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Of Mommies and Birds and Bees

The mad Momma tagged me for this..and here’s my take on it..
And I find it so hard to just sum it up in a one-liner..:) Those who know me.. will tell you how frank I am.. but somewhere deep down is a shy gal! But when the Mad Momma tags you.. how can you not take it up!!LOL
A sleeping baby,not-so-sleepy US,cuddling up,whispering sweet-somethings about the baby which turn into sweet-nothings *Blush*,and the still sleeping baby…is all it takes :)*Blush BLush Blush*
And did I mention,this baby just never wants to sleep!!!
There ..MM, now you are not the only one 🙂
I was going to do this post after the move.. but today I got a chance to blog-surf after a long long time..and couldnt resist doing it..afterall, picking up a tag is fun only when its RED-HOT!

Bye-Bye Phoenix

This is our last week in Phoenix.We are busy packing.Its just a crazy crazy time. The movers will be here on thursday and we will leave on Friday.We’ll be driving down.And Aadya is sick.She has a bad bad throat infection.Poor baby her voice is so hoarse.First time we heard her cry like that,it was so hard,really broke our heart. Both of us got all teary-eyed. This is the first time I have seen DH like that.A baby does that to you I think.
Last two weeks here have been so much fun.We met some people that we really are getting along a house on fire and so it was just fun fun.And now that Aadya is sick,just makes me feel so guilty for having had so much fun.
As for Phoenix,despite everything,I am going to miss this place.After all its the birth place of my firstborn.This place kind of grows on to you,slowly accepting you,and even before you know it,you are a part of this large hearted city.The people at the grocery stores that you frequent start recognising you,gush over your baby,your neighbours greet you happily,doesnt matter that you see them only once in a few weeks.Its just that kind of place.
Today we took Aadya for a last visit with her Pediatrician,Aunty D.All the nurses and everyone in the office had to come and hold her..everyone wagged their fingers at us and told us, not to go!It was just so sweet.
And as I was sitting there,waiting for our turn,I found myself getting nostalgic.I was reminded of the day,when we first went there.I was 8 months pregnant and were interviewing Pediatricians.The office had such a warm welcoming atmosphere .The first thing I noticed was the chairs.They made me feel like I was “Alice” in Wonderland.They are just so beautiful and to add to the atmosphere,a kiddie sized tea-set was laid out on a kiddie-sized table. I could picture my little girl playing there.There was beautiful Aquarium set on a table,with beautiful golden and glittery multicolored fishes.It was all so perfect. But the best part was our meeting with Dr.D.She was just so nice and patient.She answered all our questions, asked us questions about our families and our interests etc. and at the end of the “meet-and- greet” session when I looked at my watch a good 1 hour had passed.Whereas all the other docs that we met before that would just meet us as a formality,not really intereested. Now, dont get me wrong here,its not as if Dr.D is not busy..She is extremely busy,very meticulous and extremeeeeeeeely wonderful with the kids.. but she is also interested in knowing the parents! and thats why she keeps such sessions at the end of the day!I am never going to find anyone else like her.ANd she is all the more special to us,because she saw our baby within the first 8-10 hours of birth.
God! just the thought that I have to find a new peditrician for my baby.. gives me the creeps.Will I be able to find someone good..?Ohh we’ll have to see.
So anyway,We are moving, we will be on the road starting friday and then finding a new apartment,unpacking, settling down,getting comfortable…starting another phase of life.
Though,I was so lonely here for most part of my stay,this place has given me some great memories,which I will always treasure 🙂 most important one being the Aadya’s birth.Everytime there is a mention of Phoenix,I am sure there will be a smile on my lips.And as I say good bye to this urban desert,I am leaving behind a part of my heart… with all those lovely people who made this last 1 year here special for us,with all those lovely people who made these last two weeks so much fun for us..I am also leaving behind a part of my heart in a certain labour and delivery room of a certain hospital and also in this beautiful apartment,from where I type this last post.
And when you folks read this post,dont forget to send up two prayers to the Big Man up there..One that we have a safe trip and two,that we have a longer stay at the new location.( the packing and unpacking tires me)
On this note,I say..Bye Bye Phoenix…

Texasssssssss,here we come!!!

