My little rider

Finally the pics that I have been promising you :
I present Aadya on her bike,as she likes to call it :

Aaja Aaja Mumma,she says here

Ok, Ride over,off to find something new

Aha! the cell phone..the favorit-est thing in the whole wide world

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  1. Very cute – with her cell phone – cool kid looks! :)Brings back memories already though KB is only going to be three – he used to do this when he was like 17 m old or so – he would sit for a long time having imaginary conversations on my cell phone…laugh loudly, pause etc etc… You should post more pics with both her eyes clearly showing – she looks so cute…

  2. Itchingtowrite


  3. Aadya looks so cute… look at all the expressions… pride and happiness… very good pics, Trish

  4. She is so so cute…ahh hugs to her..How nice she is with the phone!!!!AM

  5. pumpkins mom

    Aww…such a cutey! there’s a mini cellphone lover here too 🙂 Hey I used to read this blog of yours earlier..dint realize gypsy was you 😀

  6. Aditi's Album

    So very sweet in the bike. Kids these days love the cellphone and other electronic gadgets – laptop, remote, washing machine. Does Aadi blabber something with the phone? My child loves to have a imaginary conversation on the phone.

  7. Noon- Yes, she has those conversations too..and Yes pic with both eyes showing coming up!Itchy- thanks :)Subhashree- 🙂 Thanks AM-Hugs,right back at you..:)Pumpkin’s mom – Hey thanx for coming back..I was going to leave a comment on ur blog about gypsy..but forgot i guess :)Aditi’s Mom- Oh yess blabbering all the time..Like she has her own stories to tell.And I dunno how these kids are so obsessed with electronics 😀

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