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Happy Birthday to ME!

I am really big on occasions..birthdays,anniversaries and the likes! And I am someone who is easy to please,someone who needs small things to be happy..and every year,I am so excited before my birthday..before DH’s birthday and this year,ofcourse I am looking forward to Aadya’s birthday.My birthday is the one day of the year,when I feel like a princess!
Birthdays were the only days when we were allowed to pick up the phone,as kids and later,as a teenager,we had this unsaid rule about the birthday girl picking up the phone…:) just some craziness to add to the excitement.That and being able to use-“But its my birthday!” to get out of almost anything!
Naturally,this year I was a little,Oh ok,a lot more excited because of this new beam of sunshine-Li’l Aadya and this being my first birthday as a mom..and I must say,this year DH made sure,it was the best birthday ever.
This year,my birthday started on the 18th of february,with friends calling up from Mumbai..and then my dad and sis called at 12.00 am IST.That itself was enough to get my spirits high.Then,DH came home at lunchtime with a take out from my favorite Thai restaurant.
In the evening,we went to collect the keys to the new apartment and then, went out to a nice quiet dinner.And guess what,Aadya dozed off the moment we put her in the car seat and she slept through the whole dinner.So,for the first time,since her birth I ate a quiet,uninterrupted meal.Though I must say,I missed the excited babbles!
And just like that the perfect day came to an end 🙂
Another happy year spent-Another happy birthday celebrated-inching towards the big Three-OH-just two years short!

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New home,new name?

We are changing apartments,next week. This present apartment was just a stop-gap,and thank God for that ,because this place is horrible.
To say the least,we have had pest control come in every other week for the last 5 months. The water is so bad that we are actually happy when they turn off the water and that I must tell you they do very regularly.They leave us notes telling us that water supply will be turned off on Monday from 9 to 5 and they forget to turn it off and very promptly turn it off the next day or the day after. On other days, as soon as you turn on the tap, the first thing to hit the sink or tub is lots and lots of dirt..they have been telling us,that its the old pipes.. Thankfully,it settles after letting the water run for the first 5-10 minutes,but that means I need to scrub the tub a lot longer than I normally would and the water in the kitchen taps is clean…or atleast it looks clean.We haven’t risked drinking or using it for cooking-we have been buying gallons and gallons of water.
I have been so sick and low,since we moved in here.
Why did we move in here?Well,that’s a long story.. involving an incomplete lease and a lot of money.Yeah..Yeah.. I know..that’s why we are moving.
So, we are more than happy to move this time. We’ll be getting the keys on Tuesday,which incidentally,is my birthday!The new apartment is really nice and spacious and even the apartment complex is really clean,and what I like best is the attached garage,kind of gives it a more house-like feel. Hopefully,the new home will bring us happier times and healthier living.

And now about the new name-
My Sunshine turns 1 year old february 27th.I mean,My Sunshine,the blog. And I love the name.Its like a part of me.But I am not so crazy about the url.
menmysunshine??A friend pointed it out and now,whenever I look at it,it seems like men my sunshine..ewww!!So,I think its time to change the url.May be move to wordpress..or stay here on blogger- blogger is getting really slow and almost every single time that I post,atleast one feature is not working..Anywho,that I can decide later..but for now,I need to change the url.But I can’t decide which one.So,I created a me decide.
Thanx in advance..hoping to hear from some of you..

Tag of 5

I think I am officially the rudest person on Blogosphere!I have so many tags pending..and I am perpetually late in taking them up! But please dont stop tagging me! I love taking up these tags.
~nm and Timepass tagged me take up this tag.
Here’s what the tag is all about-
“Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given : family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like. Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.”

And here’s my take on it-
Family-That would be Papa , Mamma ,Sis and Bhai

Friends- Come to think,I haven’t really done any posts on friends,except this one. [Note to self-Write more about friends]

Yourself-I think only one post qualifies for this- Quirks and me??

Your love-ohh this one’s easy- how I met DH,4 years together and my loves and ofcourse pretty much every thing on this blog is about my biggest love,Aadya!

Anything you like-it has to be this one.This was one of the first few posts I wrote after delivering Aadya.

Now to tag-I think almost everyone has already done this tag..but i think a few of you I tag-
Kodi’s mom,Mystic Margarita ,Poppins and ddmom
My new friends,Shobana and Upsi.

