HE is a girl!

Every time we go out,I am told-“Ohh ,You have such a cute BOY!” I am asked-“Is he a good boy?” Is he eating/sleeping well?” I smile and tell them-“OH No!Its a Girl! and Yes she is a good girl..” Walk away from them..Grit my teeth and ask DH..”Why do they all think She is a boy???”
I mean come on!!She has the cutest girlie face ever!!Ohh alrite.. not girlie..but cute!But then again they are not denying it! They just think SHE is a cute BOY! I think may be its her stroller..which is blue.But it is denim blue with a cute pink border and a pink head rest.

Or may be its her hair..which gives her this boyish look..But then I dress her in pinks and frilly onesies.. That should tell them its not a boy! Ohh Well!!
I asked the nurse at her Pediatrician’s office,what could I do so that people stopped mistaking her for a boy.. and she tells me..You know what Honey?I have 4 boys and every single one of them got mistaken for a girl..Beat that!! What do I say to that??
Anyway,I swore to myself that if another person asks me how old my little Boy is ..they are just gonna be smacked on their head.. and told.. “Ohh Look! Its a girl!” But then since I am chicken..I know I cant do that.. I decided to try the next best thing..Getting her ears pierced. Well that’s not the only reason I wanted to get her ears pierced..I think Little Girls look adorable with tiny studs in their tiny ears.I also think its better to get their ears pierced before they get too curious and start to tug at their earlobes.and there was also that emotional cultural thing about how she would have got it done at 6 weeks of age,like her mamma did as a baby.So, I started pestering DH about going and getting Aadya’s ears pierced.Now,this is the man who glares at nurses for giving his baby her vaccines..he was ready to kill me for agreeing to split her vaccines in two doses,on 2 different days,there was no way he was going to agree to inflict that pain on his little Princess. I kept at it and finally after 3 weeks he relented.And we are off to Claire’s I was excited,but my heart was pounding so hard,I was sure it was going to fall out.DH decided he was going to hold her.I was secretly grateful.
After getting done with the paperwork and being explained everything,the moment was here..But why was I not happy?I was worried,what if she moves,what if something goes wrong..Just as DH sat down at the piercing chair,I was ready to cancel the whole deal.And then I saw, there was this huge crowd, standing there to watch.I was so annoyed..Why is everyone standing here..so watch my baby get poked? Then i heard a voice..OH,Its good you guys are getting it done now..she wont even know a thing. I got my daughter’s done at the same age Me too Don’t worry Mommy..Daddy you gotta relax..you are doing a great job
And I realised.. all these people were here to lend us their support..In a strange way,it was so similar to having your family hovering around you as you get your baby’s ears pierced. So the girl at Claire’s,sanitized her hands,put on her gloves and sanitized her hands again,marked the spot on Aadya’s ear lobes and then used a small stapler-like instrument pre-loaded with the earring of our choice.And then as DH held her head steady,as was demonstrated,she quickly and efficiently pinched the earring and in less than 10 seconds the earring was on. But Aadya hated being pinched.. and she let out a huge cry..I tried to distract her,gave her a pacifier,which she threw on my face..she calmed down a little and the girl efficiently did the other ear too. And then she started crying even louder. DH gave her to me so he could get down from his high chair..and then snatched her right back,with a nasty stare and “Its OK,I can take care of her”..Ohh it broke my heart seeing my baby girl cry,my eyes teared up too.A nice lady among the bystanders patted my shoulder and hugged me..By then Aadya was quiet and was smiling at all those people around trying to make her smile.The whole thing took less than 10 minutes but it seemed like forever! My little baby is now officially a girl, with Tiny studs on her tiny earlobes.
When it was all over,I felt a wee bit jealous that DH managed to quieten her more easily than I could and that she preferred him over me(GOSH!I cant believe I am saying that!!) And Do I even need to tell you how DH gloated whole day yesterday and today, about how his baby feels protected and safe in his arms? GOD!!I am never going to hear the end of this!!!
Here’s my baby girl with her brand new earrings-

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  1. Oh she looks adorable with and without her earrings!

  2. Hey ..Everyone is writing about this !! KT’s Mom did a post on the topic and I can do too ..I have atleast 10 incidents where my BOY have been mistaken as SHE. And I had to correct them …Now ..I am in India , have a blue stroller , dress him like a boy , he does not have a pink dress,hair are pretty less , no curls ..but still ..:)So I wud say ..Just chill !!

