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Happy Birthday, Darling!

[24th feb 2011]I just found this in my drafts..n had to post it..

March 30th,2008

Dear Aadya,

Baby you are turning one today.Last year,on this date,we were blessed with this miracle, that is you.We decided to call you, Aadya..Our baby girl,Our first born..we kept looking at you,kept touching you again and again..just to make sure you were real!And the fact that we made you,that you were inside me..that just made the whole experience surreal.

This last whole month,I kept remembering our first month with you. I kept remembering your different cries..and your different expressions-the way you raised that one eyebrow,or the way you pout,how we picked you up so we watched you sleep.I also found myself thinking,that it always seemed like the most natural thing to do.

I had a very emotional month,it was like,I watched my baby suddenly turn from a dependant newborn to a fiercely independant toddler-from a baby,who loved to burrow herself deep in my arms,to one,who kicked and almost jumped out of my arms to walk herself.Though,I want you to be less clingy,it hurt,when you waved me bye-bye ,ready to go for a walk with someone else. My baby girl is growing up..:)

I remember I first got to hold you after three hours of you being born and I just didnt want to let go of you.That instant I was hooked.. my life changed forever and I couldn’t remember what life was before you came along.

All Things Nice

Finally we have a venue and I love it.Its a chic Indian bistro,recently remodelled..and they have a separate party room,opening onto the patio. And the cake has been tasted and ordered too..from a different bakery altogether! So,I am not too worried anymore.The only thing is,I find myself getting extremely emotional as the birthday approaches..My baby girl is not going to be a baby anymore 🙂 She is already showing streaks of independence.She doesn’t want to be carried,as soon as we step out the main door.She just wants to walk around and explore..Funny though,how she insists on being picked up as soon as I start cooking or pick up the phone. But,anyway..I am going through these weird ups and downs..getting mad at DH too.. “how can you not feel anything?” But this post is all about nice things.So…
Speaking of nice things,my sister got her tourist Visa approved and she would be visiting us soon. The first time she applied for the visa,it got rejected and they asked her not to apply for another year or two…The reasons being-She was single and didn’t have much of a job experience,what if she decided to get married and never return!This time however,it was a piece of cake!And she got a 10 year visa!So yayyy!
As thrilled as I am about my sister’s visa and her visit..what prompted me to write this post were friends-not one but three.
One I have known for the last 10 years,the other for almost a year and a half and the third, for a couple months.Let me tell you about the last(but in no way least) one. A lot of you know her-she is none other than our own Upsi. I first spoke to her a few months back,just before I was leaving for my India trip..BEing true aquarians,we hit it off immediately..talking 10 things at a time,and since then,we have chatted on and off,making plans to meet..but it never happened. So,when we started planning Aadya’s birthday party,I decided that this would be a good chance to meet. And I called her up and she agreed to come..Seeing how stressed I was about the venue,she offered to see if the clubhouse in her community was available for the party.And when that wasn’t available,this sweet sweet soul offered to open up her own home for the party.And how can I forget,she even got Mr.Upsi,busy,looking for a party hall. I mean who does that. Upsi,sweetheart,I am not writing all this to embarass you..Just wanted to let you know,that your gestures really touched us. I am so happy to have come across you through blogosphere and now looking forward to meeting you in person.
The other friend I mentioned about is,my friend P.I met P through a pregnancy website,and we have stayed in touch,ever since. Her baby was born around 3 weeks after Aadya,but she has been a great support to me,through those months,when the hormones were raging all over the place or even now,when my emotions are running high. Her little boy,just turned 11 months,today. Its like she is my own personal support system. And all this without even meeting each other. Another bonding factor is our babies..they seem to related to each other in some karmic way.. Though,it sounds eerie,but almost every time that Aadya hasn’t been feeling well,baby A hasn’t been feeling well either.They have been reaching milestones around the same time too..Funny,Aadya has started saying Baby A’s name and everytime ,I say his name,she put her hand to her ear and says Hi! Hope to see you soon sweetie..
And lastly,my friend Vidya..God!!its been so long that we have known each other.The first time,we saw each other was on my first day at college. Mine was a late admission and by the time,I finished all the formalities,I just about managed to reach my classroom in time.And the classroom was full..First years are always very attentive,cutting classes starts later! And then,I saw this one empty seat,I hopped up the stairs and settled down there.This was a quiet,shy girl..At least that’s what I thought then.. now,I know,she is not shy.. nor is she quiet.She is one of the most confident women,I know. She is flying down tomorrow to attend little Aadya’s first birthday. And I can’t wait to see her. I remember in our final year of college,we were both in separate classes,because we chose different majors.So,we never got a chance to talk to each other through out the day..with lectures and practicals and all the other things that needed to be done.So,we started taking the earlier local train and would get off at the earlier stop and sit on a bench at the local train station and talk! Some days we were so engrossed in our talks,that we even missed those early morning lectures!I am smiling just thinking about those days. She flew in for my baby-shower, and now for Aadya’s birthday..She has been there always..whenever I needed her! Always…she is one of those people who can hear my voice and tell my mood. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow!
And the last nice thing…DH has been working crazy hours again..and almost everyday,he is late..and I am upset.I am emotional about Aadya turning 1..but I am also worried about DH’s health.I dont want the scary episode to be repeated. I offered truce and he accepted.And then,came back late again..too much work! So,I showed him my way or the other..and sulked. He took me shopping and drove 2 extra miles,just to get to Starbucks-Just so I could buy my favorite Frappuchino-“to cool me down”! Need I say,I am not sulking anymore!
He’s a nice guy who just loves to irritate me. Ohh and now,Aadya is sleeping,so may be I should stop typing and go cuddle up with him on the couch..Ta!