My Little Froggie

Date- August 21st,2007
Time- 8.15 pm
I was getting aadya ready for bed. Our bed-time routine starts at around 7:30 pm wih a massage,followed by tummy-time and bath.Then,moisturise,get into PJs,a few minutes in the crib with the butterflies and then rock off to dreamland.
That day,after finishing the body massage,I sat Aadya up for a head massage. She has been sitting with support for quiet some time now.And after the head massage,I just let her sit with the support of my folded legs.I saw her lean towards the mat. I didnt really pay attention to it.That’s because these days,she is so attracted to colors.And tries to touch the pattern on the sheet or mat,even on our clothes.So,I let her lean,thinking she is probably found something interesting on the mat. but she just stayed that way leaning downwards.So I looked to see what was it that she was so interested in.And what do I see? My little girl is trying to focus all her energy into sitting. She was concentrating on balancing her weight on her hands! I slowly slipped away from her.. And there she was Sitting!! All by herself!! Like a froggie!
Two little fists, digging into the rug, one tiny head focusing on staying that way. I called out to DH,he came running not knowing what was going on.He just looked at Aadya and smiled. and then I slipped even further away from her! And His eyes widened!!OUR BABY WAS SITTING UNAIDED FOR THE FIRST TIME!! DH grabbed the camera.And clicked her pics. She stayed that way for a good 3-4 minutes,even raising her head victoriously and smiliing at her dad!

( P.S. This picture was taken next day.And though it does look like she has the support of my leg,there was a good 3-4 inches distance between her butt and my foot!)

I was so proud!Am so proud of my little Angel.We sent SMSes to everyone! And then there were calls from proud grandparents.And this little achiever,oblivious to all the frenzy she had created!
Another milestone,another achievement,another sign that she growing up. My baby is growing up!
God bless you,my little froggie!

The first Sleepover.

