A brilliant piece of Art!

I finished reading the latest and the final book in the Harry Potter Series 2 days back.And I am still in the world of Wizards and magic.
The book is absolutely “unputdownable”.It is so fast paced,sometimes I felt that if i dont hurry I will never catch up! And the times that I did have to put the book down to look after Aadya or take care of other stuff..My mind was forever filled with thoughts of what was going on with Harry! At one time I even wished for a wand to take care of the rest of the chores!
After Dumbledore died in “half Blood Prince” I was sad..so sad But I kept hoping He would talk to Harry..just like I kept Hoping his Parents would or Sirius would.That was another thing that kept me turning pages..(like you need anything else to keep turning the pages.)
All I can say is “Its a brilliant Piece of Art” and I wish it didnt have to end here.Its like watching your dear friend move away.
Here’s To Ms.Rowling for giving us Harry,Ron and Hermione and Professor Dumbledore,everyone’s favorite headmaster and the Weasleys,the family next door and Sirius ,Mad-eye,Lupin and Tonks and last but not the least,Voldemort(yes, we all hate him but Harry Potter wouldnt have been the same without him)
Its like being transported to the world of Wizards!And I just dont want to leave.
Looking forward to more such great books…
And I would love to discuss more about the book and the end of the series..anyone game? mail me at menmysunshine@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you

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  1. I too loved this book.. It’s perfect. And I just adore JKR. The way she laid out the plots and the perfection with which all parts fit together was simply superb. I even developed a liking towards Snape :), in fact even Voldemort. As you said, Harry wouldn’t have been the same without him.

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