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Anna Prashan

Aadya got her first taste of solids…Yes, we did her AnnaPrashan on September 25th,2007.

The original plan was to do it on 26th September-DH was going to come home early and then we were going to go to the temple and do a formal ceremony. On,25th,at around tea-time,we decided to do it that evening. DH was going to be busy whole week and then there was no other auspicious day for the next month.So, I gave Aadya her massage and bath and put her down for an early bed-time..:) so that she could wake up the time DH arrived. Then,I got to cooking.I decided to jazz up the menu a little and made some rice kheer as dessert.

DH arrived at around 9.00.By then, dinner was ready and Aadya was awake. We all dressed up, Aadya in a beautiful dress,bought by her Nanu and propped Aadya in her Nanu’s lap. Mamma got the ‘Puja ki Thaali’ and Papa grabbed the camera. Then, we got busy with the business of feeding Aadya her solids.

First,Tika followed by Aarti and then,Papa held Aadya ,while Nanu gave her teeny bit of kheer on the spoon.This little darling happily took the spoon in her mouth.(She had been eyeing our spoons for a long time now) and the next instant spit it out 😀 the look on her face was priceless.But we too busy watching her to click pics. Mamma got choked up again,”Baby you are a big girl now.”But baby.. was too busy chewing on her new glass.This is the first time we did a ceremony for Aadya and I didnt cry..atleast there was some family member with us.

Here are some pics..

Pooja ki Thali

Aadya and Nanu


Tasting the kheer

Drinking water

So, now my baby is all ready to enjoy her solids. We start feeding her rice cereal tomorrow.Keep your fingers crossed for us.
Here’s what Masi had to say-” How Sweet.Congrats and Aadya ko Masi ka message dena-welcome to the world of good life,excellent food-That is life!”


Now Presenting………………………….

Aadya’s Nanu

Sorry to keep you guys waiting.. first day was a teaser..Then I got busy..organising n reorganising.. getting rid of boxes 🙂
So, finally Aadya’s Nanu is here 🙂 I am just so happy and excited.. I dont even know what to write. So,my dad started on 23rd late nigt,24th early morning. The flight was late and diverted..So,he came via Manchester,UK..arriving 3 hours late at JFK airport.Luckily he managed to clear security and immigration in record time for his connecting flight to Dallas.I was on the phone constantly with him and the sister. Shed some tears with sister..coz she would be lonely..dont ask me the logic-guess its the sister thing.
DH had meetings all day..The original plan was for me to take a cab.Then he decided to attend 2 meetings by phone. And we all went to welcome My dad . He was just so excited to see Aadya. It was like.. he had eyes only for her. I was worried how she would react on being thrust into a strangers arms.. but guess what? This little darling was so cool. She looked at her Nanu.. then while DH clicked our pics..she even hugged him.. or so it looks in one of the snaps.
We got home..DH rushed back to office..Damn these clients..He waved goodbye half heartedly..wishing he could just stay back.
We came home and were just dragging the bags in when Aadya started screaming..Scaring Nanu. When my dad told me that he had booked his tickets, I used to ask DH often -how do you think he will react? and he used to say.. ohhh if she is happy.. he will be thrilled and if she is crying he would be like.. you take care of her first. Thats so typical of my dad.. no expectations.. And thats would happenned today. When aadya started crying.. the first thing dad said was-” you leave everything else.. first usko dekho!!”hahha.
Tummy filled aadya was ready to play with Nanu.. but Nanu was a little scared.. didnt want to make his precious Grandie cry.So, he opened his Jaadu ki Potli(Magic Box) and out came the cutest little kitchen set all in wood. I used to love that as a kid.. and now my daughter has the same!! in the exact same colors that I remember vividly!
Aadya was so happy to recieve the gift..she happily slipped a little closer to her nanu.a little while later,I see her trying to climb on his tummy ,which he obviously loved,promptly propping her up on him belly. She kissed and scratched and was ready to jump down. Meanwhile, I got the tea ready and we were ready to attack the bags.
It was really a Jaadu ki Potli..Gifts for Aadya..not just from Masi and Nanu..but from all the other relatives..Clothes,Clothes.. lots of Clothes.. Kitchen ware .. Spices, sweets, clothes for DH.. and Me.. And like Tharini said in her earlier post..the fun part was all the bags and boxes with the store addresses on it. And Today after almost 5 years I ate one of my favorite Treats from Rajasthan. Yes… Gifts came from everywhere..
Now, a jet-lagged Nanu, insisting again and again how he is not sleepy.. is peacefully snoring, Aadya.. is digging for more treasures..A little while back,I caught her trying to climb up on Nanu again… I leave you with some pics..Coz.. I want to dig for my treasures too!!

Here’s Aadya Fresh After a Nap to greet Nanu

Nanu and Aadya

Trying to Climb up on Nanu’s Tummy

Nanu’s Bribe worked

And more treasures

Thank you everyone for the lovely Gifts!!

