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Happy Birthday Papa!

Me-“Papa,Papa, When is your birthday? “
Papa-“Why, beta?”
Sis-“Mumma will bake a cake and we’ll have a party..”
Papa-“Cake??..beta yeh cake-wake mere liye nahi chahiye.. mere liye toh mumma ko bolna gulgule banane ko!”( I dont need any cakes, ask mumma to make some sweets for me)
Us-“Gulgule kyu?”
Papa-“That’s what my nani(grandma) used to make for my b’day every year.The day she made that I knew it was my birthday.”
For as long as I can remember, we used to have this conversation every year. My Papa,so simple and so sweet.He is the kind of person, who cannot see anything wrong with the world.No person is bad in his world. If someone says or does something bad to him, his reaction to it is.. “Oh Beta,May be he was upset.. or was thinking something didn’t realise what he did or said”. He practically lives in 3 t-shirts and 2 trousers.. and not because he cannot afford to buy new clothes or because he doesn’t want to spend the money, but because he doesn’t see the need for that.He has come up the hard way, on his own and has still not forgotten his roots.In his words-“Beta, main toh daal-roti khaane wala aadmi hoon(I am happy with just simple food ) My grandmother came to live with her old parents, with her 5 kids- 3 sons and 2 daughters. She took up teaching at the local school.The family’s financial condition was not great; while the other two brothers went to live with their father and went on to join engineering colleges, my darling Papa decided to stay on and take care of his mother and old grand-parents. And so was forced to take the hard way.There was just enough money to pay off the fees. The cheapest accommodation he found was a single room in a not so great area,adjoining slums. He took up tutoring to help pay for the rent and other expenses. He studied using borrowed books.Every week,when he went home,he used to take atta(whole wheat flour) and fresh vegetable and that would last him the entire week.He would cook and clean and then study.All this hard work and now he is reaping the benefits. When I wanted to buy those very same books, for my B.Sc. coursework..he was so proud 🙂
After my mom’s death, he single-handed raised us girls. Raising two rebellious teenagers as a single dad is no easy task.. Sure there were my maternal grandmother and aunt to help,but it was his love and dedication that made it possible.He withstood all the pressures to remarry.. always smiling.. always patient… I am truly blessed to be his daughter and feel so proud when someone tells me how much I am like him.I was always a daddy’s girl.. And the way things are in our household, seems like Aadya is gonna be a Papa’s pet too! They say a girl looks for a guy who is like her dad.. I think in some way, that’s where DH scored too! There was something about him, other than his sweet talks and good looks-his being a self-made man, which made me even more attracted to him. My dad was initially apprehensive about DH..He was protective like any dad, wanting the best for his little girl.And the best he gave me always. The best of everything- Toys, clothes,values, love! Everything. He gave me my dream wedding..I am a big one on rituals and I had an elaborate wedding, the festivities started 3 days before the wedding.My wedding trousseau is still my most precious possession.. He made sure everything was just perfect.

I remember when I was in college,I had to leave from home at 6.00 in the morning..I would just manage to get ready in time. But no matter what, he would always be waiting for me with a cup of milk- mixed with just the right amount of bournvita, cooled to just the right temperature. There were countless times when I would wake him up at the last minute to drop me off at the station, because I was running late . And I would keep nagging him.. to hurry up!!! Now,When I am sleepy eyed and Aadya is crying impatiently to be fed,I think life has come a full circle.

He was the best husband, is the perfect human being and is the most loving father. I am yet to meet a person, who doesn’t have anything good to say about him.All my life he has been my hero, my ideal … it warms up my heart when I see DH being so involved in Aadya’s life. Its like I am reliving my childhood through them. And though he doesn’t think he has done anything great for us, I know he has sacrificed a lot . He refused so many great opportunities and promotions at work, just so we girls could be closer to family – he never let us feel less in any way. Always encouraged us to follow our heart and stood by our choices and decisions..ALWAYS! It breaks my heart when he thinks we might have lacked something because Mumma is not there with us.. Dear Papa,While no one can take mumma’s place and her absence will always be felt in our lives…You have given us the best of everything and kept us so happy.. Our home wouldn’t be the same without you. And even if I was offered the whole world,I wouldn’t trade you for anything.