Randomly talking

You know its time to turn off the idiot box when you baby crawls upto the TV console,pulls herself to a standing position and starts yelling at the actors on screen. Why? They are screaming,fighting. We get yelled at by Aadya,if we are arguing and our voices get loud. She looks at me when I am yelling,and calls sharply-Aye..If DH is yelling,she looks at him,and yells at him.But if she is doing the same to those uncles and aunties on TV then may be she thinks they live here too..Now,if only I can find the darned remote!
Aadya has been talking randomly. Baby babbles through out the day..gaga..baba mamma papa..nanna.namnam..etc. But it does warm a mom’s heart when she is rocking her baby to sleep and the baby finally settles down in her arms and the last words she says before falling asleep are..Papa..hmmmmm..Mamma! Mamma hugs her tight,waking her up instantly..back to rocking again.
Whenever anyone says Hii Aadya or Hello Aadya,she puts her hand to her ear and says hi..she is often seen walking around with one hand on her ear,talking gibberish,repeatedly babbling in the exact same tone as Mamma..I am sure,by now you know how much time I spend on the phone.Time to hang up ??
This post was in the drafts for a long time..time to hit the publish button now.

The tag of EIGHT

Kiran had tagged me once upon a time to do this tag..And today,I want to blog but can’t think of anything interesting,I decided to try and complete this .

8 Things I am passionate about
My family-My precious Baby,Aadya,my darling Husband,my parents and my sister!

Reading.I love reading and that is something I can always find time for.At any given time,I am reading at least 1 book,mostly fiction.

Clothes-I never get tired of shopping and I find it so hard to get rid of my old clothes.Clothes and Accessories.

Honesty- If there is something that irks me,its dishonest people.And there is just no way,I can stop myself from not liking them.

Lying-I do not lie..the rare times when I may have lied is to help someone.. and I have felt so guilty about the lying.I still feel guilty about it sometimes..No regrets about helping..but just a great discomfort about lying. And so,obviously,I cannot tolerate lies,coming from someone else.

Friends-I will do anything for a friend,I am even ready to ignore their faults and short-comings..Once a friend,always a friend.

Kids- Kids of all shapes and sizes have a way of reaching inside and grabbing my heart!I am just crazy about kids,I laugh with them,I cry with them,cry for them..seeing them hurt or abused makes my blood boil.May be that’s why,I was the happiest when I was teaching elementary school!Heck,I was passionate about kids,even when I was a little girl myself..watching over the younger ones,carrying them around,spoon-feeding them..:)

God-Need I say more?

8 Things I want to do before I die

Write a book..I have always wanted to write one..just some light reading.
Spend a month in Mauritius ,just relaxing,enjoying the water.. not worrying about anything else.
Learn to dance-I have two left feet..and always feel conscious when dancing in a group..But I enjoy dancing and would love to be able to stun everyone,with my performance on the dance floor!
Lose all this extra weight and have a great to-die for figure!
Umm this is all I can think of now!