Tags…Tags and more tags..

I have been tagged-
First , Ceekay tagged me about people I admire then
Asha tagged me for my fetish
Then there’s Swati’s tag about names and last but not the least,sweet baby Dlittle has tagged little Aadya about her quirks.
If there are anymore,I cant find them.
Starting with Ceekay’s tag..
I admire-

  • My Family-My parents,DH,my sister,my grandma and my masi. All these people have something that inspires me.And the fact that I love’em all just adds to my admiration for them.
  • I admire those who stand up for their principles, for their loved ones,for the right thing.
  • I admire those who readily accept their mistake,rather than going on an ego-ride.
  • I admire those who can “forgive and Forget”.. I can forgive.. but I cannot forget!
  • I admire those who look as well groomed at the end of a busy day as they do at the start of their day.I am told..I am one of those too,but I just dont feel that way.
  • I admire those with flawless hair is too silky to stay the way i want it to.
  • I admire those who are still full og energy at the end of a tiring day.
  • I admire those with artistic skills.

And last but not the least, I have come to admire and love all you blogging buddies .This list is endless..and I will add more as I think of more.


Hey Everyone,

This is Aadya..Yes Yes I know you are very happy to hear from me..but I am not the only surprise…. you have to wait to see the surprise…

Till then, let me just give you a few clues..

Residents of Aadyaland are very happy and excited.There is frenzied activity happenning here in Aadyaland. This last one week one permanent grin has been observed on Mamma’s face. Papa calling up every few hours to check on her..He says..its about me..But I am smart..All she has been doing is organising and reorganising,making plans, making calls.. And then there are hushed conversations …about how I will react to this new development..on seeing this new person…Person…Person??
What is a Person??Can somebody tell me!!!

I am beginning to get worried…

Papa is happy!

We had a surprise for Papa when he got back from work…Guess what happened?
Mamma and Aadya were lying down for their afternoon nap..Yes, their nap.. Coz aadya wont nap without Mamma..Anyway, not diverting…So, we were in bed for our nap-Mumma reading her book.. Aadya Playing with her face and hair( Mamma’s ) and babbling. And suddenly she said..”Paapo“..
Book forgotten Mamma says,”Ohhhhh Aadya say it again Baby”…hmmm..Baby is not interested..
We tried calling Papa.. but he was in a meeting and didn’t pick up the phone.Anyway, a happy surprise was waiting for him 🙂
As I type this post..he is trying to indulge his Princess , as she is stretched out on his lap, chatting ,squealing, babbling…He is smiling .. but I know he is waiting to hear the magic word himself!
Go on Baby, say it again.. Make your Paapo happy!! 🙂

On a similar note…Papa beti time..
We took aadya for a walk.She refused to sit in her stroller..kept looking at her papa and kept stretching his hands. He was elated..The hands are always stretched towards me. So, he picked her up..Aadya in her Papa’s arms and Mamma pushing an empty stroller..that’s how we walked. And then suddenly I see,DH has the most tender expression on his face and has stopped talking..what do I see? Baby girl has her tiny thumb in her mouth, and is cuddled up in Papa’s arms,sleeping peacefully. I said Lets go home..but no.. he didn’t mind walking .. with his baby sleeping like that.. 🙂 so we walked like that for almost an hour..thats a lot ,because this is the guy who dislikes walks… Baby in his arms.. me pushing an empty stroller!

Last 2 weeks I pigged so much.. Stepped on the scale, with my heart pounding and threatening to burst.. Lo!! I lost 1 pound!!!!! if only I had not pigged… may be would have lost more!!!LOL!!
For now I am happy.. coz..I fit into a 4 year old jeans..its a little snug.. but at least I didn’t have to hop and jump to zip it up!!! Yayyyyyyyy Me!

Some more updates

Let me start listing some milestones..some silly some not so silly…
Aadya attended her first potluck party and I must say she was such a sweetheart playing happily, gurgling at anyone who smiled at her and going to anyone who wanted to pick her up.She posed happily with everyone.That day she got to dip her feet in a pool and she absolutely loved it.

This was Aadya’s First Move and her First big Road trip-3 day long and she was a great sport about being in her car-seat.The only time she fussed through out the trip was when she needed a diaper change.Otherwise, she played with her toys, talked to mumma, or napped.We took breaks every 3 hours..for her feeds.
She also got her First Sip of water and she loved it and couldnt get enough of it. Finally I had to hide her bottle. hehe If I gave her a sip of water and then, started to put the bottle away, she would grab at it with both hands and gulp furiously,wetting her t-shirt in the whole deal!
Next, on the second night of our travel, we went to a restaurant for dinner.It was at a comfortable walking distance from our hotel,so we didnt take her stroller or car seat.We decided to see if she likes sitting in a high chair.. and so we propped her up in a high chair( you guessed it) for the very First time ! And she had a ball! she enjoyed it thoroughly! She leaned forward towards the table and batted her hands to grab at whatever was in her reach!