Last weekend Aadya had her first Sleepover guests.I say,it was Aadya’s Sleepover party, because thats how things are these days.All our friends want to come over ,so that they can spend more time with AADYA!
So,When we invited our friends C&L to come over for the weekend,they gladly accepted our invitation,so that they could spend more time with Aadya.We went and picked them up on Friday night.C had made some great chicken Curry. L and DH have become very good friends over the last few months but the first time I got to meet C was at the party and we just hit it off. That was incidentally where I met Baby J’s mom too.
And the result was this sleepover.
The plan was for them to come over and spend friday night with us,dinner,movies, long chats and then a late brunch and picnic on saturday morning and finally we dropping them off on saturday evening. But,it just seemed like all the time had come to a standstill.Friday night was slightly rough with the beginning of Stranger Anxiety in Aadya..but that calls for another post. After dinner and chit-chat we sat down to watch a movie at 12.00 am. Movie and midnight dessert. It had been ages since we did that. And they were both great sports about pausing the movie,for Aadya’s feeds or fuss 🙂
Next morning,we were a little late getting up but C&L had made themselves at home. It was nice to see them relaxed.I got to the business of making breakfast.DH and L were busy surfing the net and discussing PS3 games,while C watched over Aadya and played with her.Even rocking to sleep,for her morning nap. With Aadya down for her nap and the breakfast all ready,we sat down to eat.The Menu was- Masala Puffs and Vermicelli halwa and Cold coffee to wash it down with.Aadya woke up in time to shower us with her smiles just as we were finishing up.Breakfast done with, we got down to the business of enjoying. Looking at the hot day outside,we decided to postpone the drive to the lake to a little later in the day and we sat down to watch a show online that we all enjoy.While I cooked,DH and L sipped beers,while we girls sipped our coke..(me milk,actually) and munched on telly-time snacks.It was just a relaxed relaxed weeekend. No rush-rush, no formalities..Just fun. Again the show was paused atleast twice for me to nurse Aadya. We are used to watching movies and shows that way.. but it was really nice that C&L didnt mind it.Even offering to rewind and pause for me!
Just as we were sitting down to eat Lunch,someone glanced at the microwave clock and it was 5 pm! We gobbled up…everyone offering the last chapati to the other one..It just never felt like we had met only recently.
We were having so much fun, DH casually asked them,if they would like to stay another night and they agreed! And the fun continued.More movies,more chit-chats.We went out to pick up Chicken biryani from our favorite Indian restaurant,the only one here to serve biryani like in India.
Aadya was having such a nice time with these guys. Though C was the one holding her and playing with her more..she took a fancy to L. She would keep looking at him or calling him till he didnt look back or talk to her.. and he was almost always instantly rewarded with a smile.All through the weekend,we kept telling them-“You guys are so good with kids,we saw it at the party and then with Aadya…You guys should have a baby soon..”Only to be met with shy smiles 🙂
Sunday morning,we talked some more over a breakfast.The menu this time was-Egg bhurji and toasts,Poha and cold coffee.These guys were again so cool and gulped down our “sweetened with Splenda” cold coffee without a fuss.It was like time was flying and we still had so much to talk.So many funny memories to share and to make so many new ones.After breakfast,we went to drop them back but, the house suddenly felt so empty. After so many years, we felt that way. The way your house just seems empty after your family or cousins come for a visit and leave.
And what timing? Finally when I was at peace with this move and looking forward to a new place,I meet all these lovely people. I get attached to people very easily. And if its someone that is on the same wavelength then,that attachment increases 10-folds.When DH told me,that we would be moving from AZ,I was excited.All these months here..almost 11 months,I was so lonely .DH was working long hours. I hardly knew anybody.And for the first time,I was just “more-than-happy” to leave. I thought I was growing up.But The Big Man up there had some other plans.
These last two weeks here have been so nice.So much fun.It feels so nice to be able to call up and talk to someone,without calculating the time difference or thinking before speaking.I am so glad, we cut our trip to the Grand Canyon short and ran into all these lovely people. Hope we stay in touch!

My Hi-tech baby

This is what Aadya got as a gift from a friend.Kids these days are going hi-tech. Mommy still doesn’t own a MP3 player or an IPOD..and here Aadya has this
Needless to say ,Daddy is really happy..And this baby is clueless.. She didn’t care much about the gift.. her main interest was the gift-giver..Baby Janis, a 2 month old.
We took aadya to visit with her last weekend.
She did everything to try and attract Janis’s attention-by calling her, crawling over to her..cooing.. smiling at her parents and finally when nothing worked..complaining to her Papa!!It was so much fun watching both the babies together. if one cooed the other would too. We put them both on their backs and they moved their limbs in perfect tandem!It was like watching a perfectly choreographed act.Both the dads went crazy taking pictures and shooting Videos!
One funny thing about that visit was..When we reached there,baby J was sleeping and Aadya was getting fussy/hungry just as we were reaching. The moment we entered Aadya started bawling.I took her to the bedroom to nurse her.. Her crying had woken up Janis and she was playing happily in her crib,quietly.So, we got down to the business of Nursing. But have I told you.. that Aadya doesn’t let her anger go unnoticed. So,she unlatched herself to scold Mumma.. and Baby J heard her. And then it was Janice’s turn to coo.And as if cued in,Aadya latched on fiercely and possessively, her hand resting on my if to mark her territory!
Baby J is such a sweet baby..Cries also so softly..From what I could tell she looked like a sweet-tempered baby.. Just like her mom..This was the second time I met this girl and I already feel so close to her.