8 Things I say often
Heyyy!Hii! hows you?
Yeah Right!
What the hell!
Uh-huh..ohh ho
Aadya!stop it right NOWWWWWWWWWWW!
Alle mera bachcha( Oh my baby)
What did you just say???
Ohh Plllllllllleaseeeeeeee! or ohh Puh-lease!
Ohh I gotta go..Aadya is crying/awake..

8 Books I’ve read recently

The Kite Runner- Khaled Hossaini
False Impressions-Jeffery Archer
Say When-Elizabeth Berg
Homecoming-Belva Plain
Sisters-Daniell Steel
Not without my daughter-Betty MAhmoody..

And I can’t remember any more..A couple of romance novels!

8 songs I could listen to over and over

Itni shakti hamein dena daata-Ankush
Naam Adaa likhna-In fact,I loved the song so much,that Aadya was almost named Adaa.. we still call her Adaa,sometimes.
Last christmas-George Michael
Khwaja mere Khwaja-Jodha Akbar
O mere dil ke chaiin
Naam Gum jayega
Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam

8 Things that attract me to my best friends

1.I can be myself with them,I can just relax and not worry about anyone judging me,while I am with them.
2.They have been with at all times in life..especially more during tough times.I know I can pick up the phone,no matter what the time and tell them,I am happy or sad or need them.
3.Each one has something special to teach it confidence,calmness,putting across your point without yelling,determination.Love you guys for enriching my life and making me a better person.
4.I have met all of them at different phases of life and they have been just “what-I-need(ed) at the time. They have laughed with me,wiped my tears,held my hand..given me the much needed push,when I felt I cannot go any further.And they continue to do so ,even now!
5.They totally understand me..sometimes,even before I say what’s on my mind and make me feel just perfect.
6.When I want to do something crazy,I know who to turn to..And at the same time,I also know,who will help me sober up,if need be.
7.I know,I can share a secret and it will be safe forever..
8.And last but not the least,honesty-they are brutally honest with I am with them.But I still have a bit of tact..I try to make them feel nice.. but no luck here.. a certain someone,just asks me grow up and stop crying 🙂 but love her anyways!

And now to tag-
I think almost everyone has already completed this tag..the only people I don’t remember reading are-Shakti,Shobana

Pre-birthday stress

Someone’s birthday is almost here and guess who is turning into a stress-monkey!!Mamma dearest!
There I said it! I am so stressed out about Aadya’s birthday.. and no it has nothing to do with her turning ONE! Its all about the party! I am the kind of person,who starts planning,way in advance.I am the kind of person,who likes to not run around at the last minute.I am big on planning and like to plan everything long before the actual day.So,with barely 10 days left for Aadya’s birthday,and the fact that we don’t have a venue is enough to rattle my nerves and give me sleepless nights.
I have a vague idea what Kind of cake I want..and have been surfing the net looking for pictures,to take to my baker. This weekend I spent so much time looking at cakes,that everytime I closed my eyes,I saw cakes of all shapes,sizes and colors floating in front of me! I have a rough design and need to make the final sketch! Ohh! I know there will be so many final sketches! Till I don’t finally hand over the design to my cake-lady its going to keep getting final touches.
Now,the cake-lady..There are 3 that I like.One is someone who comes highly recommended by a friend.But here’s the thing,when we tasted her pastries,I thought they were a little dry.DH is ready to go and place the order with her,just because she comes highly recommended!
The second place,I absolutelyyyyyyyy loveeeeeeee! I spotted this bakery when I first moved to the place,6 months back and instantly decided that this is where we are going to order Aadya’s cake from! This person is also highly appreciated in the newspaper and I love her creations,too! And she is a little expensive,compared to the first one.
The third,is again someone,who has been tried and tasted by a couple friends..and they swear by her cakes.. “They are the tastiest cakes ever!!” but I don’t like the finishing of her designs!So,there I am stuck..but may be I will choose between the first two.
Now,for the venue,we decided to do it at a park,since its spring and the parks are perfect for an outdoor party.But,the two parks,which we can reserve,are not really in the best of,there,DH put his foot down and I wasn’t too pleased either. Pool side was my next best bet..but with Aadya walking around and almost running,I am not too keen on it. She loves the water and keep her away from it,is going to be a tough job,involving tantrums and meltdowns,both hers and mine-Mine after the party!So,outdoor party is out! Now,I am looking for rooms-party rooms or banquet rooms..and today was the most frustating day..Everywhere I called,I just got the voice,I am waiting and hoping they get back to me,with some good news!We checked with a couple friends about club-houses at their apartment complexes and that didn’t work out either.
I haven’t been able to complete my invitations,because we still don’t have a venue! And That brings us to the next vital element of this party,the food.There is going to be catering involved.But now,this time,there are so many places that we like,that we are not able to decide!! I want to get everything finalised this week,so that,I am more relaxed next week.
And then Aadya’s birthday outfit,return gifts,party decorations…So much do,so little time. Almost every evening,DH comes home,to be greeted by my tensed face.. oh you are late,today also..we had to go to so and so place!
The only thing that I am sure of is the theme,that I want running in the party.:) But that I will reveal , a little later 🙂 -may be when I post the party details!
I want this party to be perfect so badly, I am about to lose my mind..I just hope,it turns out atleast half-way decent.

