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And now Pics


fun from Aadyaland

We are back-

With lots of news and updates.
First things first,Aadya can stand up now, independently, hands free for a good 5-30 seconds. She has been trying to stand up for the last week or ten days.. holding onto furniture or other stuff and finally did it today! The excitement on her face was worth a million bucks and more. And since I am a mom,I have the right to brag..and since you have been a part of her life and keep coming back here to read about have to read my brags:)So, she was on the floor,playing.Slowly she went down on all fours and then picked up one hand and then the other.. and stood up for about 5-10 seconds before flopping on her butt!
But it was just so cute! And the look on her face-Priceless!
And I now have a new name..two actually- Mimmi and Mamma! 🙂 Yes, sometime during the ILs visit, Aadya started calling me Mimmi,when she needed me,after having had her share of grandparent-ly love.. and then, sometime after came Mamma! Ahhhhhhhh..I am on 7th heaven!
ILs visit was great..They were both overjoyed to see Aadya..and Aadya was happy to have new people to play with. She took to her Dadu almost instantly…crawling up to him tugging at his pajamas even calling him and chewing off his nose at every chance that she got. Time with dadi was ok too.. but she didn’t like dadi’s louder voice and constant hugs n kichchis..:) Every time poor Dadi tried to kiss her..forcefully she would scream!LOL!! Dadi would scream back to be heard.. and the little monster would scream even louder..
Playing with dada-dadi was fun only till mamma was sitting in one place..or was in her line of most of the time,poor dadu spent his time standing by the kitchen door..holding Aadya ofcourse.
Diwali was wonderful.Dada-Dadi arrived two days before Diwali,loaded with gifts for Aadya. Dadi sewed Aadya’s outfit and we got lots of diwali yummies too. Aadya happily welcomed them at the airport and even readily went to them. I wanted everything to be perfect for Aadya’s first Diwali. ofcourse perfection was what I remembered from my childhood. And I was happy and content at the end of the day..I did everything that I thought or remembered-right from rangoli to lunch naivaidya to laxmi puja. I prepared the traditional maharastrian fare- Puri,potato bhaji,masale bhaat, koshimbhir, bhajiya ,papad and kheer!
Next day for Padva,We did Aadya’s Aarti and gave her a walker,as a gift.She seems to like it a lot..It sure does buy me a few extra minutes in the shower. We had DH’s colleague and his wife over dinner.It was their first Diwali after marriage..and I didn’t think it was fair that it went uncelebrated. So,they became a part of our celebrations 🙂
Between trips to the malls and Walmart,and time with Aadya,the ILs trip came to an end-short and sweet. I am glad,I did my best to make things as happy as possible for everyone concerned.
Silver Lining- ILs gifted me a sewing machine.I was planning to buy one for a long long time,but for some reason or other,it just never happened.MIL had heard me talk about it last time too..and this time again.So,when I found a good deal for Black Friday,they just gave me the money 🙂

The other grandparents.

We are busy here in Aadyaland..This time ready to welcome the other grandparents. Yes,The ILs arrive in an hour’s time. We are all set to greet them in style. Aadya has met her grandma but this will be the first time meeting her grandpa- Her Dadu.
The guest-room is ready and a sumptuous meal awaits.
And since,I will be busy entertaining the ILs, and may not be able to post here,I just wanted to take the time to
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali!
May this Diwali bring you loads of happiness, prosperity and joy. May this Diwali bring you all that you wish for!
Happyyy Diwali!
See you again in about 3 weeks- with lots of news and pictures.Till then ,be good, be healthy and miss us!
BTW,The first post on Baby Food is up.(And you can right click now)
Ta da..

Baby Food -1

I wrote on my Baby Blog about doing a post or a series of posts about baby food here. So, here’s the first post.

The picture that you see above is typically what Aadya’s plate looks like. This plate here has- Pureed carrots and Ragi porridge.I keep them in separate bowls so that she can see and taste both individually and also when I want I mix them.But the idea is for her to know the individual tastes.

