Carrying on old traditions..

..And creating new memories. That’s what we did this Ashtami. I wrote about my memories of this day on my other blog .The last time I did Ashtami Pooja,was a few days before Aadya’s birth.Now Aadya is 6 months old.She is able to sit up properly and is so interested in all the things happening around her. So,I was super thrilled at the idea of celebrating Ashtami with her. I pre-planned everything in mind and proceeded accordingly. I soaked the Chana( chickpeas-black) overnight.I planned to wake up early and make the PrasadPoori,halwa and Chane.

As always,nothing goes as planned in Aadyaland. We got a visit from the Pest control company.Now,I had been waiting for them to come in for the last so many weeks,but they never showed up and so I didn’t want to let go of this opportunity.And after the pest control treatment was done,we had to be out of the apartment for the next 4-6 hours.So, I nursed Aadya and we all got ready in record time.My dad was still here. So,DH dropped us off at a mall and we spent the day there.After work,DH picked us up and brought us home. I was tired by then.But my dad kept our spirits high,regaling us with ashtami stories from my childhood.So,I took a quick shower and so did my dad. DH took care of Aadya,while dad helped me cook. Yes..have I ever mentioned what a great cook he is- He even helped me knead the dough,while I made the Halwa.He even served me hot Pooris after he finished his dinner. This is sure a slap in the face of all those who were asking me if my dad would be of any help to me at all after delivery!

Anyway,in no time the Prasad was ready. Then,we sat Aadya down,washed her feet with milk and water,wiped them lovingly and put a tika.DH also put some kumkum on her feet. Then we did the Aarti and held the prasad filled plate in front of her.And as expected,she wanted to grab the biggest thing in the plate,the poori. We let her taste a teeny-tiny bit of the halwa.Then Nanu gave her his gift(Dusshera and pre-Diwali gift).

Though things didn’t go as I had planned *whats new*,but we created some new memories. I sent some prasad and $1 for my sister,as dad was leaving next morning and she was thrilled to bits! Hope that dollar brings her all the luck.

As for Aadya,I am sure in a few years she will realise the importance of the day and I hope she enjoys the tradition as much as I did and hopefully someday she can pass it on to her own daughter.:)

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  1. i religiously attended ALL poojas since i was a kid. and still do. no, i’m not religious or anything.. i absolutely LOVE the halwa!! esp d way ma makes it… sheera, with banana! yummm!!! try as i mite, the halwa i make here doesn’t turn out like that :(and heyy… i hope aadya realizes the importance, tho 🙂

  2. That was a wonderful tradition 🙂 With a baby in Aadya’s age things never would go as planned 🙂 Even more than the day itself – it is all these nice memories the matter the most. And that is a wonderful new header that you have got 🙂

  3. Rayshma-Ohh yumm-Sheera with Bananas just hearing that makes my mouth water.Try as we might,we can never cook like our moms.Mnamma-Thanx :)about the header. and about things not going as planned-Yes,true..I should learn na.. but no.. planning never stops..haha.

  4. I am so very glad you guys do follow some traditions with Aadya. We try to do some of the major ones at home with Naren. And though he may not what that is now, later on, he will thank us for all the little celebrations. Hope baby had a nice time eating the youumy foods.

  5. your dad rocks! wow. i am so impressed.

  6. Shobana- I feel all the little celebrations have a new color ,beacause of these babies. And it is so important for them to grow up with some family traditions.. big or small.Dotmom- Thanx 🙂

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