Aadya’s First Social Event!

Last Sunday Aadya attended her first Social event.Nothing fancy,It was a 4 year old’s birthday party.
I was really excited to take Aadya to a social gathering for the first time.I was curious to watch her expressions and her interaction with people and kids.I already know she loves watching kids playing.When we take her to the mall, she goes crazy looking at all the kids playing in kids area or walking with the parents or sitting in their strollers!
The party was on Sunday,and we had already had a tiring day the previous day with our Grand Canyon Trip and so I didn’t know if she would be tired or fussy.Anyway,I gave her a bath and just put her down for her morning nap a little early .It was a lunch party. We got dressed and reached there.Aadya was wearing a red shirt,knotted at the waist and a denim skirt with red frills,matching her shirt

A group of 3 girls(H,A,J),(DH’s colleagues) started to fight for Aadya’s attention.They had seen her as a newborn and we had been planning to meet up for a long time after that,it just didn’t work out. And Aadya,the epitome of grace, smiled at all of them coyly;she didn’t even mind being traded from one person to another and if I can say so, basked in their combined appreciation.After that it was just one fan after other and Princess Aadya,graced them all with coy smiles, even showering a choice fan with her toothless grin. She didn’t even mind wearing the party hat!I was feeling a tad guilty about her stealing the thunder from the the birthday boy.Not that he seemed to mind it,he was too happy playing with his cute friend.
For cake cutting,J offered to hold her and she didn’t fuss.She was so fascinated with the balloons and candles and kids! When it was time to sit down for lunch, DH strapped her in to her stroller and she sat there happily looking around,till she got sleepy.One of DH’s colleague’s wife offered to hold her,while i finished eating.And Aadya went to sleep , no fuss, no crying, just slept without any trouble.
She slept for 20-25 mins-Her Power nap!! and woke up fresh,to charm the crowd again. This time it was time for a photo session. H,A&J brought their cameras out and this time they were joined by another girl,K.They all took turns holding her and clicking snaps with her.Everyone promised to send me snaps,which I am still waiting for,by the way.So, you girls,if you are reading this,you know what to do.
At the end of the party,DH went to drop these girls home,while Aadya n mumma stayed back at the party. Aadya saw the birthday boy playing with his friends, and was suddenly attracted to him.Why you ask? Beacuse he had changed clothes and was wearing a nice red Kurta-suit.Did I mention,red is her favorite color 🙂
Then her eyes followed him wherever he went,occasionally even screaming,as if to call him.Unfortunately her advances were not answered.A four year old has more important things to do..like run around and jump on the couch,than look at a little baby. So, mumma just stood there with her, and let her watch their game to her heart.
It was a great party,we all enjoyed a lot, meeting new people and just relaxing.This was the first party,we attended in a long long time. But all the fun was possible only because of one little charmer,Aadya.She was such an angel(knock on the wood) We couldnt stop smiling when everyone came and told us how adorable she is..
Here’s my little party gal in her Party hat!

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