The first Sleepover.

Last weekend Aadya had her first Sleepover guests.I say,it was Aadya’s Sleepover party, because thats how things are these days.All our friends want to come over ,so that they can spend more time with AADYA!
So,When we invited our friends C&L to come over for the weekend,they gladly accepted our invitation,so that they could spend more time with Aadya.We went and picked them up on Friday night.C had made some great chicken Curry. L and DH have become very good friends over the last few months but the first time I got to meet C was at the party and we just hit it off. That was incidentally where I met Baby J’s mom too.
And the result was this sleepover.
The plan was for them to come over and spend friday night with us,dinner,movies, long chats and then a late brunch and picnic on saturday morning and finally we dropping them off on saturday evening. But,it just seemed like all the time had come to a standstill.Friday night was slightly rough with the beginning of Stranger Anxiety in Aadya..but that calls for another post. After dinner and chit-chat we sat down to watch a movie at 12.00 am. Movie and midnight dessert. It had been ages since we did that. And they were both great sports about pausing the movie,for Aadya’s feeds or fuss 🙂
Next morning,we were a little late getting up but C&L had made themselves at home. It was nice to see them relaxed.I got to the business of making breakfast.DH and L were busy surfing the net and discussing PS3 games,while C watched over Aadya and played with her.Even rocking to sleep,for her morning nap. With Aadya down for her nap and the breakfast all ready,we sat down to eat.The Menu was- Masala Puffs and Vermicelli halwa and Cold coffee to wash it down with.Aadya woke up in time to shower us with her smiles just as we were finishing up.Breakfast done with, we got down to the business of enjoying. Looking at the hot day outside,we decided to postpone the drive to the lake to a little later in the day and we sat down to watch a show online that we all enjoy.While I cooked,DH and L sipped beers,while we girls sipped our coke..(me milk,actually) and munched on telly-time snacks.It was just a relaxed relaxed weeekend. No rush-rush, no formalities..Just fun. Again the show was paused atleast twice for me to nurse Aadya. We are used to watching movies and shows that way.. but it was really nice that C&L didnt mind it.Even offering to rewind and pause for me!
Just as we were sitting down to eat Lunch,someone glanced at the microwave clock and it was 5 pm! We gobbled up…everyone offering the last chapati to the other one..It just never felt like we had met only recently.
We were having so much fun, DH casually asked them,if they would like to stay another night and they agreed! And the fun continued.More movies,more chit-chats.We went out to pick up Chicken biryani from our favorite Indian restaurant,the only one here to serve biryani like in India.
Aadya was having such a nice time with these guys. Though C was the one holding her and playing with her more..she took a fancy to L. She would keep looking at him or calling him till he didnt look back or talk to her.. and he was almost always instantly rewarded with a smile.All through the weekend,we kept telling them-“You guys are so good with kids,we saw it at the party and then with Aadya…You guys should have a baby soon..”Only to be met with shy smiles 🙂
Sunday morning,we talked some more over a breakfast.The menu this time was-Egg bhurji and toasts,Poha and cold coffee.These guys were again so cool and gulped down our “sweetened with Splenda” cold coffee without a fuss.It was like time was flying and we still had so much to talk.So many funny memories to share and to make so many new ones.After breakfast,we went to drop them back but, the house suddenly felt so empty. After so many years, we felt that way. The way your house just seems empty after your family or cousins come for a visit and leave.
And what timing? Finally when I was at peace with this move and looking forward to a new place,I meet all these lovely people. I get attached to people very easily. And if its someone that is on the same wavelength then,that attachment increases 10-folds.When DH told me,that we would be moving from AZ,I was excited.All these months here..almost 11 months,I was so lonely .DH was working long hours. I hardly knew anybody.And for the first time,I was just “more-than-happy” to leave. I thought I was growing up.But The Big Man up there had some other plans.
These last two weeks here have been so nice.So much fun.It feels so nice to be able to call up and talk to someone,without calculating the time difference or thinking before speaking.I am so glad, we cut our trip to the Grand Canyon short and ran into all these lovely people. Hope we stay in touch!

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  1. Wow..all this sounds sooooooooo good to me

  2. Lovely dear….It’s just awesome 🙂

  3. Nice to meet people you can get along with, and whom you can relax with. few and far between these days, so treasure this friendship as much as you can…

  4. Sunshine's Mumma

    Swati – Next time you guys are in town.. you know where to go for a rocking sleepover party!Chandan-It was a pleasure having u guys overKiran-Yes,WE are really happy to have found such nice friends here..even if its this late..I am sure we’ll keep in touch!

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