Now,all I need to do is dig out all the other pending tags and take them up..:)

Baby Food-2

Aadya was bored of her baby food and wanted something more adult.So,my granny made this for her.
Dalia(semolina porridge)
2 tsp semolina
1/2 tsp ghee or clarified butter
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup milk
a pinch of salt

Put the ghee ans semolina in a pan and roast till golden brown.Add the milk and bring it to a boil.Add the sugar and salt and simmer for 2 minutes.
[Since I am waiting till Aadya turns 1 to give her milk,I substituted the milk with water and a dash of milk for color and grandma’s satisfaction]

Aadya slurped it down happily.

And she walks!

Yes! She did it!
Today at 8.25pm, our little angel,took those first tiny steps,unsteadily,as we cheered on.It was all in a slow motion,I am replaying the scene in my mind again and again. DH picked her up and I hugged her.Aadya was so excited with all the sudden excitement!
Since then,she has been practicing walking again and again. I can’t believe it,my little baby is almost a toddler!
God Bless you,Little one!

Waking up…..

….Is so much fun when you have a little monkey chattering away to herself,jumping on your bed.That’s how we wake up every morning these days.

Aadya wakes up and keeps playing by herself,talking to herself, non-stop.Then she realises we are still sleeping and starts bouncing on the bed, hugging her dad and then me. Slowly open one eye and she is so happy,she falls on me and hugs me.Sometimes even brushing my hair gently off my face!If her dad has his back towards her,she climbs up on him,and peeks at his face,over his shoulders,gently patting his face till he doesnt wake up.One by one,we wake and say “Good morning” to her and she is so happy to have achieved what she wanted.


Every morning Papa is Aadya’s most favorite person.The moment he comes out the bedroom dressed in his office formals,Aadya starts getting restless and demands to be picked her Papa. If I am feeding her breakfast,she refuses to open her mouth,just keeps looking for her dad,till he doesn’t come and sit in front of her.She continues clinging to him till he doesnt say bye-bye at the door,which she waves till he doesnt disappear from her line of sight.

DH kisses her goodbye and she air-kisses him .Then he kisses me good-bye and she watches this with so much interest..blowing kisses in the air .Our exchanged kisses are followed by smacking sounds made by little missy!

I was putting Aadya to sleep and DH was doing some work. A little while later,I heard loud voices-some strange men were talking.It felt like they were in my own living room. But then,I remembered,the walls here are so thin..may be its the neighbours.The voices kept getting louder and more agressive.Now,I was sure,something was wrong.May be the neighbours were having a dispute..or were there Cops next door?I HATE this apartment complex. Absolutely hate it. And having recently read Bad Bad reviews, my super-active imagination took over and I was sure it was cops.May be it was a drug-deal gone bad..Oh if only,Aadya would sleep,then I could sneak out and eavesdrop by the door. Anyway,Aadya decided it was not cool to sleep with so much happenning and started crying and screaming.Oh No! Not a good idea to attract attention.I ran to the den to alert DH and what do I see?

DH was on a conference call and the speaker phone is ON! And all those strange men were actually talking in MY OWN apartment! …. Now I am going to hide my face under a pillow and sleep till …humpfff till I am old and grey!

9 and 10 month update


Its been long overdue.. and now,I should get my act together and get more regular here.I can’t believe it next month we will be celebrating her first birthday!!(Knock on the wood)-so what if its the end of next month..its still next month!

So, my baby girl is a little over 10 months now..and Boy! she is all over the place! She is cruising around holding furniture or even using our legs as support. Slowly she is taking bolder footsteps.And I saw her take 2-3 independant steps too. This time it was DH’s turn to get mad.. “Why can’t you keep the video camera handy?”

The day Aadya turned 9 months old,was fairly uneventful,compared to her other monthly birthdays..we were in India,jetlagged and MIL was in one of her moods,so we just spent most of the day sleeping! 9 months,Aadya developed a particular fondness for lifting anything,and the heavier the better! She has a ball -its heavy,basically to help a baby crawl and learn small things like animal sounds etc…it has all sorts of music coming out of it..but you give it to Aadya to play with and all she wants to do is lift it -like a powerlifter and then drop it! Dhumm! and it doesnt matter if its not heavy.. a cushion left on the carpet.. meets the same fate-lift and drop and she doesnt get tired of the routine!

