Girl Meets Boy…..

How I met DH…..Wish It was a simple case of girl meets boy..
In this case, Girl chats with boy.. actually with boy’s friend.Boy is lurking behind the desk!! Friend makes one wrong move.. boy slips in with all the charms turned on!HAhahaha..I think I should stop before you all start thinking of DH as a girl snatcher. Which he is NOT!
Here’s what happened- I had just discovered the joy of net-surfing. My best friend had introduced me to online chat rooms. She had made some great friends online.I wished to do the same. So,I logged on and made some friends over the next few days. After a few days, started chatting with a couple of them on MSN or Yahoo Messengers.And among these was DH’s friend and colleague,we’ll call him A..We would chat on MSN… stupid chats.. he gave me some cock and bull story about him being in Delhi and blah blah.. And me- all innocence gave him all my true details.Then there was DH,hanging out with him..DH took pity on me and asked A to come clean…which he did..In the meantime,A asked me if I would meet him..we had spoken over the phone..I said sure..I am a very friendly person and was always happy to meet new people.We met,he probably expected the bearer of a sexy voice to be a bombshell.. and so was obviously disappointed to see plain old tomboyish me!The creep that he was just disappeared after that.I was naturally concerned.. I am still thinking that he is busy or sick , so not in touch..So,I called him up at his work place..As luck would have it,DH picked up the phone.And he loved the coy,sweet voice asking for A. He asked A who it was.. and A told him the whole story of his disappointment.DH asked to be introduced..A discouraged him..but he persisted and IM-ed me a couple of months later and introduced himself as A’s friend.After A’s disappearing act,I was obviously wary of his friends, but 1 chat session with this guy was enough to change my mind.The gentleman that he is avoided any discussions about A.(I heard the story later,when we had been going steady for over a year).But he was more interested in telephonic conversations than chats.He told me later..that he heard bells the first time he heard my voice.
so he kept insisting I call…which I did eventually and we hit it off immediately. We were practically finishing off each other’s sentences by the second call,
which by the way lasted for almost 2 hours-what we spoke about I cannot remember.. no matter how hard I try.Few weeks later on Valentine’s day,I used the word the most innocent sort of way.. and that sealed the deal!
The rest as they say is History!He asked me to marry him sometime between valentine’s day and my birthday(19th February)And that was before we had met or seen each other.LOL!! So, we met – spend the entire day together.My sister and best friend accompanied me to save me in case the date goes bad.
Fortunately,it never came to that.The meany that I am totally forgot about them, while I enjoyed the company of this gorgeous guy.I am told -when my sister first saw him,she asked my friend who the cutie was
and if I would set them up.. only to be informed by my friend that he was my date and from the looks of it.. didn’t seem like I would let go of this one.
Boy!! Was she right !!The only time I dared to do something out of character ,I got lucky..This one is a keeper.
Needless to say, we got married..Its been 3 and a half years now,since we got married and 6 and half years since that first date.. but life is always exciting with this wonderful man..I am just so happy to have him in my life..
Love you darling !


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  1. GettingThereNow

    That’s quite a “boy-meets-girl” story!! He does seem like a keeper, Trish. Don’t you ever let him go. And what a wonderful idea of a gift!

  2. Ohh Yeah! There’s no way I am letting this one go!Waiting for your stork’s arrival-CK!

  3. What a wonderful story! Impossibly romantic! 🙂

  4. How romantic! Very well said Trish!!!! May you both find love and peace in your together life!AW

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