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I have been tagged by Ceekay,Mad Momma and Swati to do this tag.. and me the tag-sucker has to take it up!
So, here’s my list of things that I am judgemental about-
1. I judge people with double standards.They irk me to no end with their attitude-those who lead their life the way they want to.. but criticize others for doing the same..
Those with double standards for boys and girls!
Those with double standards for their kids and others kids.
2. I judge those women/men,who are great and experienced cooks but fish for compliments by asking innocently-“Ohh,I dunno how it turned out..Hope its edible!”
3.I judge those people who start talking in their language the moment they meet someone who speaks it,ignoring the big multilingual group they are part of.I find it very annoying and not because I dont like talking to others in Marathi..but because I find it rude to carry on conversation in a language which everyone in the group doesnt understand.
4. I judge people who are too sugar-coated-the syrup dripping variety.I am so wary of them.Its like they spell trouble.
5.I judge people who donot take the trouble to look up the correct pronounciation of words.I judge those who confuse their “there and their”,”live and leave” and the likes.
6.I judge people who fake a foreign accent in an attempt to look cool.
7.I judge those Indians who go back to India for a vacation,and crib about every single thing starting from the traffic to water to heat to pollution. They who would drink water straight from the tap ,while in US but will not drink anything which is not bottled when back home.(heat and pollution bother me too.. but its not as if the heat here doesnt bother me..and as for pollution,heck its a part of bombay and I love it!)
8. I judge those women who seem to talk ONLY about how great their husband or kids are! how everything and everyone in their famly is perfect.Come on! everyone has flaws..No offense to anyone,here we are all blogging mostly about our families.. but I mean the real extreme cases we all come across some time or the other,who seem to think that their husbands are GODs and their babies Super-babies!(though I do think my baby is a superbaby so I judge myself too!:)9.I judge those who claim to have no time to read anything other than Parenting MAgazines.
10.I judge those skinny girls,who are forever on a diet and fretting about how much weight they have to lose. I mean be realistic.I am by no means a skinny girl..if anything,I am a fat cow!! But I dont about it all the time! I am watch my diet,excercise to my best ability and am slowly losing the weight.But that doesnt mean that when I occasionally go out for a party,I just graze at the salad bar!
11.I judge those people who cannot mind their kids in a public place.Its not always possible to make kids sit quietly or behave like angels( trust me I know-My little brat throws a tantrum everytime i am in the middle of an interesting/important conversation)But atleast make an effort to mind them!
And lastly.. CLOTHES-
I judge those who turn up at Indian weddings wearing jeans!I mean come on! I was so mad when a family friend from DH’s side, turned up for my wedding wearing a white cotton salwar kameez,though neatly ironed.. but come on!! and had the nerve to sit on the stage,talking to DH!!!!!GRRR!
I also judge those who wear clothes that are not befitting to their body type.I mean its one thing not caring about your clothes and being casual but atleast look into the mirror,before you terrorise others with your freakshow!
And what do you say to those who go around announcing how they detest indian clothes be it a saree or a kurta..I am comfortable in a jeans but I am also equally comfortable in a saree.You dont wear it ok.but dont look down upon it.Its a part of our heritage!
I think I should stop here,even if my list doesnt end.. I am suddenly feeling so evil..after reading this post. But I am not going to delete anything..HEck thats what this tag is.. being honestly judgemental!
This tag is open to anyone and everyone who would like to take it up!

A brilliant piece of Art!

I finished reading the latest and the final book in the Harry Potter Series 2 days back.And I am still in the world of Wizards and magic.
The book is absolutely “unputdownable”.It is so fast paced,sometimes I felt that if i dont hurry I will never catch up! And the times that I did have to put the book down to look after Aadya or take care of other stuff..My mind was forever filled with thoughts of what was going on with Harry! At one time I even wished for a wand to take care of the rest of the chores!
After Dumbledore died in “half Blood Prince” I was sad But I kept hoping He would talk to Harry..just like I kept Hoping his Parents would or Sirius would.That was another thing that kept me turning pages..(like you need anything else to keep turning the pages.)
All I can say is “Its a brilliant Piece of Art” and I wish it didnt have to end here.Its like watching your dear friend move away.
Here’s To Ms.Rowling for giving us Harry,Ron and Hermione and Professor Dumbledore,everyone’s favorite headmaster and the Weasleys,the family next door and Sirius ,Mad-eye,Lupin and Tonks and last but not the least,Voldemort(yes, we all hate him but Harry Potter wouldnt have been the same without him)
Its like being transported to the world of Wizards!And I just dont want to leave.
Looking forward to more such great books…
And I would love to discuss more about the book and the end of the series..anyone game? mail me at
Hope to hear from you

