The daily reporter….

Aadya has been so busy the last couple days..
You see,she has taken up a new job..She is now the daily reporter..As soon as her Papa comes home,she has to give him a report of our day! And since he is away for a long time.. the report takes atleast 15 minutes!
So, as soon as he comes home..Mamma gets royally both father and daughter alike… the first kiss is planted on the baby doll’s face.. followed by more.. on her head,hair, hands,feet..all the sweet smiles are now directed towards Papa and mamma is banished to the kitchen. And Papa-baby have a tete-e-tete.Aadya is comfortably propped in the crook of dad’s crossed over knee.. and she starts talking..even waiting for Papa to answer and if he asks questions.. then there is a longer answer…God bless me when she actually starts putting words in her baby babble..Papa is going to know everything.. how many times the phone many times.. mamma just left her alone to play in the crib.. how much time mamma spent blogging.. Ohh Well!She takes after her mom.. and so I will just have to deal with it. If someday, when Papa comes home and is on the phone..or rushes to the bathroom without greeting Princess Aadya..then he has to see her frown,pout and then their conversation gets extended.. because the first few minutes are spent complaining!And what is Mamma doing in all this..Mamma is getting kicked.. As Aadya squirms to follow her Papa’s movements..And he does PACE around a lot when he is talking on the phone!!
She is also busy practicing for the next Indian/American Idol competition..My only help to her is..laying her on her back and the singing starts..Aaa,
And last but not the least.. she has to help Mumma fold the laundry..So, mumma folds the clothes.. and she unfolds..mumma folds again..moves them away from her..she slides upward,or sideways and unfolds them again..When Mumma finally moves the folded clothes out of her reach,she decides to turns her attention to the unfolded lot.. and tries on each as a blanket..and the last one I managed to get on camera..Here’s Aadya..helping me with the laundry!

Posted on July 13, 2007, in Tales from Aadyaland. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. This is just soooooo cute! Your Aadya is quite an adorable lil baby! And beware of the lil spy that your DH is training right in front of yrou eyes- telling what all Mumma did during the day!! Hehehe….

  2. Aadya is a cutie pie..and BTW daughters often side up with dads right..

  3. Nm-Thanx 🙂 ohh yeah she is totally going to Papa’s lil spy!Timepass-Thanx for visiting..:) And yes..i was always a dad’s girl..I still am.. so how can i expect something different from my lil girl!:)

  4. these kids take moms for granted.Aryan has papa – mumma phases , for few days he is papa ‘s boy and then vice versa. Her pics are just so cute ..:)

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