Picture Time

Here are Aadya’s pics.. as I have promising you all for such a long time..

Here’s Aadya playing with her Teddy

Here’s Madame enjoying a leisurely bath

Taking in all the beautiful sights

Playing horsey with Frisky

One does need a comfortable position to watch TV

And finally unwinding before bed-time –
Edited to Add- Yes… She is talking to the butterflies in the last picture!


Posted on August 8, 2007, in general. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. that last picture? she’s talking to the butterfly?she’s darling by the way.

  2. Cutie! Real cutie!

  3. She seems to take TV seriously. Yes, the last pic, is she talking to her butterflies?

  4. Cutie Pics ..esp loved the last three 🙂 Love to the princess.

  5. cute cute cute.. the one in front of the tv -too good!

  6. Mona-Thanx 🙂 yes she is talking to the butterfly.Asha- Yes..she is her dad’s daughter.. has to take TV seriously..:)Nm,Swati,rbdans- Thanxx

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