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fun from Aadyaland

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  1. Welcome back Trishna!! And Congrats to Aadya for standing on her own. She is getting cuter and cuter this girl. Sounds like all was well with the IL’s trip and how cute…they even got you a present. I am glad the li’l one too to her grandparents and loved their stay here. Now that you are back, I am gonna tag you to do the 22q’s. Check it out in my blog. Lots of people did it and had fun. So take it up.

  2. aww. great pictures:)

  3. She looks so adorable! And isn’t it so much fun to see our kids having such a wonderful time with their grandparents? :DI don’t know why but suddenly she’s looking a lil grown up from the last of the pics I had seen of her. Ohh boy! How fast these children grow!

  4. Nice pics.

  5. Welcome back ! Loved the pictures and so glad that you all had a great family time on Diwali.And you lucky girl even got a gift from your ILs – how nice !

  6. When u r back in full throttle, you are once again tagged to do the quirks tag.

  7. Sahithi's Mom...

    She is such a CUTIEPIE Trishna…Just adorable…Now that she is moblie, that fun starts now..:):)And thank you for the wishes..

  8. Shobana- Hi 🙂 yes, the trip was fine 🙂 and I will take up the tag :)Mona- Thanx-:) reminds me I have to take up your tag tooNm- yes, doesnt she look grown up? even her expressions and the way she babbles has changed 🙂 and also those pics were from september and october..these are more recent-Nov.:)2b’s mommy- Thanks..hope you are doing fine :)Sahiti’s mom- Yes the fun starts now.. Both for baby and mamma!LOL!Hope you had a great anniversary!Timepass- how are you? :)hope your back is better -miss reading your longer comments!

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