The other Visitor

Aadya has another visitor these days. Its her Sahil Mama. My baby brother. People have often asked me if he is my real brother.. well, he is actually a cousin, but this is as good as it gets. He is the youngest of the clan and so has been the baby of the family.But as soon as,he saw Aadya,he grew up! He arrived on 29th September and since then has been Aadya’s official babysitter. The first day he was here, every time Aadya saw him,she would start bawling. We tried to introduce her to her Mama, but every time, he came close she would start screaming. Next day morning,the response he got was Luke-warm.That evening,DH left for a business trip. And before bedtime,that night,Aadya had warmed up to him. We gave her a gift that auntie V, sent her and Mama helped her play with it and I think,that’s where he scored brownie points. I was busy doing something important (read blogging) and suddenly I heard Aadya giggling.I turn around and see mama making funny faces and Aadya is giggling uncontrollably! That’s it,that was the beginning of their friendship. Mama was so worried,when Aadya started crying when she first saw him.The sweetheart that he is,even asked me,if it was because he hadn’t had a hair-cut in a long time. But after that day, they have been inseparable. Aadya needs Mamma only when she is hungry, Papa,only when he comes back from work,Nanu occasionally,when she wants to perch on his chest.. and rest of the times,its only Mama. Its Mama who puts her to sleep,its mama who gives her her bottle. Every morning after we wake up, we wait for Mama to wake up and then Aadya is happily plopped in arms..Happy baby, happy mama, happy mamma!
When DH was away, Aadya fell sick and so did I. Both of us had caught some viral infection and had fevers running from 101-102. I was too tired to blog about it. It was Mama and Nanu who took care of us. The first day, Aadya would start screaming when she didn’t see me.. the second day,she was OK playing with them,when I was around.. now.. it doesn’t matter,where I am.. She is happily enjoying their company. And Sahil, while being the perfect mama, didn’t forget to baby his elder sister too. All the time,that I was sick, every morning and afternoon, I was treated to a steaming cup of ginger tea. The guy even did the dishes,to help me out! My brother has really grown up! Can you get a sweeter brother? He even took turns feeding Aadya her solids,pacing with her when she didnt sleep, because of the fever.
When DH was away, it was just like pre-marriage days..when my cousins were visiting for the summers. Aadya was the only new addition and she fit in properly. We watched movies till dawn.Adding to the nostalgia was dad sleeping in the other room and those whispered phone calls with DH. Before we got married, that was the exact scene in our home,during those long summer vacations.These kids (my cousins..I call them kids coz I am the oldest and they are all like babies for me) would visit and it was just party time.. all the time. We would be listening to music or watching movies.. and I would be constantly on the the phone with DH(my then BF).. well not constantly.. just all the time! Only now, the only thing different was my baby girl. And mama is going crazy taking Aadya’s pictures.
And this little monkey..she is so used to being carried all the time now..I am sure she has forgotten what it feels like to sit on her own ass.. leave alone crawling. He is leaving on Tuesday and we are going to miss him like crazy. Mamma is going to miss her lunch n breakfast partner..and Aadya her masti-partner.
I leave you with some pictures…of Mama and Niece.

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  1. very sweet pics.mamas are known to pamper nieces!!i loved aadya’s pose in the pic where she is in her mama’s lap (in front of the dining table)

  2. Sahithi's Mom...

    hope u and adya are feeling better now…And U have been tagged…

  3. :)btw, tag done.

  4. Cho chweet. How lucky for Trishna….hey, btw, can u send me your mail id to my gmail a/c? Need to ask you something…TIA.Can’t find yours anywhere on your page.

  5. heyy… also, congrats for the award! 🙂 i somehow, can’t post a comment on that one. it sez “mama sez NO”..:(u say no, momma?

  6. Timepass- 🙂 yes arent they fun?Sahiti’s mom- we are fine..thanx for asking :)Rayshma- thanx :)Shobana – 🙂 thanx:)

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