Going Private or Anonymous?

This is the thought that has been on my mind for the last few days..Disappearing into anonymity,now after I have been blogging with real names seems stupid..Going private..well may be…
Why I am thinking all this?Yes you guessed it..With emotions rocking the blogging world,first the Mad Momma,then crazy mumma and then Poppins..I wonder who’s next… is it me? Not that I have much to hide.. but,you never know who reacts in what way.
I googled my name and found that it does show this blog on the first page….so what?? All three of us have uncommon names and so it wont be difficult to put two and two together and figure out who it is about..
One thing about blogging anonymously is the freedom to write whatever you want.. without worrying about anyone..Ohh but I am the kind of person,who will tell chosen friends n family about the blog..But atleast,then someone wont stumble upon it accidently..
When I first started blogging,it was just going to be a journal of my pregnancy and my baby’s life.. but slowly this blog has become an important part of my life..And though we NEVER put down everything in writing..sometimes,its nice to be able to vent,without worrying about who is reading.. or who might read..I dont know.. what to think or I dont even know if I am able to express my confusion clearly..So,Help me out here..What do I do..Go Private or close this blog? Or is there some other way?

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  1. Trishna, if you are planning to write as open as Mad Momma about sensitive topics like family issues, then there is high chance that you will end up in trouble. Or you will need to be strong enough to face it. But if you will limit your frustration to bad traffic and general public behaviour and things like that, I don’t think that you need to go anonymous. It’s up to you and the restrictions you put on your posts.

  2. btw, tagged you on fetish.

  3. I just created a blog and here I see you all planning to close yours down:(

  4. if you must change something, I’d vote for going private. why shut down completely? private doesnt work well if you want to increase readership. and there is the hassle of logging in which your parents/family might or might not be inclined to do. but it is great if you want a limited audience – one that you can pick and choose.

  5. Sunshine's Mumma

    Asha-Thanx for the tag..I understand what you are saying.. but its just not me to go about half way thru!Bulbul-Welcome to the blogging world..:) May be I wont close ..May be i will see you with a new identity!Kodi’a mom-Yes,I agree with you..about the hassle of signing in..and I am not ready to let go of all you lovely people..So, I am still thinking..Though I know you changed your name.. did you change the blog too? Waiting to hear from other regulars 🙂

  6. blog hopped and the first thing is read is you might close shop.I am with Kodi’s mom. She has set all the points out.Go private if the need be. But continue.

  7. Do as I did – keep this blog open for family and open another anonymous one to vent. Remember to use a different gmail account though, otherwise blogger shows all blogs linked to the same Id on your profile page.

  8. Mystic Margarita

    The best option, I feel, would be to create another anonymous blogger id. I’m contemplating doing it myself 🙂

  9. Sunshine's Mumma

    Thanx for the inputs everyone :)I really appreciate it :)upsi-yes i will continue..:) will let you know where:)Cee Kay & mystic Margarita- I think i like this idea..more later 🙂

  10. hmm.. What can I say. Paranoid me, I prefer to blog anonymous. Did a post on this topic. Happy that your finding a way out, but pl. pl. don’t shut it down!

  11. I did a post on same sometime back. I decided that I would have a private blog for emotional blabbering that would be anon.This one ..I cannot imagine to go private. I love ppl commenting on mine. I even have friends and cousins who hop by and its good to have their view once in a while.Read the post : “Of Blogging and Confessions”

  12. hey I just came back to check this. to answer your question, I was anon from day 1. I didn’t change the blog – only moved to wordpress after one year. that too for design reasons. but as you have said in the latest post, I only write about the kid – so there’s not much to censor. happy you decided to keep it as it is 🙂

  13. Sunshine's Mumma

    Asha- will take up the tag :)rbdans-I know what you mean..:)but i decided to stay afterall.Swati.. yes.. i know,that was the thing-about hearing from everyone about your baby.. and getting everyone’s feedbacks about every thing..that kept me goingKodi’s mom-thanx for coming back to check 🙂

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