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My dad is rajasthani Maratha. Ok,I am kidding-there is so such community. But my dad spent most of his childhood in Rajasthan and is equally at home at both his village in rajasthan and at his posh Thane home. His home-town,Lakheri, is home to one of the oldest cement factories and that’s where my dad got his first job as a chemist. And though he got transferred later,I spent the first 10 years of my life at Lakheri.

And since my father’s family was pretty well-known and loved there, any time we were invited to one of the local homes, we were served the special meal of DaalbaatiChurma.And I remember feeling so full and heady after those meals. And not to mention,thirsty.. All that Ghee does that to you.

This time when my dad was here,I pestered him and finally we planned to have this special meal.Now,I have made Daalbaati on my own before ,but this time,with dad’s special tips,it turned out awesome and so I had to share the recipe here.Daal is basically a mixture of 3 or 5 daals.Here I am using a mixture of 3 daals. Baati is essentially balls of flour, baked in an oven and eaten with the above mentioned daal.

Here goes-

Daal :-


1 cup urad Dal

1 cup chana Dal
1 cup whole moong.
2-3 green chillies
1 tsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp fresh grated garlic
1 tsp red chili powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp garam masala
salt to taste
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
ghee for seasoning
fresh chopped coriander for garnish.

Mix the three daals together-wash and soak in warm water for 30 minutes.

Boil the Daal mixture with about 4 cups of water and salt till soft.Keep aside.

Preparing the seasoning- Heat ghee in a pan.Add cumin seeds .When they start splattering, add cut green chilies and then add all the spices- red chili powder,corriander powder,garam masala and mix well.Add half a cup of water and bring it to a boil.Add this to the cooked daal, add another 1/2 cup water and bring it to a boil. Simmer for 2 minutes. Garnish with fresh cut coriander and serve hot.

Baati- ( Makes about 12-14 baatis)

2 cups Whole wheat flour
1/4 cup semolina
1/2 tsp ajwain ( Ajowan /carom seeds)
1/2 cup ghee
salt to taste
water to knead the dough.


Sift the flour and semolina. Add ajwain seeds and salt.Keep aside. Melt ghee in a pan. Make a well in the flour and pour the molten ghee in it. Mix it all well. And make it into a hard ball of dough adding minimum water.

Make small,smooth balls of this dough. Arrange on a greasedbaking tray.

Pre-heat oven to 450 F(four hundred and fifty) and bake these balls for 20 minutes, turning over in 10 minutes, so that both the sides are evenly cooked. Grill for 5 minutes on each side.

Serve hot with ghee and daal. Enjoy!

Unfortunately,I dont have any more pictures for you-The food was so appetizing and the aroma had already made us so hungry that pictures were the last thing on my mind. So,I had to post pictures from other Google image search.

7 month update-Part I

Aadya turns 7 months old today and she is getting naughtier and naughtier and some more. She is constantly babbling now.Her favorite words are,mammamma,naaa,nammana,gaah,kaaah.When I am rocking her to sleep,she is talking or babbling.Till a few weeks back,she would just be singing aaaaa. She knows who her Papa is –Every time we ask her -Where is Papa? She looks at him. If she is already looking at him,she points at him with a slight lift of her chin. Ask her Where is Mamma? and all you get is blank looks. So, guess who is walking around with a big head,these days?

Finally,she has figured out how to crawl forward and not backwards.She crawled forward for the first time on Saturday(Oct 27th) and since then she has been going forward. While crawling seems like lot of fun and she is now enjoying her new mobility,still when she has crawled enough and she is bored,guess who gets to build some muscles?Mamma!

As soon as Aadya spots Mamma,she stretches her arms and starts cooing no correction,not just cooing,calling out to mamma. And all hell breaks loose if Mamma is late in picking her up.Most days,its so bad that this little Missy doesn’t want to sit down at all..Well,No,she does sit down,as long as I am sitting down with her. If I get up to grab a glass of water or something,the crying starts,complete with big fat tears rolling down the cheeks.

Her latest favorite toy is Mamma’s cell phone-that and anything and everything Mamma touches. Picture this-Aadya sitting on her play mat,playing with some random toy.Seeing her busy,Mamma sneaks off to get her book and a bottle of water. Suddenly Aadya looks up,sees her leaving and starts screaming. Mamma grabs the nearest empty bottle of water(yeah we have lots of bottles) and throws it on the play-mat. Aadya leaves the random toy and grabs the bottle. Mamma comes back and sits down with her bottle and book.Now Aadya wants the she scrambles over,climbs all over mamma,trying to grab the book.Mamma keeps the book aside,distracts Aadya with her toys.Attention diverted,Mamma drinks some water-Now Aadya wants the bottle…and so it continues!

