Aadya’s mom

That’s my new title.
We were at her Pediatrician’s office and I wanted to ask something to the nurse,before leaving. And the receptionist called out to her- Wendy, Aadya’s mom wants to ask you something!
Aadya’s mom..It sounded so natural.
I remember every time that someone introduced me as my dad’s daughter..or DH’s wife..I always felt a little .. how should I put it..miffed??? I always felt that I have my own identity and why should I be introduced as some one’s wife or daughter.. why not just as me, the person. But somehow, when I was addressed as Aadya’s mom ,it just made me feel so good..made me feel like a complete person and yet again, made me so emotional.
Thank you, baby girl, for making me a mom.. Thank you for completing my life!Thank you for completing me!
Two of my close friends,( you guys know who you are) told me that I am so motherly..Yes,I am..it just feels like the perfect job for me.. my baby doll was the only thing lacking in my life.
Here’s to mommyhood.. and hoping to enjoy every second of it!

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