Papa has been after my life since I got married to resume writing and continue writing.. even if I was not working.In the last 3 years,I started so many projects and got bored and so abandoned them. So,when I started blogging,I didnt tell him.. I know he’ll be happy to read to read this blog..And what better day to tell him about it, than today.

Happyyy birthday Papa…We are really lucky to have you as our father. Thanx for showering us with love always and enriching our lives.Thanx for accepting my choice as your own.Thanx for being there always. Thanx for standing by me n S!Love you loads.We are proud of you!

Happy birthday Naanu- From Aadya!!! Hope to see you soon..I know she will love her Naanu to the core!

Princess Aadya got Poked!

Aadya has been having tummy trouble since Friday night. When we went for her follow up visit, on Monday morning,her Pediatrician( Auntie D- for Aadya) suggested giving her one of her vaccines a little early.She said it might help her a little . She also gave us a choice – Did we want two half-way horrible days or one terribly miserable day?Here we disagreed..I thought it would be better if my little sweetie didn’t have too much pain … so it would be better if we divided her shots in 2 days.
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DH didn’t want his little princess to be poked on two days.. and was just not ready for her shots that day.He was not mentally prepared to see her getting poked.So, when Auntie D suggested giving the shots on two different days,I seized the opportunity and said..YES! without even consulting DH..As soon as Auntie D stepped out of the room to grab her gear, he faced me with a nasty stare..WHAT?? Why do you want to make her miserable..I don’t want her to get poked today.. more nasty stares.. OK OK,I told Auntie D..we’ll take 1 terrible day..She insisted it will do her good.. and we should do it. So, we agreed to do it. for what seemed like an eternity (5 mins really),we waited for the nurse to come and poke our little darling..Ohh its for her own good..I tried to make amends with DH.. all I got in return was How-could-you stares. At the same time,he kept kissing Aadya, as if to make her boo-boo better already.It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw.My heart just melted. I offered half-heartily to hold her while she got her shot..and was shushed with another stare..I tried not to look at Aadya and committed the blunder of looking at DH…The nurse poked Aadya,and she grabbed DH’s shoulder so hard…and let out a loud scream! DH got so mad!!! If looks could kill,I would be a goner and you wouldn’t be reading this post.
I was trying to be brave and then I committed an even bigger blunder of looking at Aadya and saw this big fat tear rolling down her cheek and I felt so so horrible..Mean Mean Mommy.To hell with all the vaccines, how could I be party to this mean conspiracy against my little one?? I asked DH if I could hold her.. and he again gave me the classic How-could-you look.. This time I gave him a I-am-so-sad-don’t-be-mean look.. and that was all it took… he held his precious baby on one shoulder and extended the other arm for his darling wife..Our strong man..comforting his two girls.
Later I asked DH,why he got so angry. And he told me if I thought he was angry now, I should have seen him when Aadya got her first shot minutes after being born.That time the receiver of those Nasty stares was the nurse in the hospital nursery. In his words- I was so mad ..I wanted to wring those hands which poked my little baby…I …I…I… just wanted to fight the whole bad world and protect my precious baby.. how dare anyone make her cry!
Awww.. this time I went closer and hugged them both tight! My precious ones.
P.S. For all those ready to report us to child welfare..Dont worry! We are responsible parents.. and will dutifully take Aadya for her future vaccines.. and shed a tear or two with her 😦

My perfectly planned postpartum visit

Aadya turned 6 week old on may 11th and i had my 6 week postpartum visit scheduled that day.Being a big planner,I had planned it to the tee..

I would wake up fresh that day..I was sure Aadya would sleep well the previous night.. you see I had planned it that way.I would give her a late bath, followed by a massage and then feed her.And my precious baby would sleep for a good .stretch of 5-6 hours. I would spend the morning playing with Aadya and then treat myself to a leisurely shower,while she napped.I chose the perfect outfit for the big day..:) one of my favourite pre-pregnancy outfit, so that I could dramatically announce to Dr.H- see this fits ALREADY!! I chose the cutest outfit for Aadya..Charged my camera battery.DH would take pictures,while we girls posed with Dr.H.Cooked some extra food the previous night,so I wouldn’t have to cook on my big day!Yeah Yeah..for all those who are thinking..what a nut I am..Yeah I am like that..:) I like to make a big deal of everything. 🙂 And this visit officially marked the end of my pregnancy 🙂 Another milestone 🙂 I had also planned to pick up a muffin basket for the staff at the Dr’s office..