Harry Potter

I just bought my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
But I haven’t started reading it yet…Mainly because I wanted to write this post.
I saw a friend obsess over Harry in my final year of college..I borrowed the book and started to read. To be honest,I didn’t even finish it.I thought – Oh just another book. and left it at that.
About 2-3 years later,I was browsing a bookstore in Toronto and found it again.And Remembered how I had left it unfinished.And I have this rule about never leaving a book unfinished..And so I started reading it..I finished that and promptly went and bought the next one in the series. And since then I am hooked..Then I rented the movie and watched it again!
I remember fervently finishing all the previous 5 books in a quick succession,just so I can read the 6th one thus completing the whole series.And now finally the wait for the 7th one is over.
I am waiting to see if Dumbledore is really dead and if Snape killed him out of spite or mercy.
Is Harry going to be as angry as the last time? Well he is a teenager!
Does Ron Finally get the nerve to ask Hermione out? With Sirius and dumbledore gone,who does Harry turn to for comfort?
And lastly ,what happens to Harry? Why is this the last book?
I certainly didn’t want any spoilers and so haven’t clicked on any links about Harry Potter..DH did spoil a little something..but i am just going to ignore that..(Yes, I yelled at him for telling me! and refused to listen to anything else-With a stern..Stop it..Mujhe mat batao!)hahha
So,now if I can get the baby to sleep… Harry I come!
Ohhh That reminds me..the books stores are flooded with Harry Potter stuff.Barnes and Nobles has the entire 6 book series for $50,which is a good price considering individual books are being sold for $10-12 each.
More later!

YAYYYYY My first Tag!

I remember reading on another blog-“You have arrived,when you get Tagged” and every time a tag did the rounds,I secretly wished to be tagged!And its just such a happy a coincidence that my first tag is from one of my favorite bloggers and about one of my favorite things-Books!
I was always fascinated by books and its all thanks to my mom.She introduced me to book really early and I am told that by age 5,I had read and reread,kids books and magazines like Champak and Chanda-Mama and was trying to read the comic section in grown-up magazines.Mom was more than happy and her only rule was that I shouldn’t read the stories as they are for grown ups. Well,I listened for a few years and then curiosity took over! Like Boo,before the school year even started I would have finished reading the english and hindi text books and so needed some more stuff to read up. Here’s my list-
Some of the finest stories I read were in Marathi magazines,Diwali edition.Unfortunately,I dont remember the authors or the stories,because most of these stories were read in a hurry, rushed through with trepidition of getting caught.But two books I remember reading leisurely were-
Ramayana and Mahabharata in marathi.Again I dont remember who the translators were,because this is a long long time ago,when I was 10! But,I remember thoroughly enjoying these two novels and I took my own sweet time to finsh them.
The next one that comes to my mind is Swami and friends.We had just moved to Saudi Arabia and I was curious what happens to Swami.Mom searched high and low and found the book for me!And it is one of my most treasured reads.
Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh.
Short stories by Ruskin Bond-I used to love reading those.
And then there was this beautiful story about a was so well written and was so full of emotions..I just cant seem to remember the author or the name of the book..It was a hindi read..if anyone else has read it and know the name..please please tell me!
Of the new ones-
An Equal Music by Vikram Seth
The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi-Its a very well written story of an indian girl,coming from a strict andhra brahmin family,who falls in love with an American!Makes for good light reading!
The Mistress of Spices by Chitra Divakaruni Bannerjee-I had so much fun reading this was just so mysterious and magical,the movie was a disappointment!
And this one I have to mention-
Shantaram by Gregory DAvid Roberts-I started to read this when I was pregnant-Its based on the life of the author,who was an australian robber,he escapes from a prison in New Zealand and comes to Bombay..I couldnt complete this book as I had borrowed it from the library, but it just made me so nostalgic and at the same time pointed out facts which we just drug pedalling in Leopold restaurant etc..I still need to finish this one.
Other books on my list are-
Gods of Small Things by Arundhati Roy- Reading it now!
Ravan and Eddie-I want to know what you guys are raving about!
Midnight’s children by Salman Rushdie..Has been on my list for a long time,just never got the nerve to read it.
The house of BLue MAngoes(Now that i know its written by MM’s uncle-I gotta read it)
Mistress and Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair-They are lying on my bookshelf
These are all I can think of right now..I havent really read too many Indian writers,but I am always on the look out for new India writers.
Thanx to this tag,I have added a lot of titles to my list of must-reads!
I tag-
Mona,Asha,rdbans,Kodi’s mom and Rayshma!

