Anna Prashan

Aadya got her first taste of solids…Yes, we did her AnnaPrashan on September 25th,2007.

The original plan was to do it on 26th September-DH was going to come home early and then we were going to go to the temple and do a formal ceremony. On,25th,at around tea-time,we decided to do it that evening. DH was going to be busy whole week and then there was no other auspicious day for the next month.So, I gave Aadya her massage and bath and put her down for an early bed-time..:) so that she could wake up the time DH arrived. Then,I got to cooking.I decided to jazz up the menu a little and made some rice kheer as dessert.

DH arrived at around 9.00.By then, dinner was ready and Aadya was awake. We all dressed up, Aadya in a beautiful dress,bought by her Nanu and propped Aadya in her Nanu’s lap. Mamma got the ‘Puja ki Thaali’ and Papa grabbed the camera. Then, we got busy with the business of feeding Aadya her solids.

First,Tika followed by Aarti and then,Papa held Aadya ,while Nanu gave her teeny bit of kheer on the spoon.This little darling happily took the spoon in her mouth.(She had been eyeing our spoons for a long time now) and the next instant spit it out 😀 the look on her face was priceless.But we too busy watching her to click pics. Mamma got choked up again,”Baby you are a big girl now.”But baby.. was too busy chewing on her new glass.This is the first time we did a ceremony for Aadya and I didnt cry..atleast there was some family member with us.

Here are some pics..

Pooja ki Thali

Aadya and Nanu


Tasting the kheer

Drinking water

So, now my baby is all ready to enjoy her solids. We start feeding her rice cereal tomorrow.Keep your fingers crossed for us.
Here’s what Masi had to say-” How Sweet.Congrats and Aadya ko Masi ka message dena-welcome to the world of good life,excellent food-That is life!”

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  1. Congratulations little Aadya on having officially graduated to “solid food”.May this open the doors to a whole new yummy super delicious spectrum of mum-mum.

  2. Great Pics.. I second Aadya’s Masi’s message…

  3. Sahithi's Mom...

    she looks good enough to eat Trishna :):):)..Adya’s mashi is sooo right..

  4. Congratulations to Aadya and welcome to world of Solids !

  5. Congratulations…a big step! And here’s wishing you a very very good eater so that you can sleep peacefully every night! :)Lovely pics!

  6. Congratulations to Aadya !!!! So, how are the solid feeding sessions ,she sure looks like she is enjoying them in the picture of the week :). Lovely dress, and lovely pics!!

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