That day for the first time after Aadya’s birth,I sat down for lunch,without Aadya in my lap. Why? Because Baby J’s grandma,another sweetie,took both the babies to the bedroom. Asked us- new parents, to eat,while she took care of them. I was mentally prepared to go and pick up Aadya half way through the meal.We had just loaded our plates with the yummy food and I heard Aadya cry. I went to the bedroom,only to be shooed away by Aunty.After 2 minutes,the crying stopped..And then after 10 minutes which stretched like an eternity,I couldn’t control myself..and went to peek..and Lo! what do I see?Both the babies are comfortably sleeping..One on her grandma’s shoulder and the other in the car seat fixed on the stroller!I am so in awe of Aunty.The way she took care of my baby.. has filled my heart with so much love for her..There was just no difference between her care of Aadya or Janis.
Yesterday they came over to spend the day with us. It was just so nice.It was like meeting cousins.The thing that touched me most was- Aadya’s Massage.As I sat down to Massage Aadya before her bath,Aunty offered to do it for me. I was pleasantly surprised.That sweet lady,put a cloth on her stretched legs and started to massage my baby,methodically..Not flinching when the baby cried.She kept talking to her calmly all through the massage session.Midway through Aadya started bawling..literally..but unfazed she finished the massage and handed over my baby to me!It really warmed me up.. because this was the first time,someone did something so selflessly,for my baby and me and making it sound like “not-a-big-deal” and brushing away my thanks with just a “Arre,not a problem,I liked doing it”.Others have offered too,but a crying (read screaming)baby is enough to unnerve them.First time since my pregnancy and delivery..these people made me feel so loved and so treasured.. and my baby so much more special and pampered!!
Thanks Aunty!

Happy Independence Day

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!

Incidentally its also the day that we got engaged..4 years back 🙂

Edited to Add- Just remembered,it was also on 15th august ,that we travelled to the US for the first time.

Golden glitters

The MadMomma did a post on her baby Bean being a true woman and so did SM, a follow-up post about her Ananya.The pics and stories on both the blogs are so cute.. BUT there are somethings in life..which you have to “See-it-to-believe-it.. and somedays back.. I saw it..
Here’s Aadya lusting after Mamma’s mangalsutra 🙂
Look at those twinkling eyes!

Here to stay!

My Sunshine is here to stay. I thought long and hard.. and finally decided that I started this blog for my baby..:) and Slowly and steadily.. there is a circle of love that has formed around us.. Circle of all you lovely people, who have come to love my babygirl, keep up on her progress.. and also love me in turn 🙂
How can I let go of all this…:)
So, I am here to stay ( for now atleast) !Thanx for all your responses 🙂

Going Private or Anonymous?

This is the thought that has been on my mind for the last few days..Disappearing into anonymity,now after I have been blogging with real names seems stupid..Going private..well may be…
Why I am thinking all this?Yes you guessed it..With emotions rocking the blogging world,first the Mad Momma,then crazy mumma and then Poppins..I wonder who’s next… is it me? Not that I have much to hide.. but,you never know who reacts in what way.
I googled my name and found that it does show this blog on the first page….so what?? All three of us have uncommon names and so it wont be difficult to put two and two together and figure out who it is about..
One thing about blogging anonymously is the freedom to write whatever you want.. without worrying about anyone..Ohh but I am the kind of person,who will tell chosen friends n family about the blog..But atleast,then someone wont stumble upon it accidently..
When I first started blogging,it was just going to be a journal of my pregnancy and my baby’s life.. but slowly this blog has become an important part of my life..And though we NEVER put down everything in writing..sometimes,its nice to be able to vent,without worrying about who is reading.. or who might read..I dont know.. what to think or I dont even know if I am able to express my confusion clearly..So,Help me out here..What do I do..Go Private or close this blog? Or is there some other way?

Picture Time

Here are Aadya’s pics.. as I have promising you all for such a long time..

Here’s Aadya playing with her Teddy

Here’s Madame enjoying a leisurely bath

Taking in all the beautiful sights

Playing horsey with Frisky

One does need a comfortable position to watch TV

And finally unwinding before bed-time –
Edited to Add- Yes… She is talking to the butterflies in the last picture!