Feeding These Babies

..that is the thought top-most on all our minds.

I was talking to few other mommies and almost all of them were concerned about their little ones eating habits..or should I say not eating habits?
DDmom wrote about her 9 month old niece,my friend AP was worried about her toddler, not eating-so was my friend Pooh,about her Lil girl, a cousin I was talking to..and last but not the least, yours truly.I am sure most of you must have gone through this some time or the other. But why am I writing about this now?

Since Aadya’s 6 month visit,I have been worried. She didn’t gain a lot of weight since her last visit with her Aunty D,(Pediatrician at Phoenix)..just a few ounces in about 1 month. Then I we checked her weight before and after her ear-infection and she had lost and gained those same ounces. But I am worried. I know she is getting more active and so she is not going to gain a lot of weight too. But,my problem is I cant get her to eat. I mean,she enjoyed her rice cereal but that gave her constipation, and then one day she stopped eating it. Then I started her on Ragi or Nachni Satva.And with that I introduced vegetables- Green beans,squash, carrots and fruits-Apple(rejected),banana and peaches(rejected). The Ragi is fine but I want her to try more foods.
I remembered this post by Poppin’s mom and and then Ceekay’s post about feeding Ninni Daal ka pani. And I thought why not ask all of you to share your successful recipes of baby and toddler food and collaborate it at one place,for easy reference.

Here’s calling all mommies, to share some interesting food ideas for these little ones.
You can either post the recipe on your blog or mail me at menmysunshine@gmail.com. And then,I was thinking of posting the recipes together as a series or as one post(depending on the response) on my Food blog.
Waiting to hear from you.. and moving a step further in feeding these babies 🙂

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  1. Hi Trishna, thanks for visiting me and your hugs and prayers – I am overwhelmed. I had never imagined getting so much support through my blog. Will visit regularly to read more about your lovely baby.

  2. i’d love it if you could get this together! it would be a great resource from new moms (with love from the wise, experienced ones!)if i think of anything, i will email or post it here.

  3. heyy, i see u’ve manageed to get the links in place :)kewl!

  4. Thanx for stopping by 2b’s mommy. hope you feel better soon.Mona- Yes,I think it will be great for all of us.. and future mommies too :)Rayshma-No ,sweetie.the sidebars are in place only when you click on individual posts. I havent been able to look at it still.. busy days!

  5. arre no, seriously!! am not on individual posts… am on the home page! and i can see ur side-bars.. the ads, blog-roll et al…pucca!

  6. Anitha(Nikki's mom)

    that is a good idea. will post in my blog and send you the link

  7. i have no idea what other ppl feed.. i try biscuits, cheese, fruit, raisins.. anything. hope the idea falls in place. though if i were you i wouls top worrying the weight does plateau by the the 7th month or whenever it is that the baby begins to crawl. the activity burns it all up. here’s a hug for the little star!

  8. Thats a wonderful thought Trishna. I will add to it as and when I find anything interesting other than store bought cereal and gerber 🙂

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