Now Bigger and more important ones-

She tried to stand up for the First time.Yes you read it right.This was on 3rd Sept. I was packing our big bag and Aadya was sitting in my lap. slowly she slipped out and was on the floor. And the next thing I know held on to the bag and stood up.. just like that! There was a frantic rush to find the camera in all the mess.. unforunately by then she had fallen,head first..coz this adventurous gal decided to go one step forward and stand without support!And obviously she had tumbled over.

And then… September 16th.

We were unpacking. DH was in the guestroom and me in the bathroom,Aadya in her crib. She played for sometime and then got bored.. slowly the whining started..followed by loud cries. I called out to her from the bathroom.She was quiet for a little while..and then started whining again.This time I didnt reply. She was getting irritated, babbling angrily and suddenly I heard “MAMMA” so clear..I dropped whatever I was doing and ran to her.. but by then she was babbling something else. DH thinks its just my imagination..but I swear i heard her say it!:)
I know she doesnt even know what she is saying just yet.. and this is just some syllables put together in frustration.. just like her “unge”,”Naiiii”ummmmaaa”kyyaaaaaa”kaaaaaaaaa”jaaa”baaaa”…
But.. what can I say..Mamma is just too vain to not think about it 🙂

5 month update n more

Aadya turned 5 months old on August 30th and this time we celebrated the day by eating pizza out of the box..sitting surrounded by boxes.We were packing to move. Aadya was just having fun crawling around.There were so many things to grab at.
There are so many things to write..I just dont know where to start.hmmm..ummm…
Ok,Let me start with my favorite!
Aadya has learned to hug and Kiss. Yes.. after that lone kiss ..that I was so excited about,her mind got side-tracked with other interesting activities 🙂 So, Mumma was busy packing and Aadya was in her crib.It had been over 2 hours since Aadya saw Mumma..and so when Mumma went to pick her up,Aadya Baby puts her arms around mamma’s neck and kissed her! Mumma was on top of the world..Papa kept trying after that.. but he had to wait a good 4-5 days before being blessed :)Its Kissesgalore in Aadyaland
Now,this little monkey just doesnt want to stay on her back. No Sireee! If we put her on her back,she balances her upper body on her elbows, raise her legs to a 45 degree angle and stays like that forever..taking a few breaks in between. you see,she wants a washboard stomach..and its not easy maintaining that. The rolling over continues- now far more effortlessly than before.And when madam gets tired of elbow props and rolling over.. she wants to sit! Yes! sitting is the name of the game. And guess what? now she doesnt even need the support of our hands..How cool is that??!!??
We have a drama queen in the making.The moment I put her down,the crying starts and as soon as I even reach to pick her up,the sad face turns into a big toothless grin.Ohh Wait..not just a toothless grin, but one loud toothless grin! Yes..We now know how to squeal with delight!!And giggle.Mumma had to experiment.She lowers her on the bed..waaaaaaaaah wahhhhhhhhh….the crying starts;Pretent to pick her up,the smiles and giggles..hehehehehe.. The belly laugh is so cute!Mumma-papa keep trying various tricks to make her laugh! This little one is so ticklish… or is it just the idea of being tickled,that makes her laugh..I am yet to figure that out. The moment we take our hands close to her tummy, the giggles start!
Papa has been conducting his own experiments too..
Angry face,knit brows, he says..”Chotu!” Short,crisp,sharp!The lower lip starts quivering..
Smiley faced..”Arre Nahi na Chotu!” said with more love n drama..a big grin lights up her face!
Oh!! and did I tell you she knows her name now!Yes!!!This happenned in the first week of being 5 months old! On 2nd September,I think.* I wish I had noted down the date then*
So, she may be busy playing or pushing herself on her butt or crawling,call her “Aadya”,she pauses and looks at you..with a smile. And then if someone else says her name.. the attention is directed to that person. You can go on blabbering whatever you want..important or not,one sureshot way of grabbing her attention is to say “Aadya”.
And boy does she talk!! Ohh yes!! all the time.. i hear different sounds every day…and thats one thing that keeps her entertained!no matter where we are, at home, in a park, at the library, at the mall.. this little imp starts her babbling.. and if someone so much as looks at her, that person is included in the conversation!

Still have so many things to write about…but I think I will publish this post and then continue working on others.

We’re back!

Heyyy Everyone,
We are back..Finally settled in our cozy new home….in Plano,TX. Aadya loves this new place..We were really worried how she would react to change.. but she took it all in her stride..
So many things to many posts to many to read and comment on..Hope you all missed us..coz we sure as hell missed you all! Looking forward to catching up with everyone..Sooooooooon!
Lots and lots of love
Aadya n Aadya’s Mumma!