Spring’s here!

This is the view from my balcony.And each day adds a little something to make these trees look even more green and live!

Happy Happy-Joy Joy

Swati tagged me..she wants to know,what makes me happy?So many things..Here’s a short list…
A Goodmorning hug and DH’s smiling face.
Early morning cuddles with Aadya and DH.
“Papa Calling” on my cell phone display.My daily call with my dad.
When my sis finally messages me-“Please call me”
A nice long chat with a friend.
A tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.
A big mug of garam garam masala-chai (hot masala-tea)
A great book
A day out at the Nail salon-good old fashioned mani-pedi TLC combo.
A fruitful shopping trip,where I find not one but many good deals..a complete dose of retail therapy.
Romance movies,christmas themed movies
A kind word
A recipe that turns out right
A new haircut.
A real vacation..And the list goes on and on..But I think I should stop here !
I tag-The Dot Mom, Kiran,Noon ,Mona and Shakti .

No 30th of February?

So,we celebrated Aadya’s last monthly birthday before she turns 1 on March 1st.We took her shopping for some new spring summer clothes and then lunch at Panera Breads , one of my favorite places during my pregnancies..It was also our favorite weekend jaunt,specially on a cold winter evening..the hot and scrumptious soups,they serve are such a huge dose of TLC.

And Aadya loved the place and the food.She chomped on some smoked chicken,while chatting,ten to a dozen with all the people on the neighbouring tables.This nice young lady,was sitting at a table by the window,reading a book,eating her salad, and Aadya took a particular liking for her.She kept calling her,talking gibberish! She was sweet enough to smile and respond every single time,and even told us,to not worry about it,when we apologised,for the disturbance.

So, 11 month old Aadya is a complete chatter-box..she talks all the time..trying out new words.2 days back,she heard DH say A-MAZING! and she repeated,quickly-A-MAE-Ding..shocked,we tried to get her to say it again..but she wouldn’t..she just kept giggling every time we said it..Today she saw me answer the phone, and immediately put her hand to the ear and tried to say heyle(hello).Another new word she tried was bathroom–came out something like bathingum..and she kept repeating it again and again.Basically,if she likes the sound of a word,she tries to say it.
Aadya loves walking..And with this new found mobility,she wants to play the game of catch with us,all the time.If she is sitting and playing,and you walk up to her,a mischievous smile lights up her face,she sticks her tongue out and dashes off… runs, crawls..whatever comes first to her mind.
The pincer grasp has been practiced and perfected and she can pick up even the smallest of bits of food and other things that-you-are-not-supposed-eat-baby and feed herself.While she is at it,she also tries to feed us. But,the devil that she is..she feeds her dad,properly..when it comes to me,she brings the food up to my lips,as soon as I open my mouth,she shoves the food in her OWN mouth and giggles!Shhhh stop laughing,you! its not funny!
What is funny is,watching her expression when she catches you laughing at her.So, picture this,Aadya rolling around on the divaan and suddenly,she falls.Its a low divaan..and she is shocked or nonchalant depending on her mood.So,you start laughing.By now,Aadya who is back to her rolling fun,will stop and scold you in baby babble! Sometimes,in an attempt to scare her,I stare at her..and she stares right back at me!and it is so cute and funny that more often than not,I burst out laughing.
And she now knows,what/where her eyes are! Ask her where her eyes are and she says a eye,and blinks.And also,the little diva now points to the part of the body that is hurt.And expects it to be kissed.She holds her bottle with both her hands now..:) getting independent. Ohh and she picks a thing of the day..a spoon,an empty medicine bottle,a pen,something,that she has hold tightly in her hand and holds on to it all day long.Even taking it to bed with her! It is so cute,watching her…she doesn’t let go of her “Thing of the day” even when she is crying!LOL and should she drop it when she is sleepy,she promptly starts looking for it,when she wakes up!

