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Reality shows,really?

So, most evenings after Sanj comes home,dinner etc done with,we cuddle up on the with a book in my hand,he with the remote in his..and Aadya just playing around..sometimes,pottering in the kitchen,bringing out pots and pans and pretending to cook..Anyway,not to digress..So Sanj channel surfing and almost every other channel has some reality show on.

I remember when so many years ago..I think 11-12 years ago,when Javed Jaffery started “Boogie-Woogie” it was a novel concept and we used to wait to watch it. That and there was “Saanp-Seedi ” with Mohan Kapoor as the host.These were the first of this new genre of TV shows..The ones with real people participating,acting spontaneously in front of the camera.Then,there was Antakshari..which was a popular show..but it deteriorated over the years.These were shows that people used to look forward to,because there was no continuity-you could start watching from any episode and enjoy it.

After Boogie-woogie,the next talent hunt show I remember watching is “Zee Cine stars ki Khoj”.My neighbour’s best friend was a contestant,and she asked us to watch it and root for him..So, we watched a couple episodes and started following it..staying up till late to watch the Grand Finale! Then SaReGaMa followed,Indian Idol,Voice of India..blah blah blah..I am not saying that these people who participate are not talented..Sure they are.. but the publicity stunts and the sob stories in each show.. that is getting too familiar.

These shows were a welcome change from the Saas-Bahu Sagas,which run interminably,but really,how much of drama and emotions can you take. Its so funny..I am sitting and typing this here,when about an hour back, I was sniffing away tears for a contestant on Zara Nachke Dikha, who was abandoned on the penalty bench by his team mates.We regular viewers get so involved in these reality shows,that we don’t know where reality ends and drama begins.No really I am not kidding..after the show ended, we ended up having a long discussion about how it was not right, who could be responsible for this decision..blah blah.. yeah we are that jobless.. And we are just two people..imagine the number of people back home,in India watching this.And surely there are millions of people..because how else can you explain the number of votes,pouring in ALL these reality shows.

Each talent search show, be it SaReGaMa or Voice of India or any others..( there are so many,I don’t remember all the names) claims to have received so many million votes. So, who is doing this? Who are these people who are voting,regular people like you and me,right? But,these people have the interest and dedication to take it one step forward and actually send in that SMS. We all have our favorites after watching a couple episodes,but do you really take the time to send out your vote,by SMS or make that call?

And speaking of talent shows, how can I not speak of the talent search for kids and the amount of pressure on the little participants. The pressure from parents, judges, viewers..the pressure to it really necessary? I remember watching one of the episodes of the children’s special SaReGaMa,where one girl,refused to perform.Her reasons being,she didn’t want her dad to fall sick,if she got eliminated. Why?Because,another girl got eliminated the previous day and her father suffered a heart attack! Its sad,but is a competition,any competition so important?? On the same show, in one of the other episodes,another participant’s father got up and challenged the verdict. He refused to believe it that his princess had not made it in the next round, based on audience voting..Why? because he claimed to have spent thousands of rupees to have people vote for her!! What kind of morals are such parents giving their kids?Aren’t they teaching them,to just win..even if by cheating?

And what about a code of conduct? Recently watched on Headlines today, how the contestants, of yet another such show,took pot shots at each other, cussed and even got into fights, pushing and shoving each other..on national television. That is surely uncalled for.So where do they draw the line? Where? Sadly, the more controversies a show has, the more popular it is..

What do you think about this new genre of reality shows and game shows thats come in? How real are they?

Of Boo,Baby and Black Cheep.

Do you know what is common between these three,other than the obvious B? Well, these are some of the words that Aadya says..most commonly.

Baby is anything or anyone who can be her friend.For example her toys- her teddy,her dolly and her Angie, another toddler,another child.Anyone. Anything or anyone,which is in the same height range as her!well,her dolly is small,but it is called Baby too. She picks up the dolly,pats her,puts her on her shoulder and calls her Babee..We see some little girl in the grocery store,she points at her and says,Babee.. A little boy,seen running around in the park,is pointed at and called Babeee..It really doesn’t matter,if the Babee is a good two years older than her. When we put her to bed,she puts the teddy next to her,pats it and says Babee Aaa aaa. Angie,is another story though..She is like her friend. My friend,Vidya gifted it to her.Its a pink and white poodle from Build-A-Bear Workshop and she loved it from the moment she saw it,even when it was not stuffed. So,she has fights with Angie,wags her finger at her and scolds her. There was a time,when she was almost inseparable from Angie.. That phase is over,for now.

