Harry Potter

I just bought my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
But I haven’t started reading it yet…Mainly because I wanted to write this post.
I saw a friend obsess over Harry in my final year of college..I borrowed the book and started to read. To be honest,I didn’t even finish it.I thought – Oh just another book. and left it at that.
About 2-3 years later,I was browsing a bookstore in Toronto and found it again.And Remembered how I had left it unfinished.And I have this rule about never leaving a book unfinished..And so I started reading it..I finished that and promptly went and bought the next one in the series. And since then I am hooked..Then I rented the movie and watched it again!
I remember fervently finishing all the previous 5 books in a quick succession,just so I can read the 6th one thus completing the whole series.And now finally the wait for the 7th one is over.
I am waiting to see if Dumbledore is really dead and if Snape killed him out of spite or mercy.
Is Harry going to be as angry as the last time? Well he is a teenager!
Does Ron Finally get the nerve to ask Hermione out? With Sirius and dumbledore gone,who does Harry turn to for comfort?
And lastly ,what happens to Harry? Why is this the last book?
I certainly didn’t want any spoilers and so haven’t clicked on any links about Harry Potter..DH did spoil a little something..but i am just going to ignore that..(Yes, I yelled at him for telling me! and refused to listen to anything else-With a stern..Stop it..Mujhe mat batao!)hahha
So,now if I can get the baby to sleep… Harry Potter..here I come!
Ohhh That reminds me..the books stores are flooded with Harry Potter stuff.Barnes and Nobles has the entire 6 book series for $50,which is a good price considering individual books are being sold for $10-12 each.
More later!

Posted on July 23, 2007, in general. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Another tag for you .. 🙂

  2. Well? What do you think? I thought it was quite an ingenious book.

  3. $10-12?!Wow here (Vancouver, Canada)…theyre selling for $30.

  4. Harry Potter bluff huh!!!!I read the first book… but that was it! Enjoy yours… and grrrr to S for spoiling it!

  5. Finally I finished it on wednesday night and now it feels like i have nothing else to do!Its amazing!!

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