Aadya think “No” is a joke.All Mamma has to say is No! and Aadya starts giggling.If Mamma gets angry,Aadya giggles more! Now,every time Papa calls,Aadya has to talk to him. And all his questions are answered with a beautiful chuckle and big smiles.If he could see those,he would be working from home all days.Masi’s web-calls are also happily answered now..big smiles and lots of babbling.

This month has been really eventful and there are so many new skills that Aadya has learnt and mastered. And there are so many naughty things that I have to share with you,that this update will run into a second part. For now,I will just say-

Happy 7th Month,Baby! Love you!

To be continued

Quick Tomato Soup

Winters are here and on these cold days, you crave something warm. And if you are all out of those canned soups and soup powders, but in no mood for something elaborate,this soup is your best bet. It is also great for those days when you are just too tired or sick.
Without further Ado,I present the quick Tomato soup-
3-4 ripe medium sized tomatoes.
1-2 green chillies
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp jeera(cumin seeds)
few sprigs of fresh coriander
salt to taste
1/2 tsp Sugar
1/2 tsp black pepper powder (can be substituted with red chili powder,depending on your taste-buds)
Cut the tomatoes in big chunks and put them in a microwave safe bowl with 3 cups of water. Cook it in the microwave for 8-10 mins(*varies with microwave ovens*) till the tomato pieces are soft.

Use a hand blender to puree’ the tomatoes.

Pass this mixture through a sieve,to remove the pulp and keep aside.

In a thick bottomed vessel,heat a teaspoonful of oil and add cumin seeds. When they turn brown,add chopped green chillies and then add the soup to it.

Add salt , pepper powder and sugar.Bring it to a boil.

Finally,add fresh coriander and simmer.

Serve hot -as a hot soup or as an accompaniment with steamed rice or pulav.

Note- You can leave the pulp in for that extra dose of fibers.

Her Best friends

This is what Aadya got as an early Diwali gift from her Nanu. She didn’t want to let go of the box,after it was first handed over to her. Finally,she got distracted with something else,and Mamma managed to put the box away safely.

On Dusshera day, we decided to remove her old ear-rings and put on these new beauties.While piercing the ears and getting those first earrings in took less than 5 minutes,getting them out was crazy.After I had tried unsuccessfully and managed to upset Aadya,so much that she wouldn’t even let me touch her ears,we decided to take her back to the place where we had got her ears pierced.

So off we went to the mall,to Claire’s and there the girl behind the counter sterilised her hands and in 2 minutes she handed me the first earring and in the next minute,the other one.Just like that! OH well,I mumbled something about my failed attempts and how it upset the baby and just then the Baby decided to bestow her with a smile. Yeah, whatever!

Anyway,we came back home and then putting the new earrings on didn’t take more than 5 minutes. So, now my baby girl is sporting her brand new diamond earrings.

Carrying on old traditions..

..And creating new memories. That’s what we did this Ashtami. I wrote about my memories of this day on my other blog .The last time I did Ashtami Pooja,was a few days before Aadya’s birth.Now Aadya is 6 months old.She is able to sit up properly and is so interested in all the things happening around her. So,I was super thrilled at the idea of celebrating Ashtami with her. I pre-planned everything in mind and proceeded accordingly. I soaked the Chana( chickpeas-black) overnight.I planned to wake up early and make the PrasadPoori,halwa and Chane.

As always,nothing goes as planned in Aadyaland. We got a visit from the Pest control company.Now,I had been waiting for them to come in for the last so many weeks,but they never showed up and so I didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.And after the pest control treatment was done,we had to be out of the apartment for the next 4-6 hours.So, I nursed Aadya and we all got ready in record time.My dad was still here. So,DH dropped us off at a mall and we spent the day there.After work,DH picked us up and brought us home. I was tired by then.But my dad kept our spirits high,regaling us with ashtami stories from my childhood.So,I took a quick shower and so did my dad. DH took care of Aadya,while dad helped me cook. Yes..have I ever mentioned what a great cook he is- He even helped me knead the dough,while I made the Halwa.He even served me hot Pooris after he finished his dinner. This is sure a slap in the face of all those who were asking me if my dad would be of any help to me at all after delivery!

Anyway,in no time the Prasad was ready. Then,we sat Aadya down,washed her feet with milk and water,wiped them lovingly and put a tika.DH also put some kumkum on her feet. Then we did the Aarti and held the prasad filled plate in front of her.And as expected,she wanted to grab the biggest thing in the plate,the poori. We let her taste a teeny-tiny bit of the halwa.Then Nanu gave her his gift(Dusshera and pre-Diwali gift).