Boo is when she gets hurt. Whenever she fell down,I used to say..”Ohh Boo ho gaya..” Now she comes to me and says Boo Hua and I have to kiss it to make it better. The first time,I kissed her Boo,she was surprised and stopped crying. I kissed her finger and asked her is it OK? and she just said No..I kissed again and again..till she smiled. Now,I need to kiss her Boo twice only then she says YAS iss OK,with a shy smile.Oh and when kissing the Boo,utmost precision is required.If she presents her hand,to show the boo,you cannot just kiss the hand.If you do so,she will go on to put her finger at the exact stop where the BOO Hua,getting frustrated if your big lips,cannot kiss the tiny spot her little finger points at!

And lastly,Black Cheep- This little girl loves her nursery rhymes and sometimes sings them for us..Well not the whole thing,but she knows how to prompt mumma to sing…So,she toddles up to me and sings in the sweetest voice..”Baba Baba Back Cheep”…Excited mumma,tells her go on..sing more baby..sing like this..So, mumma sings the whole rhyme and then,baby applaudes and kisses!!Oh and kissing,has to be loud and clear..UUUUUUUUUUUUUMAAAAAAAAAAH! like that! She starts saying the UUU from a distance,comes towards you with puckered lips,gently touches the face and says..Uuumaaaaaaaaah!Oh and now, she showers me with kisses..ummm..I make her,every day at nap time, we lie in bed,I point at my cheek,saying,”ek kissie,aadi..” and she does..then the other cheek and the eyes, and so on. Its fun 🙂 these toddler years.
Oh..I digress..not that it matters,its all about Aadya..So,another song that she likes listening to is..ABC..So,she starts it..” A B cee dee…” and points at me..Yeah Yeah I oblige..always!

The funniest thing happened today..we were putting her to sleep- These days, thankfully,she always wants the Papa to be around too.I am happy,I am not the only one,getting frustrated when she is not sleeping.So, first she just didnt want to settle down,she just kept pointing at the bedroom door.Wondering,if she may be hungry,I went out with her and it turns out,Madam wanted a bath.So,I gave her a quick bath,while Papa got her bottle ready. That done,we were back in bed.The dudu was drunk and the sippy put away..and she refused to sleep! I got really angry and told her,”Aadya I am going to count till 5 ,if you dont sleep,That’s it!” So,I started, “One”….”Two”… she puts up two fingers and grins “Thee”… We both burst out laughing..And she jumped right in..And no she didn’t sleep right away,we played some more,we let her stay up past the bed-time,because we were hungry.We finished dinner,by then she was ready to sleep..Happily came to bed with me. Its so funny,I always have to sleep with the bedroom door closed.Now,when Aadya is sleepy and wants to sleep,she pulls me by the hand and makes sure,the door is SHUT behind us!
Isn’t it funny,how certain things you have been doing almost unconsciously,but the little one picks it up ?

On a totally different note,I am going to enable comment Moderation..Only because,that way,I am regular in replying to your comments 🙂

