Happy Father’s day!

“A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.”
Enid Bagnold

Father’s Day, A day to honour your dad..A person we take for granted so easily. He is so involved in our lives from the beginning of our existence..He is the one who nurtures us, pampers us,spoils us and disciplines us and yet, its so easy to just take these things for granted.
We expect our dad to be there, when we need him..to sit by our bedside when we are not well, to bring home special treats and if god forbid he forgot, to sit and coax us to change our mood. We expect him to foot our bills for expensive shopping trips,even if not even a single thing bought is for him.
We expect him to pick and drop us at ungodly hours, no matter how tired or how sleepy he is.
We expect him to appreciate every single gift or card we give him…even if all we say in return of his gifts is ..”Ohh Wow“!

We drag him to restuarants at times way past his bedtime and expect him to make funny conversation..and then pout..when he yawns. He brings home fresh tender coconut water, because you love it and if he forgets one day.. you make a fuss…”Oh Papa,I was waiting for that”…
He loves you, He pampers you.. He cares and just makes everything right in your
world.. and what does he expect in return…???
Well,Nothing!! Just that his kids are happy and successful..that they remain blessed in
everything that they do,that they enjoy all that they want..that they never have to say” oh well,its OK” for want of something.He just knows how to give..freely- His love, his well wishes, his blessings..His heart just stretches naturally to include every new addition..That’s what a
father is.. Always there for you.. Always loving..
And though we take him for granted in our own daughterly ways..its time to say

Thank you!!!

Thanx Dad, for being a sport about everything-Thanx for loving us the way only you can..Thanx Papa,For being you!!

Happy Father’s Day!

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