Mood Today…

Is Gloomy!!
We got back from a weekend road trip to LA last night.It was a fun trip and calls for another post..But right now,I feel so low and gloomy.Aadya has been fussy all day long,refusing to nurse and refusing to sleep on the bed or in her crib..And there is this crying every hour…
Throughout the trip, I would nurse her when she was awake and change her diaper,let her stretch and then put her in the car seat.DH feels that’s may be she thinks that i will strap her into the car seat again and so doesn’t want to nurse.May be it is true.
I thought she must be tired and tried to make her sleep and she was sleepy.. but refused to be put down. Now,its the end of the day and I am at my wits ends.I have never felt this way in the last 3 and a half month.
I was trying to wean her off the Paci(her Pacifier) butI postponed it to later,may be when she is not as stressed out as now.
The nursing has been better since around 8 pm..and now DH is putting her back to sleep.I just needed a breather..Suddenly,I am feeling sad for being alone here,away from family during my pregnancy and during the initial post-partum days.Is this post-partum depression? I just chatted with this friend who was pregnant around the same time as me and she spent most of her pregnancy and postpartum days with her parents..Her Baby is 5 months old now..and she is just going back to be with her hubby now..Could that have added to my depression?My dad was planning to visit us from August 1st and somehow that doesn’t seem to be materialising just yet..May be I am sad because of that.
I know,I would have never stayed away from DH for that long.I know he wanted to be involved every step of the way with my pregnancy and baby.But suddenly,it seems like he is always so busy,during my pregnancy he was trying to finish off his work to enjoy the baby’s arrival.And I know he is still trying his best to be as involved as possible..And upon the baby’s arrival,by a crazy twist of fate,his work increased ten-folds.Then he fell sick.He is taking it easy least easier than he used to..but…Its not that he doesnt try..he does.But I dont know..I mean he is the one running around to grab a clean diaper or the baby oil or the towel,while I just hold the baby or bathe her or talk to her.He even takes her out for a that i can cook in peace!

And lastly(but in no way,least)the lack of friends around makes it harder.I have always been a very friendly,people’s person.And suddenly I find myself without anyone to talk to..Anyone other than DH..Sure I am still in touch with my some close friends over email and phone,I talk to my dad almost everyday and chat with sis every other day,but I so need a girlfriend HERE.The only thing that makes me feel like ME now is -Blogging..And all you blogging friends are more real to me than anyone else right now..Thanks for being there..And thanks for listening.I feel a little better after ranting!

The daily reporter….

Aadya has been so busy the last couple days..
You see,she has taken up a new job..She is now the daily reporter..As soon as her Papa comes home,she has to give him a report of our day! And since he is away for a long time.. the report takes atleast 15 minutes!
So, as soon as he comes home..Mamma gets royally both father and daughter alike… the first kiss is planted on the baby doll’s face.. followed by more.. on her head,hair, hands,feet..all the sweet smiles are now directed towards Papa and mamma is banished to the kitchen. And Papa-baby have a tete-e-tete.Aadya is comfortably propped in the crook of dad’s crossed over knee.. and she starts talking..even waiting for Papa to answer and if he asks questions.. then there is a longer answer…God bless me when she actually starts putting words in her baby babble..Papa is going to know everything.. how many times the phone many times.. mamma just left her alone to play in the crib.. how much time mamma spent blogging.. Ohh Well!She takes after her mom.. and so I will just have to deal with it. If someday, when Papa comes home and is on the phone..or rushes to the bathroom without greeting Princess Aadya..then he has to see her frown,pout and then their conversation gets extended.. because the first few minutes are spent complaining!And what is Mamma doing in all this..Mamma is getting kicked.. As Aadya squirms to follow her Papa’s movements..And he does PACE around a lot when he is talking on the phone!!
She is also busy practicing for the next Indian/American Idol competition..My only help to her is..laying her on her back and the singing starts..Aaa,
And last but not the least.. she has to help Mumma fold the laundry..So, mumma folds the clothes.. and she unfolds..mumma folds again..moves them away from her..she slides upward,or sideways and unfolds them again..When Mumma finally moves the folded clothes out of her reach,she decides to turns her attention to the unfolded lot.. and tries on each as a blanket..and the last one I managed to get on camera..Here’s Aadya..helping me with the laundry!