  3. Yep – have to agree with Miniyamma. She looks absolutely adorable and the earrings do totally add to the cuteness.BTW, people used to mistake Appu for a boy right upto the time she was around a year and a half.

  4. Hey Trishna,Aadya looks like a doll:)so pretty!God bless her.I noticed you also have a food blog!

  5. hey you, look at your girl! she’s adorable, mA!hana’s isn’t holding her head up yet but she’s been turning over for a while yet. i’m waiting for her to roll over too!i’m so excited that your little girl’s crossed so many milestones!

  6. Aww..she looks adorable in thos studs! And in the first picture her expressions are as if saying “Arent’t you done enough with clicking pictures?” or as if “Can you come and change my diaper once you are done clicking?” hehehe..I lvoed reading your post. It was hilarious and so sweet at the same time.

  7. Aadya looks so cure with her earrings!I have noticed that in most cases it’s girls who take after their father, who get mistaken as boys. My friend had the same problem. Her daughter was a carbon copy of the husband and everyone was addressing her as ‘he’. You will have to give Aadya some time to get the girlie look.

  8. aww – she looks absolutely adorable! I wish I can just take off and get there to hold her, play with her and give lots of hugs and kisses! She is such a cutie pie… enjoy mommy!!! -AW

  9. Aadya is very cute with or without the earrings 🙂 For a second I thought I was reading about me and D, the lines ‘You have such a cute BOY’ and ‘I think may be its her stroller..which is blue’People would mostake her for a boy even when she would be dressed pink head to toe.

  10. Miniyamma-Thank You :)Swati-haha I know another close friend of mine,spoke about the same thing.What is with these people!Gauri- Thank you 🙂 I read about Appu..may be missed out on commenting on that one.:)Sumitha-Thanx for stopping by.Yes I do have a food blog too..started working on it after a break..I checked out yours.. everything looks yumm!Mona- I am waiting to read Hana’s update..Isnt it fun to watch her turn?roll overs are fun too.. but my little girl is a tease..doesnt wanna do it again after the sneak peek!Nm-Funny you mention it about the diaper..Incidently that was the reason why she was frowning.The moment that snap was clicked,she started crying and I dropped the camera in that frenzy!!Asha-Hahaha If Aadya takes after me,she is gonna be a total tomboy..girlie or not!AW- Awww..I wish you were closer too.. and Aadya had your girls to play with even if just for an occasional play date :)rdbans-Hehehe..And D is so girlie..taking care of Dlittle..mothering her 🙂 Lemme know how it is with Dlittle..:)

  11. Isnt she the sweetest little thing…. I so miss having a girl and dressing her up in girly clothes and earrings and bows and clips and ribbons, considering I am such a clothesfreak myself….lovely pics….she’s just adorable…

  12. Hahaha..I know what you mean Kiran..May be thats why all of us want girls.. to dress them up..:) hehhee Somedays I feel like I am a little girl again, getting my doll ready for a tea-party..and then She Starts Squirming!hahahhaa

  13. OMG! She’s 3 months old already and has her ears pierced. I never realize how quickly time flies with ananya sometimes, but with you it seems like yesterday when u were pregnant with your feet up in the sofa and the housekeeping lady cleaning your home!Good job mom! And dad is doing a wonderful job too, from all accounts!

  14. Hahaha SM..yes Time is really flying.. n funny you should mention the cleaning lady..I had her over yesterday after almost 2 months!hehe so I was sitting with my feet up.. with Aadya propped on my lap ofcourse!hahha

  15. GettingThereNow

    I cried reading this post, Trishna! All those strangers lending you support, the dad snatching his daughter back to comfort her, the mom choking up at her discomfort… *sniff*I have to get M’s ears pierced too but can’t gather the courage. Had S’ ears pierced at 8 months because my SIL offered to help. I am too scared to attemot it by my ownsome lonesome.

  16. Awwww Cee..hugs darling 🙂 I wish I could say,lemme come over..but if and when we meet, I’ll surely hold your hand if you decide to get it done then.Oh..and i read the post again now.. and i cried too..remembering that day.. and feeling the support from all those people.

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