Princess Aadya got Poked!

Aadya has been having tummy trouble since Friday night. When we went for her follow up visit, on Monday morning,her Pediatrician( Auntie D- for Aadya) suggested giving her one of her vaccines a little early.She said it might help her a little . She also gave us a choice – Did we want two half-way horrible days or one terribly miserable day?Here we disagreed..I thought it would be better if my little sweetie didn’t have too much pain … so it would be better if we divided her shots in 2 days.
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DH didn’t want his little princess to be poked on two days.. and was just not ready for her shots that day.He was not mentally prepared to see her getting poked.So, when Auntie D suggested giving the shots on two different days,I seized the opportunity and said..YES! without even consulting DH..As soon as Auntie D stepped out of the room to grab her gear, he faced me with a nasty stare..WHAT?? Why do you want to make her miserable..I don’t want her to get poked today.. more nasty stares.. OK OK,I told Auntie D..we’ll take 1 terrible day..She insisted it will do her good.. and we should do it. So, we agreed to do it. for what seemed like an eternity (5 mins really),we waited for the nurse to come and poke our little darling..Ohh its for her own good..I tried to make amends with DH.. all I got in return was How-could-you stares. At the same time,he kept kissing Aadya, as if to make her boo-boo better already.It was the most beautiful sight I ever saw.My heart just melted. I offered half-heartily to hold her while she got her shot..and was shushed with another stare..I tried not to look at Aadya and committed the blunder of looking at DH…The nurse poked Aadya,and she grabbed DH’s shoulder so hard…and let out a loud scream! DH got so mad!!! If looks could kill,I would be a goner and you wouldn’t be reading this post.
I was trying to be brave and then I committed an even bigger blunder of looking at Aadya and saw this big fat tear rolling down her cheek and I felt so so horrible..Mean Mean Mommy.To hell with all the vaccines, how could I be party to this mean conspiracy against my little one?? I asked DH if I could hold her.. and he again gave me the classic How-could-you look.. This time I gave him a I-am-so-sad-don’t-be-mean look.. and that was all it took… he held his precious baby on one shoulder and extended the other arm for his darling wife..Our strong man..comforting his two girls.
Later I asked DH,why he got so angry. And he told me if I thought he was angry now, I should have seen him when Aadya got her first shot minutes after being born.That time the receiver of those Nasty stares was the nurse in the hospital nursery. In his words- I was so mad ..I wanted to wring those hands which poked my little baby…I …I…I… just wanted to fight the whole bad world and protect my precious baby.. how dare anyone make her cry!
Awww.. this time I went closer and hugged them both tight! My precious ones.
P.S. For all those ready to report us to child welfare..Dont worry! We are responsible parents.. and will dutifully take Aadya for her future vaccines.. and shed a tear or two with her 😦

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  1. Ahhh! I know exactly what you went through. My hubby believes I conspire with the doc to inflict maximum torture on his child. And the brat has been in hospital five times, with a drip, so you can imagine how close to death from strangling I have come so many times….

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