DH is very camera-shy..or should I say camera unfriendly..Yes I think that would be the right word.. He didn’t smile in a single picture on our engagement day.Not a single one.There I was grinning ear-to-ear and next to me was this guy straight-faced! I had to grin and bear all the comments about how he was sad about losing his independence..on Independence Day!We got engaged on August 15th!

His excuse- ” Your smile is enough for both of us”.I almost bullied him into smiling for our wedding pictures-“If you don’t smile in the wedding pictures,I will never smile at you!”The sweetie that he is , he indulged me and I got fabulous wedding pictures!

But the threat lasted only for those two days – the Wedding Day and the Reception night.Then again, poker faced pictures!

I had to keep prompting him to smile..everytime we got our snap clicked..and even then he would forget to smile!And then…

Along came Aadya.. and all that changed instantly..He was holding Aadya and the nurse clicked our snap,our first snap as a family… DH smiled without being prompted.Hehehe Its like he has a beautiful reason to smile…And the smiles continue!!I leave you with a precious picture of my precious ones!

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