Ohhh Myyy Goddd!!

Ohh My God! The sweetest thing happened today! Aadya was in her crib..playing.. suddenly she started calling..Ohh yes..she has the sweetest way of calling out to us..more like pigeon call..Uuuhh..Uuuhhh.. and she keeps at it,till we don’t go and talk to her..Mostly when I answer her call, and go talk to her..I am rewarded with a broad toothless however..she took me on a love-powered ride to heaven!
So,like I said..she was calling me..I went and looked at her..asked her..”whats up? Kya hua Betu??” And she is still..Uuuhhh Uuuhhh…So,I leaned into the crib to pick her up..She grabbed my hair..Well,nothing new..She loves to hang from my hair like Tarzan..But this time,instead of trying to hang from it,she pulled my face down..And when it was close enough,raised her body and planted this wet Open mouthed KISS!!!
Ohhh Myyy GOddd!!I thought I had just died and gone to heaven!!!
It was the sweetest most beautiful kiss ever!!I felt so much love for her-I am short of words to describe my feelings..
Needless to say,I spent the rest of the day grinning.. and carrying her around!!

Moong Dosa

Moong Dosa

This is another one of my favorite recipe.This recipe makes me believe that health food can be delicious too.This is my ultimate comfort comfort food.And it has minimum preparation time.

For this you need-
2 cups Whole Moong(Green Gram)
1 medium sized onion-finely chopped
2 small green chilies- finely chopped
3-4 tsps chopped corriander leaves
salt to taste
1/2 tsp red chili powder to season
oil spray or oil to grease the tava/skillet


Wash and soak Moong with lot of water for atleast 6 hours till it becomes tender.
Grind it to a fine paste and add chopped onions,chilies and corriander leaves,salt and chili powder.
Mix well.
Heat up a skillet/Tava.
Grease the tava with a quick spray of oil spray and add a heaped round ladel full of batter at the centre of the tava and even spread it out like dosa or pancake.
Cook on a medium flame till golden on both the sides
Serve hot with chutney or pickle of your choice.

3/4 cup loosely packed corriander leaves
1 green chili
1/2 cup grated coconut
1/4 cup roasted peanuts or
3tsp peanut powder
1/2 tsp jeera
salt to taste
For seasoning
2-3 tsps oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
3-4 curry leaves
2 dry red chilies

Mix everything except the seasoning and blend in a grinder.
For seasoning-heat oil in a small pan.Add mustard seeds,when they start to splutter,lower the flame and add red chilies and finally curry leaves and remove from flame. Pour this over chutney.It is ready to serve.
Dig in!!

Chili Chicken and Fried rice.

“Chili Chicken and fried rice”-this phrase said quickly, reminds me of a Sunday lunch treat.Aadya turned 3 months old on June 30th and I decided to make our favorite meal to mark the occasion-“Chili Chicken and Fried rice”. This is the simplest,most delicious, home cooked party-food-kinda meal. Here’s my mom’s recipe for chili Chicken-
For this you need-
1 lb boneless chicken breast
2 eggs
1 tsp corn flour
1+1 tbspn Soy sauce
1+1 tbspn tomato-chilli sauce( maggi)
1 tspn white vinegar
1 whole green pepper
1 medium sized onion
salt and pepper to taste
Oil for frying.

Wash and cut chicken breasts into small bite-sized pieces.Keep aside.

Mix-Eggs,1 tsp corn flour,1tbsp soy sauce,1 tbsp tomato chili sauce,salt and pepper.Beat well.This makes the marinade. Marinate chicken in this for a minimum of 30 minutes.The longer the better.

In the meantime,chop green pepper & onion into big chunks.

Heat oil in a pan.when its steaming hot,slowly add chicken pieces and lower the heat.Fry the chicken pieces till golden brown on a medium heat.Keep aside.

Now in a pan, add just a tsp oil and toss in green pepper chunks and onion chunks and toss around,then add vinegar followed by soy sauce,tomato sauce aand lastly add the chicken.Sprinkle a little water and cover it.Turn off the heat.Let it sit for 5 mins.Serve hot. A little garnish of lightly toasted sesame seeds gives it a nice crunchy taste.

P.S. Use little oil at a time and add more to the pan as needed,because it turns black because of the egg marinade.

Fried rice-
2 cups rice
3 cups chopped vegetables-Cabbage,carrots,green peppers,peas.(I used a bag of frozen mixed vegetables-for lack of time)
2 beaten eggs mixed with salt and pepper to taste.
1 tspn soy sauce
less than half a tspn of white vinegar.
salt to taste.

