Quirky.. quirky

Dlittle tagged little Aadya about her quirks..So, here I am penning them down for you.

  • Dillydallying at milk time- no good. Mommy knows I get hungry,every 3 hours. But still she wants to finish that one last bit of work. As if that is important. Papa holds me,gives me my Paci..which I obviously spit out.Then Mamma comes rushing in,takes me to the bedroom and tries to feed me…WITHOUT saying Sorry!!!HUH??? You think I am a baby.. No Mamma..I unlatch,complain and complain..Mamma has to say sorry and kiss me .. say sorry some more and only then I latch back on and head off to Duduland.
  • Reading at bedtime-No No. I dont what’s with my mamma she wants to read every night at bed time. I mean come on.Papa puts me next to him..tries to pat me.Mamma tries to read her book! But I dont like it. I hug papa but keep turning and crying..whining also.. till mamma doesnt put her book away. Then I cuddle up with Mamma, Hold Papa with my other hand( what if he tries to read next?) and then I sleep. I dont know when they put me in my crib..
  • And what is it with Mamma and Papa talking at my meal times? I mean.. if Mamma is nursing me..she should just talk to me, look at me, and me alone. And no one else should disturb me. Coz if they do.. I just unlatch and give mamma this bored look.. she gets the hint most of the times and keeps quiet!
  • Ohh and I love singing… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. and I have just learned to change my facial expressions too.Mamma thinks it looks really cute. Mamma and Papa like matching Saregama and Star Voice of India. And I dont wont them to forget me.. and so,I start singing the moment the music starts playing. I even pause between lines.How cool is that?
  • And then I love observing my hands..I mean gotta keep checking if Mamma is taking good care these precious fingers or not!

And I tag Adi and KuttiPie and Hana and Bean and anyone else who wants to take it up!

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  1. Haha, I can so relate to point 3, Kutti doesnt allow me to talk when I am nursing her, she will unlatch and stare till I look at her :). Will tell Kutti to take up the tag soon :P.

  2. oh ouch. i just did this tag a few days ago. can i skip this? please?:) http://themadmomma.blogspot.com/2007/09/i-have-tags-coming-out-of-my.html

  3. Sweet sweet post …lol at aaaaaaaaaaa…and saying sorry..these kids are smarter than we think 🙂

  4. #1 was so cute – how she “complains and complains” about your delay 🙂

  5. Cho chweeeet. The way you have written is so nice. I can picture things happening.btw, you are tagged!

  6. Hey I am all been-there-done-that on the quirks tag…tag me next time 😀 http://orangeicecandy.blogspot.com/2007/09/capn-kwirk-and-his-many-adventures.html

  7. Kutti’s mom-Isnt it cute ? Waiting to read Kutti’s ..Swati- Yes..it is the Generation X.. or Y.. or whatever.. we were so dumb at that age… hai, na?Kodi’s mom- its cute.. even if u are mad.. u cant stay mad then :)Anitha- I will take up the tag real soon.MM & Parul- hmmpff! I looked high and low.. but couldnt find your posts!! and now..i feel DUH! lol..will get u next time..heehaawhaaw haww

  8. so sweet.. The first one and the singing, cute.. Thanks for taking up the tag.

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