Some sweet memories

So, I never got around to writing everything about my pregnancy.. Baby SS came early.. A good lesson for mommy- Babies wait for no-one!
But my pregnancy journal wouldn’t be complete without these sweet memories-
Baby SS gets hiccups-
It was sometime after lunchtime. I was lying down on the couch,reading a book. And suddenly i thought I felt heartbeats in my tummy. HUH?? whats going on? Immediately I googled it.. and found out that Baby SS was having hiccups!! hehee Hiccups.. My baby ,standing on her head and having hiccups..It was so funny and special! I called up DH at work and told him immediately. He asked me how I knew.. I told him what was happening and he googled it too.I had my 24 weeks visit that day and we reconfirmed it with the doctor too.She would have hiccups for 20-30 mins at a time.. and that continues even now!
Dad feels his baby kick-
Ever since I felt the first fluttering I wanted DH to experience it too. And he was looking forward to it too.So, every time the baby started kicking, I would grab his hand and put it on my belly.. but either he couldn’t feel anything or the baby would stop kicking! So, one night after dinner.. We were still sitting at the table, chatting and she started to kick.. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly, yet again. only this time in my rush, i pressed a little hard.And she kicked him hard!!! He had a stiff neck that day! but that kick made him forget that.. He hugged me so tight..We both had tears in our eyes!
After that first introductory was really excited.Whenever we were sitting ,relaxed and baby was moving, he would ask me to keep his hand where i felt the kicks. And when I guided him to the right spot, he would pat there.. and if SS was in an indulgent mood she would oblige by kicking back and playing with her dad.

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