Papa is happy!

We had a surprise for Papa when he got back from work…Guess what happened?
Mamma and Aadya were lying down for their afternoon nap..Yes, their nap.. Coz aadya wont nap without Mamma..Anyway, not diverting…So, we were in bed for our nap-Mumma reading her book.. Aadya Playing with her face and hair( Mamma’s ) and babbling. And suddenly she said..”Paapo“..
Book forgotten Mamma says,”Ohhhhh Aadya say it again Baby”…hmmm..Baby is not interested..
We tried calling Papa.. but he was in a meeting and didn’t pick up the phone.Anyway, a happy surprise was waiting for him šŸ™‚
As I type this post..he is trying to indulge his Princess , as she is stretched out on his lap, chatting ,squealing, babbling…He is smiling .. but I know he is waiting to hear the magic word himself!
Go on Baby, say it again.. Make your Paapo happy!! šŸ™‚

On a similar note…Papa beti time..
We took aadya for a walk.She refused to sit in her stroller..kept looking at her papa and kept stretching his hands. He was elated..The hands are always stretched towards me. So, he picked her up..Aadya in her Papa’s arms and Mamma pushing an empty stroller..that’s how we walked. And then suddenly I see,DH has the most tender expression on his face and has stopped talking..what do I see? Baby girl has her tiny thumb in her mouth, and is cuddled up in Papa’s arms,sleeping peacefully. I said Lets go home..but no.. he didn’t mind walking .. with his baby sleeping like that.. šŸ™‚ so we walked like that for almost an hour..thats a lot ,because this is the guy who dislikes walks… Baby in his arms.. me pushing an empty stroller!

Last 2 weeks I pigged so much.. Stepped on the scale, with my heart pounding and threatening to burst.. Lo!! I lost 1 pound!!!!! if only I had not pigged… may be would have lost more!!!LOL!!
For now I am happy.. coz..I fit into a 4 year old jeans..its a little snug.. but at least I didn’t have to hop and jump to zip it up!!! Yayyyyyyyy Me!

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