Last few days,Aadya has a bad cold and so again her appetite is gone completely.This is her fourth cold since our India trip.My only concern is,her weight loss.Last time,she had a cold,she lost over 1 pound and even her doctor was concerned and we had to get some lab work done for her.Thankfully,everything was fine and she just had some kind of throat infection. This time again,she just refuses to eat anything..I haven’t been able to coax more than two spoonfuls of anything.She is not even interested in tasting our food.That reminds me,she hates baby food now.She just sticks her tongue out,as soon as I put any baby food in her mouth,almost spitting out whatever is in her mouth.So,we started giving her table food.
Anyway, for now,I really want her to start eating again.The only thing she has eaten in the last 3 days is bananas and 1-2 finger food cookies.Other than that,she has had just breast-milk or formula. The nurse at her doctor’s office asked us to come in on Monday if she is still not eating.I have my fingers crossed and am hoping,she starts eating soon..because ,I am really running out of options,as to what to feed her.
Here’s hoping she gets her appetite back over the weekend..


Hello everyone and welcome back to MY SUNSHINE .
Those of you,who followed us here,Thank you and welcome back.
Those of you,who haven’t arrived yet,hope to see you soon.
One year back,when I first started blogging,I had no clue about urls and the likes.To me,they were only website addresses- I still don’t know much about all that..But,when I finally made up my mind about changing the url,I was very apprehensive..a little worried actually,as I didn’t want to lose 1 year’s worth of posts, the memories I had painstakingly recorded over the last year..After checking and rechecking,my google reader and only after I was more than 100% sure that,I had all the posts,saved up,I clicked on button for changing url.And Thank God,everything worked out!:)
Yes,yes I am a drama queen.. but then,its the first time I am changing my url!
And the new url demanded a new look too..So,the green background is for keeping up with the Spring spirit..My favorite season of the year! Sunday morning I woke up and saw the dry dead tree outside my bedroom window was loaded with tiny white flowers.I rushed out to the balcony and saw the tree infront of the balcony,adorned with beautiful green and red hanging bunches..I still don’t know what tree it is,but I am searching Google for it.I will post a picture and if anyone knows what it is,please do share.
Edited to Add –Ohh I got side tracked-the new header..that’s Aadya(naturally),1 month old..I wanted to add a more personal touch to the header-so,I made this one,a while back.But I was waiting for the new url to put it up with.You know-the complete makeover!:P
Anyway,glorious Sunday morning was followed by a dull and gloomy monday morning..and it started snowing by around 6 pm monday evening and as I write this,I can still see the snow flakes falling and the moonlight being reflected from snow covered roofs!Just beautiful.
On that note,I’ll sign off..and you.. while you are here,get comfortable..look around and lemme know..what you think of the new MY SUNSHINE!

A letter to me

First of all,I want to say thank you to all those of you,who took the time to vote and even suggest a new name.Thank you!
And now,where was I? Well,I was getting settled in the new apartment!But could that have stopped me from blogging?NO! But a dead internet connection did!And I missed posting on my blog’s birthday!

MY SUNSHINE turned 1 on February 27th.I started it when I was heavily pregnant with Aadya.This blog has been my link to sanity for the last 1 year and it also helped me make some new friends. And more than anything else,I am happy that I am still as addicted to blogging as I was the day I started the blog.
You can read my first post here

This is what I was going to post to mark the first birthday of my blog-I had done a post on DMC and the theme for february was write a letter to yourself-A real honest to goodness love letter about what a wonderful mother you are.Here goes-

It was my birthday on the 19th of February and I had decided to write a small note to myself,telling me how I was doing a good job.That was going to be my gift to myself-to read when I am especially low.So,when I saw the two themes for this month,I knew immediately,what I was going to do.So,here’s my love letter to myself!