Cook rice and keep aside. Spread the rice out on a plate to cool and also so that all the grains separate out.

Take oil in a pan and add the beaten eggs and make them into scrambled eggs.Keep aside.

Take a little more oil in the pan and add all the chopped vegetables. Season with salt and let it cook till almost done.

Add soy sauce and a dash of vinegar to the vegetables and mix well. Add the scrambled eggs and then the rice and mix thoroughly. Serve hot!

Hope you enjoy making and eating this as much as I do!

HE is a girl!

Every time we go out,I am told-“Ohh ,You have such a cute BOY!” I am asked-“Is he a good boy?” Is he eating/sleeping well?” I smile and tell them-“OH No!Its a Girl! and Yes she is a good girl..” Walk away from them..Grit my teeth and ask DH..”Why do they all think She is a boy???”
I mean come on!!She has the cutest girlie face ever!!Ohh alrite.. not girlie..but cute!But then again they are not denying it! They just think SHE is a cute BOY! I think may be its her stroller..which is blue.But it is denim blue with a cute pink border and a pink head rest.

Or may be its her hair..which gives her this boyish look..But then I dress her in pinks and frilly onesies.. That should tell them its not a boy! Ohh Well!!
I asked the nurse at her Pediatrician’s office,what could I do so that people stopped mistaking her for a boy.. and she tells me..You know what Honey?I have 4 boys and every single one of them got mistaken for a girl..Beat that!! What do I say to that??
Anyway,I swore to myself that if another person asks me how old my little Boy is ..they are just gonna be smacked on their head.. and told.. “Ohh Look! Its a girl!” But then since I am chicken..I know I cant do that.. I decided to try the next best thing..Getting her ears pierced. Well that’s not the only reason I wanted to get her ears pierced..I think Little Girls look adorable with tiny studs in their tiny ears.I also think its better to get their ears pierced before they get too curious and start to tug at their earlobes.and there was also that emotional cultural thing about how she would have got it done at 6 weeks of age,like her mamma did as a baby.So, I started pestering DH about going and getting Aadya’s ears pierced.Now,this is the man who glares at nurses for giving his baby her vaccines..he was ready to kill me for agreeing to split her vaccines in two doses,on 2 different days,there was no way he was going to agree to inflict that pain on his little Princess. I kept at it and finally after 3 weeks he relented.And we are off to Claire’s I was excited,but my heart was pounding so hard,I was sure it was going to fall out.DH decided he was going to hold her.I was secretly grateful.
After getting done with the paperwork and being explained everything,the moment was here..But why was I not happy?I was worried,what if she moves,what if something goes wrong..Just as DH sat down at the piercing chair,I was ready to cancel the whole deal.And then I saw, there was this huge crowd, standing there to watch.I was so annoyed..Why is everyone standing watch my baby get poked? Then i heard a voice..OH,Its good you guys are getting it done now..she wont even know a thing. I got my daughter’s done at the same age Me too Don’t worry Mommy..Daddy you gotta are doing a great job
And I realised.. all these people were here to lend us their support..In a strange way,it was so similar to having your family hovering around you as you get your baby’s ears pierced. So the girl at Claire’s,sanitized her hands,put on her gloves and sanitized her hands again,marked the spot on Aadya’s ear lobes and then used a small stapler-like instrument pre-loaded with the earring of our choice.And then as DH held her head steady,as was demonstrated,she quickly and efficiently pinched the earring and in less than 10 seconds the earring was on. But Aadya hated being pinched.. and she let out a huge cry..I tried to distract her,gave her a pacifier,which she threw on my face..she calmed down a little and the girl efficiently did the other ear too. And then she started crying even louder. DH gave her to me so he could get down from his high chair..and then snatched her right back,with a nasty stare and “Its OK,I can take care of her”..Ohh it broke my heart seeing my baby girl cry,my eyes teared up too.A nice lady among the bystanders patted my shoulder and hugged me..By then Aadya was quiet and was smiling at all those people around trying to make her smile.The whole thing took less than 10 minutes but it seemed like forever! My little baby is now officially a girl, with Tiny studs on her tiny earlobes.
When it was all over,I felt a wee bit jealous that DH managed to quieten her more easily than I could and that she preferred him over me(GOSH!I cant believe I am saying that!!) And Do I even need to tell you how DH gloated whole day yesterday and today, about how his baby feels protected and safe in his arms? GOD!!I am never going to hear the end of this!!!
Here’s my baby girl with her brand new earrings-