My Hi-tech baby

This is what Aadya got as a gift from a friend.Kids these days are going hi-tech. Mommy still doesn’t own a MP3 player or an IPOD..and here Aadya has this
Needless to say ,Daddy is really happy..And this baby is clueless.. She didn’t care much about the gift.. her main interest was the gift-giver..Baby Janis, a 2 month old.
We took aadya to visit with her last weekend.
She did everything to try and attract Janis’s attention-by calling her, crawling over to her..cooing.. smiling at her parents and finally when nothing worked..complaining to her Papa!!It was so much fun watching both the babies together. if one cooed the other would too. We put them both on their backs and they moved their limbs in perfect tandem!It was like watching a perfectly choreographed act.Both the dads went crazy taking pictures and shooting Videos!
One funny thing about that visit was..When we reached there,baby J was sleeping and Aadya was getting fussy/hungry just as we were reaching. The moment we entered Aadya started bawling.I took her to the bedroom to nurse her.. Her crying had woken up Janis and she was playing happily in her crib,quietly.So, we got down to the business of Nursing. But have I told you.. that Aadya doesn’t let her anger go unnoticed. So,she unlatched herself to scold Mumma.. and Baby J heard her. And then it was Janice’s turn to coo.And as if cued in,Aadya latched on fiercely and possessively, her hand resting on my if to mark her territory!
Baby J is such a sweet baby..Cries also so softly..From what I could tell she looked like a sweet-tempered baby.. Just like her mom..This was the second time I met this girl and I already feel so close to her.

That day for the first time after Aadya’s birth,I sat down for lunch,without Aadya in my lap. Why? Because Baby J’s grandma,another sweetie,took both the babies to the bedroom. Asked us- new parents, to eat,while she took care of them. I was mentally prepared to go and pick up Aadya half way through the meal.We had just loaded our plates with the yummy food and I heard Aadya cry. I went to the bedroom,only to be shooed away by Aunty.After 2 minutes,the crying stopped..And then after 10 minutes which stretched like an eternity,I couldn’t control myself..and went to peek..and Lo! what do I see?Both the babies are comfortably sleeping..One on her grandma’s shoulder and the other in the car seat fixed on the stroller!I am so in awe of Aunty.The way she took care of my baby.. has filled my heart with so much love for her..There was just no difference between her care of Aadya or Janis.
Yesterday they came over to spend the day with us. It was just so nice.It was like meeting cousins.The thing that touched me most was- Aadya’s Massage.As I sat down to Massage Aadya before her bath,Aunty offered to do it for me. I was pleasantly surprised.That sweet lady,put a cloth on her stretched legs and started to massage my baby,methodically..Not flinching when the baby cried.She kept talking to her calmly all through the massage session.Midway through Aadya started bawling..literally..but unfazed she finished the massage and handed over my baby to me!It really warmed me up.. because this was the first time,someone did something so selflessly,for my baby and me and making it sound like “not-a-big-deal” and brushing away my thanks with just a “Arre,not a problem,I liked doing it”.Others have offered too,but a crying (read screaming)baby is enough to unnerve them.First time since my pregnancy and delivery..these people made me feel so loved and so treasured.. and my baby so much more special and pampered!!
Thanks Aunty!

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  1. Aunty sounds like a wonderful soul. 🙂

  2. awww… that is so sweet. but that is so desi. only indian aunties will massage somebody else’s bawling baby happily!

  3. the pink frock looks cute on aadya..good she has an MP3 now..she can hear her fav music hehehehe

  4. This is Janis’ mom and i must say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful time we had, apart from our kids having a great time 🙂 Aunty feels so humbled with all the many praises. The real thing is we feel exactly like you do. Mom’s heart was touched by reading your blog. I think relations of heart are more precious and we are now one family. Trust me.. I am so happy for Janis to have a cousin sis here in US and for me to have a sis, and a friend in you.Love u dear!

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