Dear Trish,
So, you are a mom now..sometimes I still can’t believe it..for in my mind’s eye-I still see you as a little girl-sometimes you are just a rebellious teenager,the tomboy who loved babies.That was probably the only thing girlie about you! And now-Look at you! You have a little girl of your own.WOW!

Your baby-it reminds of those months when you were so tensed and desperate to have a baby,the countless pregnancy test strips you used and the battery of tests you went through anxiously,not once but three times.I remember your disappointment and depression but more than that I remember how after every “negative”pregnancy test,you would smile and think.. OH.. so there is still a next time. All your friends were getting pregnant and almost always you were one of the first few to know the news.I really admire you for always being happy for them..You were never ever envious.I was and am really proud of you for that! And may be that’s why you were blessed with this miracle called Aadya.

The day you heard those magical words -“You are PREGNANT”-I knew you were in for something big!What I didn’t know was how well you would change to new situation.You,who always promptly forgot to take her medicine,the day after you visited a doctor,was suddenly so diligent about those progesterone supplements that you had to take for the whole of first trimester-you even remembered to take you prenatal vitamins.And what you did with your diet to keep your sugars in control after finding out about gestational diabetes-awesome!You did well!Every time you were feeling low,you would come out of it.thinking its all for the baby,its worth it! My dear girl,you were already a mom,even before having a baby.

Though I thought it was weird at the time,but you were so nonchalant about the possibility of having a C-section.Now I think it was really brave of you,for so many have balked at just the mere mention of the C word. And it was out of sheer determination that you walked from your room,to the nursery,to see your baby just minutes after getting the IV and catheter out.But,I need to make sure everything is OK,you said.

Breastfeeding presented another challenge and you hit it head on! There again,I was pleasantly surprised.You just didn’t give up. Even after having been told by the Lactation consultant,that may be its not meant to be,you kept trying and trying and you succeeded.If Aadya is a breast-fed baby today,its all because of your persistence.She cried,you cried,S got all upset-every 3 hours was a fresh start but you kept at it.I cannot praise you enough here.I am so proud of you !

You started giving her massages,when she was just 6 days old-forgetting about your own discomfort and pain from the surgery-you didn’t want her to miss out on any pampering,just because she is not in India surrounded by a houseful of relatives.You wanted to do everything for her yourself,even if you were exhausted beyond belief.”But no one else can do what a mom can” is what you said..and I agree with you on this one.And Aadya could hold her head up at one month old was reward enough for you! I admire you for having forgotten your own pain,to do something to comfort her. I am really proud of you for putting up a brave front when S fell sick and being strong for him and little Aadya.

When you had to take a decision about whether or not to take your 17day old baby to get her ECG done,you decided instantly,that its better to get it checked than procrastinate.You who would wait forever before deciding to go to a doctor-Good show!This new attitude of yours makes me happy.
The first time Aadya started throwing up violently and you guys had to rush her to ER, you were so calm and collected.Even when Aadya looked up at you and moaned and I know,that moment your heart broke into a million tiny pieces,but you held back tears,held her close and even managed to tell everything to the doctor without forgetting even the tiniest details. I guess that’s what being is mom is…and I must tell you,you are doing a good job.

She is thriving,she is a happy baby(knock on the wood) and she is smart and confident too.Surely that means something.Surely you are doing something right.Her dad is a big part of her life but he knows and agrees that you are one cool Mamma!Every time she says Mamma,I know your heart swells up with pride…and listen try not to worry,the separation anxiety will slowly go away- that doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong.Its a phase,so honey,please don’t take it personally.

Ohh and its OK to lose your head sometimes… don’t feel guilty every time you get angry-You are a mom but you are human too…And don’t feel guilty every time,she cries when you stop her from doing something…its OK,its for her own good.After all you are the first one who rushes to pick up and hug her,when she needs something or is hurt. For all the times that you are strict with Aadya,for all the times you stop her from doing something and she breaks into tears,and you hold back your tears- Good job! For I know its not easy for you to not break into tears.Just keep up the good work..And if you need a breather,crazy old me is always around.
You are a great mom, be good, take care of Aadya and her papa but don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Love and hugs,

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