Golden glitters

The MadMomma did a post on her baby Bean being a true woman and so did SM, a follow-up post about her Ananya.The pics and stories on both the blogs are so cute.. BUT there are somethings in life..which you have to “See-it-to-believe-it.. and somedays back.. I saw it..
Here’s Aadya lusting after Mamma’s mangalsutra 🙂
Look at those twinkling eyes!

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  1. How absolutely adorable…a girl is a girl is a girl…all things bright and sparkly interest us…she’s an absolute doll.

  2. i missed the post where you were thinking of closing shop. glad you’re not though. and lol, look at the lust in aadya’s face. she’s a girl’s girl alright!

  3. Thats cute! The lust in her eyes 🙂 So, you know whats coming down the line?

  4. little stinkers are so darn cute aren’t they! We can totally see the spark in her eye!!~AP

  5. You do know what’s in store for you don’t you?? 🙂 Girls will be girls…aadya looks adorable.On a seperate note, I just read your post on your trip to the Grand Canyon and it brought back fond memories of the time we spent in Tempe, AZ. Although the summers were killing, preventing us from engaging in too many outdoor activities, we enjoyed the proximity to the GC and the lakes. You r in Phoenix, I take it?

  6. Sunshine's Mumma

    hahaha yes.. she had been lusting after it for a long long time.. that and my ring!!! What’s it with girls n jewellery?? SM- YES!! We are in Phoenix..I cant even begin to tell you, how happy I am to read that you were in Tempe.. finally someone I know.. knows of the places that I go to!!hahaha But darn it.. why arent u here now???*sulking*

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