I am fine

And thanx for the concern everyone. Shobana and Reshma,thanks for mailing in-I will be replying soon.

About the lump,its still here.My doctor didnt think there was anything to worry about as long as it didnt change or become painful.As of now,its not changed or is not painful. I will be seeing my doctor again in a month’s time even if there is no change and then she’ll take a call.

Hopefully everything should be fine and God Willing,I might be able to go to India ..and if required,see the doctors there too.

It really touched me how many people care about a person they havent even met..it really made me very happy to know that I have so many well-wishers,even those who are willing to scold me 🙂

Love you all!

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  1. :)can i scold u too!? i love scolding ppl! hehehedon’t worry.. it’ll all work out fine… 🙂

  2. Anitha(Nikki's mom)

    Uh Oh, that is scary. Hugs to you dear, hope it is just a small scare and nothing comes out of it. Take care!

  3. Rayshma- LOL Anitha – Thanx for the hugs 🙂 how are you?

  4. **HUGS** Hopefully all will turn out ok.

  5. first, a ‘hug’ to you. When I checked your page, I took a re-take to see if I have come back to my blog ! And then I read your 02 Dec post. I had difficulty writing about it too cos it just makes it more real. I first saw mine in middle of Sep and couldn’t write about it for a while. But the amount of support I recieved through my blogger friends was just amazing and it did help. I have just done a post on my visit to doc yesterday about the needle aspiration they did to check out the lump. Please be brave. Hopefully its nothing. BTW, my doc will make a call in january regarding mine too. You have my best wishes and prayers. I can understand what you are going through, its almost the same here as we have a family history of cancer too.Please take care of yourself.HUGS

  6. you’re in my prayers!lots of love!

  7. Please take care. My best wishes. And Yes, thanks again for looking for me.Look forward to read more at aquagirl too 🙂

  8. Mystic Margarita

    I’m glad that the doctor thought there was nothing to worry about. But be sure to monitor it for any changes and remember to visit the doctor in a month’s time. Hugs to you, girl.

  9. Shobana- Thanx,honey.2 b’s mommy- Ohh I know what you are saying,will read your blog now.hope you are feeling better after the test.Mona- Thanx,sweets!Swati- welcome back and glad to have found you again.Mystic- Thanx girl, yes I am monitoring it and will be seeing my doc again in Jan.

  10. Oh, I completely missed the post. Glad to hear the doctors thoughts. Hang in there, hopefully everything will be fine.

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