Ohhh Myyy Goddd!!

Ohh My God! The sweetest thing happened today! Aadya was in her crib..playing.. suddenly she started calling..Ohh yes..she has the sweetest way of calling out to us..more like pigeon call..Uuuhh..Uuuhhh.. and she keeps at it,till we don’t go and talk to her..Mostly when I answer her call, and go talk to her..I am rewarded with a broad toothless smile..today however..she took me on a love-powered ride to heaven!
So,like I said..she was calling me..I went and looked at her..asked her..”whats up? Kya hua Betu??” And she is still..Uuuhhh Uuuhhh…So,I leaned into the crib to pick her up..She grabbed my hair..Well,nothing new..She loves to hang from my hair like Tarzan..But this time,instead of trying to hang from it,she pulled my face down..And when it was close enough,raised her body and planted this wet Open mouthed KISS!!!
Ohhh Myyy GOddd!!I thought I had just died and gone to heaven!!!
It was the sweetest most beautiful kiss ever!!I felt so much love for her-I am short of words to describe my feelings..
Needless to say,I spent the rest of the day grinning.. and carrying her around!!

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  1. I know what you mean.I reacted the same way when aryan kissed me first. Now I am the blessed one to get those open mouthed wet kisses most often and others at home envy :)Its a different story that now weith 4.5 teeth sometimes the kiss gets converted into a bite..:D

  2. Awww…shoooooooo shweeeeeeeet! Take pictures of her toothless grins!My papa, Betu’s Nanu used to tell betu that we are both alike..toothless..hehehe (My dad uses dentures!)

  3. Just toooo cute! I never knew that 3 month olds can react this much. That too in such a sweet way.

  4. And trust me when I say that you will remember this moment for time immemorial.That was an extremely sweet motherhood moment !!

  5. a kiss that early!!! how adorable 🙂 she’s a treasure!ps: this is my ticket to entry into Aadyaland 😉

  6. Thats sooo sweet. I am grinning myself recalling the time with D.

  7. I love your blog! Please write more often and more pics of sweet Aaadya. She really is from heaven.

  8. Isn’t that wonderful! What a little sweetheart you’ve got there!

  9. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Isnt that adorable. Now that it has started it will never stop… am still guilty of demanding brat plant a zillion kichu on me through the day. It gets addictive…

  10. Kissing, at 3 months!!!! WOWWWW… What a sweet little pie she is… That should have been a wonderful moment..

  11. swati- haha i know soon it will be bite time..my cousin,mom to a 1 year old..always sends lotsa love n bites from K!Nm- check this space.. a pic with toothless grin coming up soon.Asha- soon you will be posting similar stories :)Gauri-Yes..It keeps replaying in my head again and again.. making me smile :)Kodi’s mom- Access Granted :)rdbans-Thanx for coming back..I missed linking you up.. will do that now.Sahra-Thanx..I will try to write more often..Keep coming back :)Moppet’s Mom-:) waiting for details on your trip :)Kiran-I know..it is soo addictive!!Anitha-Thanx for stopping by!

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