On Jan 11th,I was getting her ready for bed and was cleaning her face and mouth and I felt something sharp in her mouth..My initial reaction was one of disbelief! but I felt it again..and Lo! my baby had her first pearly white! And she refused to let anyone peek into her if she was particularly fond of someone,they could put a clean finger in her mouth and feel it.:) Masi,Aani,Mumma,Papa and Nanu were the lucky ones!Dadu too after a bit of coaxing. Now, the little doll,proudly flashes,two lower incisors.

Jan 19th,we were in for another surprise.Aadya surprised us by climbing up two flights of stairs rather effortlesslessly.Till now,she never had any reason to be around stairs,but my dad’s house is duplex and so there are stairs inside the house. He even managed to put baby gates there,before we reached.Thanx Dad! Here I have to tell you that his initial plan was to block her path with lots of cushions..Yeah right! like thats going to stop her. After a few conversations with us,he changed his mind. But by the time I reached him place,I had forgotten about it.I mean that was the least of my anyway,I caught her clumsily following the dog up the stairs,one or two times and promptly stopped her. But,that day,she was surrounded by her aunts and uncle..all ready to spoil her and one of her aunts was sitting on the stairs ..watching her..This little imp,climbed up happily…around 12 steps in 2 minutes..and not waiting to rest,climbed up the next set in less than 2 minutes! Ohh the amount of hugs and cheering she recieved that day and the look on her face- marvellous-she was so proud of herself!!Needless to say,DH and I were walking around proudly for the next two days!

Now,she is getting very good with cruising. A little before 9 months,she started holding onto furniture and taking a few steps sideways.Around that time,she was also practising standing up alone-without support.Everyone was so surprised to see her stand up by herself. Now,she loves standing up so much,that she hardly wants to sit down,unless ofcourse she is found something to keep herself busy- a glossy magazine or the day’s newspaper.I mean after all it is serious business to tear paper and then chomp it down!

That or playing Harry Potter or should I say Hermione Granger? Give her a pen or pencil and watch her wave her magic is so much fun!

Anyway,she is getting better with cruising and its so much fun to watch her make her way almost anywhere..and I also have to keep my eyes peeled on her all the time!

On our way back from Shirdi,she started saying bye-wave and all and a soft bye or baah. We were just dropping off my aunt at her place and suddenly,the little missy did this,breaking everyone’s hearts into teeny-tiny bits.

Her favorite words are Gundu Singh and Mastikhor( naughty one).Say either one and you hear peals of laughter..Oh! the baby giggles,so pure,so cute and infectious!

She has learned to finger feed herself and so,every evening,I give her some finger food-fruit puffs or tiny pieces of fruit or chicken nuggets and she has so much fun picking each tiny bit and putting it in her mouth!And I get time to just enjoy my tea or get some cooking done. She also knows that if she is strapped into the high-chair,she is going to get her mumm-her food and as soon as she sees water,she has to have her mum-mum!So clear and distinct! one or two times I told her “Mumma is giving you mum-mum and gave her something to eat and she was really surprised,looking out for her sippy cup! She also wants to taste anything and everything that we eat.I kid you not-She has to taste whatever is on my plate..even if she is full and has refused spoonfuls of her own food.So, every once in a while I give her adult food and she is happy. Her favorites are french fries,macroni and cheese,daal-rice,chapati.[J-monster,stay away..PLEASE!]

On her 10th month birthday, we were again very jet-lagged but this little imp,decided to have her own celebration..She woke up at 4 and refused to go back to bed. I nursed her,still she wanted to play- by around 6 I gave up and fed her some cereal, and then the little missy was fresh and ready to go on with her business..She tried to pull the drawer below the oven,get on the dish washer,pulled down all the CDs and was yank off the DVD player! Hey! I was still jet-lagged and sleepy! Its like she knew that she is turning a month older and so her mischief should increase 10 folds too!

Life is so much fun and something is always happenning with this little monkey around. The 9 months of pregnancy were such a drag,even if filled with excitement and anticipation..but these last 9-10 months just flew by.Sometimes I feel,I just blinked and my newborn is ready to be a toddler!