Now,I got a packet of Nachni satva, also available in stores as other brands- Ragivita. It is essentially Ragi powder. Ragi is very easy to digest and so the best food for babies. In fact,in most maharashtrian home,the babies first solid food is Nachani or ragi.

The directions on the packet said to- Mix 1 tsp ragi powder with 1/2 cup milk and bring it to boil.Add sugar to taste.

Since I am not giving any sugar,salt or milk to Aadya, I just substituted the milk with water and omitted the sugar. And then I added a little formula / breast milk to it. 🙂

Here’s what Poppin’s mom wrote!

Keep the recipes and ideas coming ladies..I will put them up once I am back!

Rocking and tagging

Yes,I rock!-says Kiran and Boy! does the sound of that please me!! Yessirieeee it does!

The girl bit sure does the trick,specially when you are getting used being called and looked at as MOM!Ahem, and she also called me adorable!!yayyyyyyyyyyy (screaming like a girl! ):) and blushing too!

Seriously,I first started this blog to write about my feelings and experiences as a soon-to-be mom.That first comment from Tharini made me want to write more.The challenge was to get in the groove,to get started. Those first few posts were just something to start with.Then,I started writing about my pregnancy and then slowly moved on to day-to-day accounts of life.I know sometimes,it may be boring, but all you guys have been sweet enough to read through and even take the time to comment.

And then, slowly the blog became my baby,a very very important part of my life, and I started blogging in my mind.Anything interesting happened and I would blog about it in my mind then and there and then write here.:)I wrote here about things that bothered me,made me happy-everything.The warm welcome my dad received from you guys was just fantastic. And now,I find myself wondering about the little kiddies and their mommies..sometimes I wonder what their real names,not that it matters.. sometimes I picture their funny antics-the pictures painted by your words are just so clear.

This blog is as much a part of my anything else.I know you know what I mean 🙂 I am just so happy you take the time to read and leave a comment. And its because of you,that today I can proudly say this is post number 100 ( *Not counting the picture post before this). Thanks for all the love and motivation ,guys. And Lurkers- Calling out to you again, please, stop by, say Hi..leave a comment..:) make my day!

And since I must pass on this award,I lovingly pass it on to-
AP-Girl,you are truly an inspiration for me.Love you and your little girls (I am not linking her up,because she is still private)
2 b’s mommy – For the brave and happy front she is putting up
The DotMom -For her beautiful writing -Girl you floored me with you beautiful love story!
Timepass – For giving us all something to smile about and because I really thought you were just out of college or still in college..That surely qualifies you to be a Rocking girl!
And Last but not the least- You!- to all you guys -For being there! And DH, sweetheart- Lemme just edit the award to read The Rocking Guy!

And now for the tag- The Engagement story tag- I did this bit,a little while back,for DH’s birthday 🙂 ,as a special birthday gift to him.Here’s our engagement story,enjoy!

Next month we complete 4 years of married life :)-Knock on the wood-NOW!

And finally some pics

Feeding These Babies

..that is the thought top-most on all our minds.

I was talking to few other mommies and almost all of them were concerned about their little ones eating habits..or should I say not eating habits?
DDmom wrote about her 9 month old niece,my friend AP was worried about her toddler, not eating-so was my friend Pooh,about her Lil girl, a cousin I was talking to..and last but not the least, yours truly.I am sure most of you must have gone through this some time or the other. But why am I writing about this now?

Since Aadya’s 6 month visit,I have been worried. She didn’t gain a lot of weight since her last visit with her Aunty D,(Pediatrician at Phoenix)..just a few ounces in about 1 month. Then I we checked her weight before and after her ear-infection and she had lost and gained those same ounces. But I am worried. I know she is getting more active and so she is not going to gain a lot of weight too. But,my problem is I cant get her to eat. I mean,she enjoyed her rice cereal but that gave her constipation, and then one day she stopped eating it. Then I started her on Ragi or Nachni Satva.And with that I introduced vegetables- Green beans,squash, carrots and fruits-Apple(rejected),banana and peaches(rejected). The Ragi is fine but I want her to try more foods.
I remembered this post by Poppin’s mom and and then Ceekay’s post about feeding Ninni Daal ka pani. And I thought why not ask all of you to share your successful recipes of baby and toddler food and collaborate it at one place,for easy reference.

