Bye-Bye Nanu

My dad left on Saturday. Its gloom galore in Aadyaland.I kept myself busy all morning,making tea and breakfast,checking and rechecking dad’s luggage,feeding Aadya and getting her ready.We set off for the airport at around 9.00 am and I still kept my calm.Dad was sitting with Aadya and they were having their own sweet conversations. I was looking out,trying not to cry. And then DH,took the exit for the airport..and the dam broke. By then,Aadya had dozed off,I was trying to make the damn tears stop,the men were trying hard to keep up their conversation..DH shoved a tissue in my hand and they continued to discuss the ongoing 20-20 India Vs Australia match.Finally,I finished crying,glad at being ignored but a little mad too..I just didn’t want the ride to get over!
At the airport,Aadya was still sleeping,Dad and DH were cracking funnies to make me smile.Finally dad went in for his security check and right then Aadya woke up,just in time to say bye to Nanu.
The ride back as sad 😦 but entering the apartment was harder.Aadya cried all evening too..Missing Nanu or just not happy about the changed equilibrium? Sunday was OK, DH was home,so that was nice.
But waking up this morning was the hardest. It was raining just like last monday,but DH had taken a day off and so it was party time. Sahil fried bhajiyas,DH made tea and it was just fun fun! This morning I was alone. And Aadya who was so used to playing with her Nanu,while I finished my morning routine,was in for a rude shock..when I just left her in her crib and padded off the the bathroom.
I had just closed the bathroom door and loud wailing ensued.I rushed back,held her close,holding back my own tears. Then I wiped clean the empty laundry basket and put her and her toys in it and dragged her to the bathroom with me..Ohh well..we’ll get back to our routine…till then this should do!

Aadya and Nanu’s day at the Zoo
Last weekend,we went to the zoo.It was Aadya’s first trip to the Zoo.But the person most excited about visiting the ZOO was her Nanu!:) Oops sorry dad your secret is out!

Sunday morning,after a quick breakfast,we set off for the zoo. Though this Zoo wasn’t as big as the others that we had seen, but this time,we had a great company. We took a trip in the zoo mobile,a trolley train, which took us through the African jungles 🙂 Sahil was the official photographer,while DH was Aadya’s official guide,pointing out all the animals,from the African jungles. My dad had a lot of fun too. After the trolley ride,we decided to hit the Zoo cafe.After standing in the queue for what seemed like forever,DH&my brother came back with a sorry excuse of a sandwich. The food there was so bad..there was no way we could finish it.The only good thing was that I managed to feed Aadya her rice cereal,while we were waiting. Then,we were off to see other the elephants,American eagles,vultures,insect world,reptile world..In no time it was time for Aadya’s next meal. While we changed her diaper and gave her the bottle,my dad and bro enjoyed the elephant show and checked out the leopards,both being my dad’s favorite animals.
Aadya enjoyed being out in the open…and riding in her stroller,while her dad or Mamu entertained her!
We came back and had dinner at a new Indian Bistro! All in all, a great day!

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  1. HeyChin up…I know it is real hard, but think of the fun things you guys did when Nanu was around. It will be hard for a few days but I am sure Aadya will get back into the rhythm. I am glad you guys had some fun times at the zoo. I haven’t taken Naren yet, since there really isn’t a zoo around, but I am sure he will enjoy when I take him.Shobana

  2. aww, that was a rather short trip wasn’t it? but chin up, before you know it, it’ll be time for another nanu visit, whether he visits or you do.:)and the header and haircut are lovely!:)

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