Tags…Tags and more tags..

I have been tagged-
First , Ceekay tagged me about people I admire then
Asha tagged me for my fetish
Then there’s Swati’s tag about names and last but not the least,sweet baby Dlittle has tagged little Aadya about her quirks.
If there are anymore,I cant find them.
Starting with Ceekay’s tag..
I admire-

  • My Family-My parents,DH,my sister,my grandma and my masi. All these people have something that inspires me.And the fact that I love’em all just adds to my admiration for them.
  • I admire those who stand up for their principles, for their loved ones,for the right thing.
  • I admire those who readily accept their mistake,rather than going on an ego-ride.
  • I admire those who can “forgive and Forget”.. I can forgive.. but I cannot forget!
  • I admire those who look as well groomed at the end of a busy day as they do at the start of their day.I am told..I am one of those too,but I just dont feel that way.
  • I admire those with flawless hairstyles..my hair is too silky to stay the way i want it to.
  • I admire those who are still full og energy at the end of a tiring day.
  • I admire those with artistic skills.

And last but not the least, I have come to admire and love all you blogging buddies .This list is endless..and I will add more as I think of more.

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  1. heyy! dropped by after a long time… and as usual, am smiling after going thru ur space…:)keep writing 🙂

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