Here’s calling all mommies, to share some interesting food ideas for these little ones.
You can either post the recipe on your blog or mail me at And then,I was thinking of posting the recipes together as a series or as one post(depending on the response) on my Food blog.
Waiting to hear from you.. and moving a step further in feeding these babies 🙂

7 month update-Part II

I stopped writing yesterday,because the post was getting too long and I really wanted to post it before I got called away for midnight feeding duty. But there is still so much more,that I have to share.

For starters,Aadya pulled herself to a kneeling position on Sunday,October 28th.I made a mental note,to never leave her in the crib with the railing down. DH was busy taking pictures and little Missy fell down. But this time, the railing was already up and she couldn’t get up! Ha Ha I thought to myself,I can still keep her in the crib,with the railing up. And just then,very effortlessly, she grabbed the railing and stood up.. Just like that!! And since then, No leaving her sitting in the crib!

OK, Now, haven’t I told you how Aadya has this tradition of achieving milestones-big or small, around and ON the day of her monthly birthday? So, how could she disappoint us this month.And before you read further,I have to tell you-Blinking is strictly not allowed in Aadyaland. Why, you ask? Well, because I looked away for 2 minutes and my daughter sat up!!! Yes!! She was lying down and the next minute I see her sitting up! Now how cool is that! Yesterday,I put Aadya on the floor- I reorganised the furniture on Monday,so that she has all the space to crawl! There are still some pieces missing,once the living room is completely set up,I will post pictures. So,not digressing..Aadya was on the floor,crawling..exploring and enjoying her new found mobility. I was happy and was finishing up some work,in the dining area. DH came home and I took that moment to turn on the computer. And I check on Aadya and what do I see-She is sitting up!! I asked DH..did you help her..DH,keeping up with the Halloween spirit, says,yeah I am a ghost with long stretching arms. Well he did have a point – he was standing at the far far end,watching her. Wish he had grabbed the Handy cam! So, she had managed to do it all on her own. “On Her Own”reminds me of Parul -Girl you are so funny!

Speaking of funny,Aadya is no less. She loves to pat everything these days. Yeah, I know they all do. Read on- I had just finished nursing Aadya and was just buttoning up and suddenly grubby little hand goes pat-pat. yeah she patted my boobs. I looked at her and she looked up at me and grinned broadly,patted again as if to say “good job”! Mad Momma,here’s your chance to get even !

“Good Job” and “Good Girl” are two phrases that make Aadya very happy. Sometimes,saying that makes her open her mouth wide and so,I can put in the next spoonful of her cereal. So far, she doesn’t like anything tangy-so, baby foods-apple&peach are out. Now, we tried peach first and she didn’t like it.The next thing we tried was squash.Both of these are yellow in color. And she recognises that. So, she just doesn’t open her mouth for the first spoonful.Then slowly I put a little dash on her lips,she licks it and then decides OK this is not that yucky thing.. so I can eat it! And when she likes something,every spoonful is answered by a happy ummmmmmmmmmmm. If she doesn’t like something,it gets spat back!

And how can I forget the hugs and kisses-there is no dearth of those here in Aadyaland.In fact we are baby-handled so often,that at at given time,atleast one of us is walking with tousled hair. Oh and guess what is the new safety object? Mamma’s hair-conveniently cut,just the right length for Aadya to grab at.Now, When she is crying, when she is cuddling,when she wakes up, when she is sleepy.. the first thing that that light hand reaches for is Mamma’s hair. Though when the play gets rough,its a pain, but it does make me feel happy secretly!There is so much more I wanted to write,but now I cant seem to keep my thoughts together and will stop here.

So, you can see it has been an interesting month..Pictures will follow shortly..:)