2 month update

Aadya turned 2 months old on April 30th.We celebrated her 2 month b’day with Mexican food and bite-sized cupcakes!My little baby is growing up so fast..faster than I can catch up with.She has changed so much in the last one month. Her face changes almost everyday! And I could have sworn I saw her eye lashes double up as I was holding her!

She loves watching mommy ..The intense stare melts my heart every single time. When she wakes up every morning, she wants mommy to hold her, and she needs that uninterrupted cuddle time. Any attempts from my her grandmother to hold her at that time are met with loud protests.

She loves her butterflies- The butterflies on her crib mobile and has long conversations with them. So, when she wakes up,she first has a chat session with her colorful friends, then gets mad when they don’t talk back.. even after hearing her sweet coos!
She loves to smile. Every time I respond to her diaper call, pick her up, talk to her,I am rewarded with big smiles and if she is in a really good mood, I can even hear a chuckle. But mostly the chuckles are reserved for her butterflies.
This past month she had a lot of tummy trouble and so her doctor put her on formula, Similac Ailmentum.It seems that she is protein intolerant or colicky or both. And Aadya hates her formula!! And she makes sure we know it. She makes all kind of faces, cries, pushes her bottle away,and as a last resort even goes PHHHHHthew! But the formula seems to have soothed her tummy.
She is using her hands more and more.She will just not take a pacifier if she doesn’t want it. Not that I give it to her too often… I give her the pacifier some times at nap times when she has trouble sleeping but dare I try it when she is mad.. she spits it right out. And now that she can use her hands, she slides,1 tiny finger into the paci ring and takes it out of her mouth. And when she wants to suck on it, and mommy tries to remove it, she uses the back of her hand to keep it there!!hehehe
She now doesn’t mind staying in her swing by herself.Otherwise, earlier she would be in her swing and DH or I would be squatting on the floor talking to her, holding her hand!!Yesterday she even dozed off there!So that’s something!
She had her two month check-up today and weighs 10 lbs and 9 Oz ,exactly 4 pounds more than her birth weight. And she is 23 inches tall. On the whole,she is doing well( knock on the wood).


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  1. Happy 2 months Birthday to dear Aadya. Sounds like you are doing a great job raising her Mommy dear. Keep up the good work and slow down to see her grow up :)AW

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