Thank You !

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!!

For stopping by…

For today Statcounter shows the total number of Visitors on this site as 10,000 +

I was waiting to see this magic number!

Thanx for visiting and reading..

Thanx for taking the time to read and comment..

And you..who just reads, can you please humor me and leave me note..a long one or just “Hi”..

Looking forward to hearing from you..:)

Keep coming back guys!

We Love you all!


Posted on October 9, 2007, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I came here through MM and have been reading for a while. Just delurking to say hi. Your post about your mother brought tears to my eyes.Your daughter looks really adorable in the picture of the week.

  2. Love your blogs.. looking forward to reading many more posts.

  3. Could you tell me how you made your blog to resist people clicking on the posts? Love the ‘mamma says no’ note ! I want to do that to my blog too so please tell us.

  4. me too. delurking 🙂

  5. welcome everyone and thanx for delurking

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