Here’s what Actually happened-

Thursday evening, Dr.H’s nurse called and said that Dr.H wanted to test my blood glucose levels to see if they were back to normal,so I needed to be at the office by 8 am for the blood test and then I could come back later in the afternoon for my visit.. Sure,I can make it!

Friday night..Aadya baby just decided that night times are for playing.. so, while it was 3 am in real world.. it was playtime in Aadyaland.And just before sunrise,my little sunshine called it a day.. but only to wake up again at 7.30, screaming in hunger..So, mommy fed her, changed her and was ready leave and she pooped..long story short.. we reached the Dr’s office at 9.00. I decided to skip shower.. since i was gonna come back.. and have my planned bath before the actual visit. When I get there I am told I have to wait there for 3 hours!!! without eating!! or drinking !!! So, there I am ..No sleep, No shower,No food.. how bad can it get..Its OK..I’ll flip through some magazines, read some interesting articles n then go home and enjoy my well planned day!!!
Just as I settled down and go comfortable with some interesting articles…Aadya woke up hungry..OK, now this is really funny.. In a place full of pregnant women and new moms.. there is no place to nurse the baby..And I have still not reached the point where i can do it discreetly and if you are big-busted like me and uncomfortable about opening shop in public,you’ll know what I mean…I asked the receptionist.. and she said.. you could try the restroom!!!!And I did.. I tried nursing sitting on the toilet and it was so uncomfortable!!!! And imagine my plight when some lady kept knocking and asking rudely who was in there!!I buttoned up.. held my crying babe in my arms and came out.. I was ready to cry myself.finally the lab technician came to my rescue..she found me a spare room and ushered me in..with instructions to the nurses to watch out for me.
By the time Aadya was well-fed,it was time to get my blood drawn. this time I ran into Dr.H..she asked me what I was doing there.. n when was I seeing her.When I said that afternoon..she said no way.. She would try to fit me in while I was waiting for the blood test.She is such a sweetie.
Meanwhile, Aadya decided that she was bored of sitting in the stroller and wanted to see the world from a higher post..and how dare mommy sit down!! Walk Mommy,Walk! So, there I am pacing the waiting room with my babe in arms..Dr.H’s nurse came ,lead me inside and asked me to undress.. And that’s when I remembered my unshowered state!!! And if I could have..I would have really died of embarrassment or dug a hole and buried myself.I undressed anyway.. and hopped on the examination table.. and Aadya started to fuss.. She didn’t want to be in the stroller!! I jumped off the table,doubled up in pain,covered myself awkwardly and entertained her, gave her a pacifier..looked at my was time for my blood draw!!!UGHHHHH!! got dressed again.. hauled the stroller, got pricked and came back..All you mommies will know how I tired I must have been.. nursing the baby twice without eating or drinking.. carrying my precious cargo around..All that and no sleep!!
BTW, did I mention- in my perfectly planned visit,DH was going to be around to take care of Aadya..But he had an important meeting that was MIA.
Finally Dr.H came and examined me..I was hoping all the time that she doesn’t notice my unkempt appearance and doesn’t realise my unshowered state..She didn’t say anything about it.. and i will just pretend that she didn’t notice!She gave Aadya a T-shirt and me all-OK! and see you in an year’s time.. unless you decide to get pregnant before that 🙂 We hugged.. I felt strange.I felt like I had graduated from being Pregnant to being a Mommy..Sure that had happened a month back.. but this was like the final certificate 🙂 Strangely,I felt bad.. it was like leaving the comforts of an old friend and going out in the big bad world.. all alone.
And in the end,I didn’t get to show off in my pre-pregnancy clothes, didn’t get to dress up Aadya in her cute outfit..(though all her outfits are cute) and didn’t get any pictures with Dr.H! And nope.. didn’t get to pick up the muffin basket as well..
Ohh well!! so much for planning!