Though things didn’t go as I had planned *whats new*,but we created some new memories. I sent some prasad and $1 for my sister,as dad was leaving next morning and she was thrilled to bits! Hope that dollar brings her all the luck.

As for Aadya,I am sure in a few years she will realise the importance of the day and I hope she enjoys the tradition as much as I did and hopefully someday she can pass it on to her own daughter.:)

Two New Headers!

So,I have been cribbing to everyone who would care to listen about how I want a new header and a new template for my blog. Every time someone put up a new template,I would turn green with envy,look for new templates,experiment on dummy blogs and fail miserably..yes yes..laugh all you like..but that’s how it happened!

And then,this morning,I was down in the dumps-My dad just left over the weekend,its raining since morning,the sky is so overcast,it already feels like evening.And then,Lovely Tharini came to my rescue with this cute header..She even went to the trouble of finding the perfect template to go with it :)Incidentally,It was Tharini’s blog that I first read and decided to start blogging.

Thanks,Gal!I owe you one!

The other new Header..err..Head is my very own.I got myself a brand new haircut.Last weekend,after much debates and discussions,DH booked me up in this rather cool impressive looking Salon.Debates ad discussions-Dad and DH loved me in my long hair and tried their best to convince me not to cut it.Anyway,we went to the mall.I headed into the salon,while my dad,bro and DH baby-sat Aadya.Once there I got the royal treatment-Shampoo,head-massage, conditioner,cut and styling,the works. Sure is royal treatment,if you are getting it done after 1 and a half years! The stylist made me feel at ease instantly and for a change was willing to listen to what I wanted done to MY hair. Finally I got rid of the layered cut.I was tired of it after sporting it for more than 2 years. I leave you with Before and After pics!



Bye-Bye Nanu

My dad left on Saturday. Its gloom galore in Aadyaland.I kept myself busy all morning,making tea and breakfast,checking and rechecking dad’s luggage,feeding Aadya and getting her ready.We set off for the airport at around 9.00 am and I still kept my calm.Dad was sitting with Aadya and they were having their own sweet conversations. I was looking out,trying not to cry. And then DH,took the exit for the airport..and the dam broke. By then,Aadya had dozed off,I was trying to make the damn tears stop,the men were trying hard to keep up their conversation..DH shoved a tissue in my hand and they continued to discuss the ongoing 20-20 India Vs Australia match.Finally,I finished crying,glad at being ignored but a little mad too..I just didn’t want the ride to get over!
At the airport,Aadya was still sleeping,Dad and DH were cracking funnies to make me smile.Finally dad went in for his security check and right then Aadya woke up,just in time to say bye to Nanu.
The ride back as sad 😦 but entering the apartment was harder.Aadya cried all evening too..Missing Nanu or just not happy about the changed equilibrium? Sunday was OK, DH was home,so that was nice.
But waking up this morning was the hardest. It was raining just like last monday,but DH had taken a day off and so it was party time. Sahil fried bhajiyas,DH made tea and it was just fun fun! This morning I was alone. And Aadya who was so used to playing with her Nanu,while I finished my morning routine,was in for a rude shock..when I just left her in her crib and padded off the the bathroom.
I had just closed the bathroom door and loud wailing ensued.I rushed back,held her close,holding back my own tears. Then I wiped clean the empty laundry basket and put her and her toys in it and dragged her to the bathroom with me..Ohh well..we’ll get back to our routine…till then this should do!

Aadya and Nanu’s day at the Zoo
Last weekend,we went to the zoo.It was Aadya’s first trip to the Zoo.But the person most excited about visiting the ZOO was her Nanu!:) Oops sorry dad your secret is out!

Sunday morning,after a quick breakfast,we set off for the zoo. Though this Zoo wasn’t as big as the others that we had seen, but this time,we had a great company. We took a trip in the zoo mobile,a trolley train, which took us through the African jungles 🙂 Sahil was the official photographer,while DH was Aadya’s official guide,pointing out all the animals,from the African jungles. My dad had a lot of fun too. After the trolley ride,we decided to hit the Zoo cafe.After standing in the queue for what seemed like forever,DH&my brother came back with a sorry excuse of a sandwich. The food there was so bad..there was no way we could finish it.The only good thing was that I managed to feed Aadya her rice cereal,while we were waiting. Then,we were off to see other the elephants,American eagles,vultures,insect world,reptile world..In no time it was time for Aadya’s next meal. While we changed her diaper and gave her the bottle,my dad and bro enjoyed the elephant show and checked out the leopards,both being my dad’s favorite animals.
Aadya enjoyed being out in the open…and riding in her stroller,while her dad or Mamu entertained her!
We came back and had dinner at a new Indian Bistro! All in all, a great day!

