I just couldn’t resist a cheesy title for the nickname post.
Swati tagged me to write about Aadya’s various nicknames.. So, here they are..( I just hope she doesn’t kill me later)
When I was pregnant,we took to calling her “Chotu“(the little one).not so she was a tiny being.. but what is funny is my sister calls me “Chotu“( the short one) imagine my dad’s surprise when my he came here,and DH asked Aadya..Chotu,where is Papa?..My dad is like.. yeah yeah I am here! It was a riot..those first few days..then he realised that his”Chotu” is all grown up now.
when being sweet-talked to..”Papajunu and Mammajunu” distorted version of Papa ki jaan and Mamma ki jaan.I personally think thats cute.. wonder what she thinks.
Baby, babu, babulu…bhoobhoo..chota puppy…we are all dog lovers… and sometimes the way she cuddles up,reminds me of my doggie when he was a pup..
chotumannu,bubuchunu…sweetie pie.. cutie pie.. baby girl, pumpkin pie..shonu,shona,baebu, beba..depending on what DH/I feel like.
chakuli,booboo– her masi on webcam.
Gundu bala or gundu bablu.. coz she is just getting naughtier.(bala is marathi for baby)
and last but not the least- chotu mamma..coz her dad keeps calling us identical..and it makes me feel proud!
Both of us didn’t want her given name to be distorted and so chose a short name.. and so we refrain from shortening or spoiling her real name,Aadya!
And I tag- Kutti’s mom, Mona ,Shobhana and anyone else who wants to take it up!

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  1. “chotu mamma..coz her dad keeps calling us identical..”Thats soooooo hilarious ….sweet post

  2. cute names for a cutie…its so hard to resist calling them names that are utterly meaningless….I just got done with your tag for nicknames at my blog spot. thanx again for the tag.shobana

  3. cute nicks chotu mamma’s got

  4. Swati,rbdans- :)it cracks up DH too..everytime I call her Chotu Mamma. Shobhana- Yes,it is so tempting to call them meaningless cute names..funny how we hate ours!:P

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