations mommy and daddy!!Sorry I took so long to wish you.I am so glad everything turned out okay after the initial scare.Congrats again!

  5. congratulations!!! now post some pics of the little angel… and hey.. my husband did the same.. watched over the curtain and forgot abt me…

  6. Congratulations Trishna :-)First time on your blog – will keep visiting often.How are you and lil Aadya doing ?Once again, welcome to mommyhood 🙂

  7. Thanx SM!I have never been more grateful .I am so glad we had the test scheduled that day.MM,now that you mention it, I remember reading your birth story :)hahaha its something I tease him about almost everyday.Gauri, thanx for visiting.I just checked your blogs briefly before getting the mommy911 call. Will visit again soon.

  8. Don’t know what happened I decided to read your blog from the very beginning. Here I am, reading the post of you giving birth & I am crying my eyes out in office. The IT person sitting opposite me asked me – are you ok? I smiled & replied to him – I am very happy.
    Such a beautiful post Trish, the moments when you noticed DH turning into a Dad.. omg.. I don’t know what to say..
    I know its 7 been years now, Aadya is a big girl.. but can I say Congratulations to you now? 🙂

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