Our Song

Sahiti’s Mom tagged me to write about our song..Our Song..:)
The first song that I think is our song is-Words
DH was away for his first family vacation after we started dating and after everyone went to bed,we were chatting.. and he sang this song for me.. :)So,its really special.
The other song is- Everything I do,I do it for you – by Brian Adams.The first time we had a fight,I sent the lyrics to him by email. So that became our song too!
And the latest is- Hey Shona from Tararampam..because of the word- “Shona”,which is what we call each other.. even when we are fighting!LOL! My brother pointed this out to me,after we had one of our domestic arguments,when DH forgot to do something..and I yelled at him..”Oh Shona,atleast you should have done this..”Anyway,I digress!
Another song,which can be called our song (since we both love it) is- Rooth na ja na -from 1942,a love story!
And I am leaving this tag open for anyone,who would like to pick it up!

My first Blogging Award

I am on top of the world.. Timepass gave me this award and I am proud to display this on my blog.
Thanx, Timepass!I am really flattered.
And since I have the power to bestow it to others..I pass it on to-
Tharini – for the beautiful pieces of words she creates.
Gauri for making me feel welcome in the blogging world,when I was standing at the entrace,uncertain.:)
DDMom for the initative she took in creating those cute birthday books.
Poppin for her clear thinking and precise posts.
Kiran for her funny posts and her ability to laugh at herself.
Thanx again,Timepass!

The other Visitor

Aadya has another visitor these days. Its her Sahil Mama. My baby brother. People have often asked me if he is my real brother.. well, he is actually a cousin, but this is as good as it gets. He is the youngest of the clan and so has been the baby of the family.But as soon as,he saw Aadya,he grew up! He arrived on 29th September and since then has been Aadya’s official babysitter. The first day he was here, every time Aadya saw him,she would start bawling. We tried to introduce her to her Mama, but every time, he came close she would start screaming. Next day morning,the response he got was Luke-warm.That evening,DH left for a business trip. And before bedtime,that night,Aadya had warmed up to him. We gave her a gift that auntie V, sent her and Mama helped her play with it and I think,that’s where he scored brownie points. I was busy doing something important (read blogging) and suddenly I heard Aadya giggling.I turn around and see mama making funny faces and Aadya is giggling uncontrollably! That’s it,that was the beginning of their friendship. Mama was so worried,when Aadya started crying when she first saw him.The sweetheart that he is,even asked me,if it was because he hadn’t had a hair-cut in a long time. But after that day, they have been inseparable. Aadya needs Mamma only when she is hungry, Papa,only when he comes back from work,Nanu occasionally,when she wants to perch on his chest.. and rest of the times,its only Mama. Its Mama who puts her to sleep,its mama who gives her her bottle. Every morning after we wake up, we wait for Mama to wake up and then Aadya is happily plopped in arms..Happy baby, happy mama, happy mamma!
When DH was away, Aadya fell sick and so did I. Both of us had caught some viral infection and had fevers running from 101-102. I was too tired to blog about it. It was Mama and Nanu who took care of us. The first day, Aadya would start screaming when she didn’t see me.. the second day,she was OK playing with them,when I was around.. now.. it doesn’t matter,where I am.. She is happily enjoying their company. And Sahil, while being the perfect mama, didn’t forget to baby his elder sister too. All the time,that I was sick, every morning and afternoon, I was treated to a steaming cup of ginger tea. The guy even did the dishes,to help me out! My brother has really grown up! Can you get a sweeter brother? He even took turns feeding Aadya her solids,pacing with her when she didnt sleep, because of the fever.
When DH was away, it was just like pre-marriage days..when my cousins were visiting for the summers. Aadya was the only new addition and she fit in properly. We watched movies till dawn.Adding to the nostalgia was dad sleeping in the other room and those whispered phone calls with DH. Before we got married, that was the exact scene in our home,during those long summer vacations.These kids (my cousins..I call them kids coz I am the oldest and they are all like babies for me) would visit and it was just party time.. all the time. We would be listening to music or watching movies.. and I would be constantly on the the phone with DH(my then BF).. well not constantly.. just all the time! Only now, the only thing different was my baby girl. And mama is going crazy taking Aadya’s pictures.
And this little monkey..she is so used to being carried all the time now..I am sure she has forgotten what it feels like to sit on her own ass.. leave alone crawling. He is leaving on Tuesday and we are going to miss him like crazy. Mamma is going to miss her lunch n breakfast partner..and Aadya her masti-partner.
I leave you with some pictures…of Mama and Niece.