Edited to Add- I just heard from Dr.H’s nurse.My blood glucose levels came back great.. bye bye Gestational diabetes… until the next time there’s a baby in mommy tummy!

a lil busy-so no new posts

Last couple of days have been really hectic. DH resumed work,i had my post-partum visit..Aadya was fussy( missing Papa I think).. MIL arrived on i have just been busy with this and that..So many things happenning,so many things to blog about.. so little time..hope to be back to blogging soon.
Thanx for all the wishes, you guys.. and thanx for checking on us-Cee kay..:)
Thanx- Tins,Vidya, Praj,AW,VD…the list is never ending.. but..I just had to mention u guys.. 🙂 You all just make my life a lot sweeter 🙂 You guys rock!
And I have to mention my sister.. coz she will kill me if she reads this.
Be back soon 🙂

I am back!

I got so involved in mommyhood and mommy-blogging that this cookery blog got neglected.. and why not.. I don’t remember the last time that I cooked a complete meal.. Complete meal to me is dalchawalsabjiroti. Achar, papad,raita.. makes it super special!These days mealtimes are a quick vegetable curry or stir-fried veggies and frozen chapatis!Today I decided to go an extra step and cook something more.This is my menu for the day-
Palak Paneer, Jeera Rice ,Boondi Raita and Frozen Chapati!

My tip for Jeera rice.. it turns out nice and fluffy and is great even if eaten without any accompaniments.
Add jeera to oil .Let it splutter.Now add rice,salt and a tsp chopped coriander. roast on a low flame till rice changes color from white to off-white.Then add water( about twice the quantity of rice) . Bring it to boil and then simmer and cook covered till done.

1 month update

SS turned a month old on April 30th . So this post is definitely late.
This last month has been wonderfully crazy. I still feel like its a dream..Specially when she is sleeping ,I sit and wonder did we really create this beautiful baby. And then she wakes up screaming bloody murder.. and I know.. Ohh yes, it is real! WE did create her.
But now, my body has adapted to less than 4 hours of sleep per night. I am still learning to sleep when she sleeps..Hopefully i will master that soon. I have shed tonnes of extra flab.. and SS is having a healthy weight gain.
We had breast feeding issues to deal with. SS was born with low blood sugar and so had to be given formula right away and since I had had a C-sec, by the time I saw her, she had already had 2 bottles. That and my inability to sit up straight or to find a position comfortable for both of us, led her to believe that bottle is the best! And so,every time I tried to nurse her, she would start crying, screaming.I would start crying and finally give her the bottle. I was even worried that she hated my breast or was scared of them!!I started expressing BM and giving it to her by bottle. For what seemed like a long time, all I was doing was feeding her, expressing,feeding her again and then expressing again!! That and ofcourse changing diapers.But we kept trying and I am proud to say that now, SS is nursing like a champ!(Just wanted to use that phrase!!) Now,You cannot measure how many ounces of BM your baby is having at every nursing session.. and so I was really worried when we went for her first month check up. But she seems to be doing great.
SS loves it when I sing to her.. or may be she doesnt have a choice..She seems to relax, when mommy starts singing..And what does mommy sing- Hindi film song, favourite english songs, nursery rhymes..Once Daddy even caught mommy singing a not-fit-for-my-baby song- Na na meri beri ke ber matt todo! The Song that SS seems to enjoy most is – Mumma’s edited version of.. tu mera dil,tu meri jaan( akele hum akele tum). I am sure its got more to do with the slow rhythm and not mumma’s singing!!
We took SS out for a walk.And I met someone from our apartment complex,walking her dogs.They are the most adorable little mutts I have ever seen. And so friendly. And she asked me, how old the baby was..When I told her 1 month old, she complimented me by saying that I looked fabulous for having delivered 1 month back.. She applauded even more when I told her it was a C-section.( Had to include this Mommy-brag)
I am a great dog lover. But ever since I became pregnant,I found myself getting aprehensive around dogs. I wouldnt be exaggerating if I said, I would be scared when some friendly mutt came close. I am so glad that phase has passed. Though it does make me wonder if SS will be scared of dogs??!!?? Oh, well! we’ll see.
Her Masi sent some lovely outfits for SS.When they arrived,they looked too big for her(SS was 2 weeks old) so i put them away. Last week I washed them for a photo session- Masi was waiting for pics.. And LO! 1 or 2 outfits already looked small! If I had waited 2 more weeks,they would have been a size too small for SS. And she is a tall girl .
Its been a great month.Looking forward to all the coming weeks, months and year.. Precious moments with our Precious little Girl!
Happy 1st month darling!