I still have so much more to write,so much reading to catch up on all my favorite blogs and have so many emails to answer..but these days,Aadya seems to think the computer is her sworn enemy.As soon as I sit at the computer desk,she starts whining.No! I am not kidding and she wont quit till I dont stop doing whatever I am at the time.So,I may be a lurker for sometime and may also be slow in posting and replying to your comments..but keep coming over :).It sure is a pleasure to hear from you 🙂

We are back…

and jet-lagged,happy, tired,home-sick,happy to be home…all at once. Our impulsive trip came to a end a little too soon but all in all we had a fun time.The only bummer was that DH was working,so he was there with us only on weekends.

First half of our vacation was spent at the ILs..some days were good,some days,the lesser spoken about,the better.But this time we had our very own energiser bunny to keep our spirits high-Princess Aadya. With her around,there was never a dull moment. And she also provided us with ample opportunities to get out of arguments. (Heehahahawhaw)

While at the ILs, we got a tour of the famous InOrbits mall.I had heard a lot about this one,primarily because a dear friend was involved in the architects team. And then ,the frequent mentions by the lovely lady, Kiran Heck I had plans of meeting her there..but no such luck..meeting someone with ILs in not-cool and travelling 3 hours alone with a baby,ugh..too tiresome.Sorry Kiran,I couldnt even call you..forgive me?please,pretty please?

Between meeting ILs friends and relatives and attending a cousin’s wedding and being jet-lagged and caring for a sick baby,by the time I reached my dad’s place,I was ready for some rest and relaxation. And thats exactly what I did.

As I mentioned in my previous post,my aunt and grandma arrived at my dad’s the same day that I reached there.And my sister had managed to line up a traditional maalish-wali( a masseuse) and she arrived everyday, not so promptly anywhere between 9.30 to 12.00!!! But we were not running on any schedule,so it was fine.Whenever she arrived, I would hand the baby over to my aunt and happily saunter over to my room to slathered with oil! The massage finished,I would enjoy a nice hot cuppa chai,made by someone else and play with Aadya. There were way too many eager pairs of arms to hold her, and while she enjoyed all the attention, her stranger anxiety suddenly was at its peak.She would play happily with anyone and everyone,as long as I was sitting in front of her! If I even got to get a drink of water or go to the loo,she would start crying. So,I would have 10 voices asking me to hurry up,as they didnt want to see Princess Aadya cry. And then as soon as I would pick her up,she would be all smiles,ready to play with the others!

Though the trip was short,we managed to eat at most of our favorite eateries and also shopped quiet a bit, attended a couple of parties and weddings too!
We even managed to pack in an adventure-packed trip to Shirdi-I say adventurous,because like everything else,this was also a last minute thing and somehow,about 10 of us piled into a Tavera and headed off to Shirdi. The driver decided to take us there by a scenic route, and ended up making most of us sick and not to mention,spoiling the rest of our plans.The plan was to go to Devlali,my grandma’s place- kind of like take Aadya visiting there,feast at our favorite chat-wallah and then head off to Shirdi. But,we got lost and finally ended up on the road to Shirdi and reached Shirdi a good 7 hours later.Luckily our darshan and pooja was wonderful and that itself made the whole trip worth it.

When we arrived in Shirdi,the evening Aarti had just started.Coincedently, two years back,when I had gone to Shirdi with my dad, even that time,we had arrived at the temple premises just when the afternoon aarti was starting.Just that co-incidence made me cheerful,after the long journey. We watched the entire aarti on television,while waited in the queue and then got to leisurely feast our eyes on BABA.Something strange happened while we were there. My aunt asked the priests to bless the baby and they did. Infact,they were giving an orange color scraf with “Om Sai Ram” written on it to all babies there. So, they gave one to Aadya too. And happy and satisfied with that, we were about to step away ,when one of the gaurds asked us to wait on the side for a moment. And then, as if in a dream,he came back with a garland and some Tulsi strands and handed it to us,without a word,just a smile on his lips. Why he chose us, in that big gathering,I do not know..but it just made me feel very happy and blessed. For that very reason,this impromptu trip to Shirdi,will always be special to me. Moreover it was our first trip there, together as a family.

On this happy note,I stop here.. lots more coming up soon.