Her Best friends

This is what Aadya got as an early Diwali gift from her Nanu. She didn’t want to let go of the box,after it was first handed over to her. Finally,she got distracted with something else,and Mamma managed to put the box away safely.

On Dusshera day, we decided to remove her old ear-rings and put on these new beauties.While piercing the ears and getting those first earrings in took less than 5 minutes,getting them out was crazy.After I had tried unsuccessfully and managed to upset Aadya,so much that she wouldn’t even let me touch her ears,we decided to take her back to the place where we had got her ears pierced.

So off we went to the mall,to Claire’s and there the girl behind the counter sterilised her hands and in 2 minutes she handed me the first earring and in the next minute,the other one.Just like that! OH well,I mumbled something about my failed attempts and how it upset the baby and just then the Baby decided to bestow her with a smile. Yeah, whatever!

Anyway,we came back home and then putting the new earrings on didn’t take more than 5 minutes. So, now my baby girl is sporting her brand new diamond earrings.

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  1. wow! all set for diwali, then? p.s.: chk with d gurl at claire’s if she’s available for baby-sitting at times…;) lol! p.s. 1: mailing u my id… 🙂

  2. Neat girlie! I am sure those earrings will be beautiful in her ears and hope it’ll sparkle its best! Oh, show us photos of Aadya wearing those earrings…

  3. wow, you’ve already pierced aadya’s ears huh?i’m STILL thinking about having hana’s done.:/

  4. Wow what pretty little earrings.Just curious where did you get these ? India or US ? The ones I find here in the UK have such big stalks that they dont go into my daughter’s ears..

  5. Rayshma- Good idea about checking with the Claire’s girl for baby-sitting!Sigh.. if only you were in the same city!!:DShobana- Thank you..Yes,weird as it may sound,I believe that diamond shines on the wearer and also adds a glow to the wearer.:) and boy! is it glittering!Mona- Yes,after a lot of thinking and debating,we got it done when she turned 3 months old..so she didn’t fiddle a lot with the ear-rings.Silent one- We got these earrings from Zales,US.You can check out their website- http://www.zales.com. If you need any more details,lemme know 🙂

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