Mother’s instinct

In case you are wondering,where we were last few days,let me tell you we were right here..cooped up at home.The Viral monster was visiting and had all of us in his grip. What started as a normal cough-sneeze routine,turned into a full blown viral infection,even before we could say,”Bless you”..We had a bit of a scare,when Aadya’s fever refused to go down,even with regular doses of tylenol and the cough kept getting worse. Two trips to the ped’s office, countless doses of tylenol administered and she is still recuperating..the fever is on and off and the coughing still the same..hoarse,deep throated. Anyway,when she feels fresh,after her nap, she just plays and plays and then,she gets tired and wants mumma to carry her around.Which is fine on normal days..but when Mumma herself was fighting off fever and infection and dealing with so many health problems, carrying her around can be difficult.
So,we were generally in an irritable mood,both of us snapping at the father..well me snapping,she scratching..So,I decided to just watch some movies to cheer myself up. And I have seen,that Aadya wants me to carry her,only when I am on the phone,or trying to cook or clean.So,I decided to just take a break.Be a couch potato and stare at the idiot box. I am not a big TV fan,so there are not too many things that I like watching.But sometime back,while channel surfing,I saw the trailer of a movie on Lifetime and that seemed interesting. The name of the movie was Little Girl Lost. I was intrigued,and had saved it on DVR. This was one of the movies that I watched,in the last two days.
Little Girl Lost is based on a real life story. Its the story of a mother,who has been told that her newborn daughter didn’t survive the fire that burnt down her house. But she is not convinced.Infact,she is sure that her baby was still out there somewhere.Its the story of a mother’s conviction and her strength,her willpower and determination to fight anything and anyone and to just find her daughter.Its a beautifully made movie. It moved me to tears.The mother finally reunited with her daughter after 6 years. But not before fighting with the person who had kidnapped her,as a baby. Even after it was proved that this little girl was indeed her baby,the mother had to wait till the child was emotionally ready for the change.
The most touching part of the movie was..when the mother is told by a social worker,how upset the little girl is..the mother says,”Its so ironical,the happiest day of my life,is the saddest day of her life,” Oh..its a beautifully made story..I had my heart in my mouth till the little girl didnt get home and I wanted to reach out and hug the mother.
This movie is based on a real life story-The details are here
While I was watching the movie,I dont know when,Aadya came and cuddled up next to me..And then ,as I held, her,she fell asleep. As I breathed in her sweet baby smell,I realised how lucky I am to be able to hold her,watch her grow…Delimar’s mother, missed all that.She couldn’t rock her baby to sleep,she couldn’t watch her sleep..She had to find out her daughter’s likes and dislikes,by asking her questions,not know it instinctively..So many things we take for granted,so many things need to be treasured.
I think at the moment I forgot about my aching arms..putting her down,just didnt seem like an option..I just held her closer and stayed that way,for the longest time.


WaterBabies-Day one
Once upon a time,there was a little girl.She loved the water but she was prone to ear-infections.A day at the beach and she would catch an infection.So,her mommy and daddy decided to keep her away from water. No swimming for her.She grew up to be a rebellious teen and took some lessons,from her friend. Now,the little girl is grown up,and has a little girl of her own.Yes you guessed,it,Me..who else!
I still love the water.One hot day,I decided to see if Aadya liked the water too.We went to the pool in the community and tested hands first and then feet,in the small warm pool. Aadya was so excited,seeing that,I rolled up my Capri and and sat on the steps in the shallow pool,she was so excited,squealing and kicking.I was enjoying it too,but I was nervous.You see,I had never taken formal lessons and the few lessons that my friend gave me would be enough to save myself,but I wasn’t confident getting into the water with Aadya.But she loves the water,more than I do.
So,I started looking for swimming classes..and found this one for babies. It said age 6 months to 2 years and there were going to 6-8 babies in each group. That was perfect and one of the parents had to get in the water with them. DH agreed to drive us there,but getting in the water was my job. I hadn’t been in the pool for about 6-7 years and was nervous.But I figured,there would be other people and so we’d be OK.That and I really wanted to encourage Aadya and let her love for water grow.So,I sucked up..and signed up for these lessons.
Today was the first day. As always,we got there,just in time.And so there was no time to change Aadya’s diaper from regular to swimming diaper. The thing with the swimming diaper is,that if she pees in it,it leaks.Its just made to hold the poop in!*sorry, i couldn’t take her in it,from home itself.
Anyway,when we reached the assigned spot,the instructor was doing head count and briefing the parents about the class. I half-listened,half- looked for a place to change her diaper.There were no benches or chairs.So,I had to do it standing.Luckily the swimming diaper is pull-up,and another mom standing by,looked at me.I asked her to help me. Then,I quickly took off my clothes ( see,here I did the smart thing..I was wearing,my swim-suit inside the clothes). and got in the pool.Well,almost.
I was fine,till I was holding the railing and getting down the step.And then,suddenly the water seemed so deep.I felt myself panic,just a little..But,Aadya was ready to go join the group and I forgot about my panic. And I still had my two feet on the floor.So,we walked up to the wall and joined the group.And then the fun started.
First,we learned to kick.The instructor told us,how to hold the babies afloat,facing us,so they could kick. Aadya was excited,kicking her feet,splashing water.Slowly,I was getting more and more comfortable and soon,we were in the centre of the pool,away from the wall.And she was using her hands too.
The next step was,reach and pull.Here,we each had to throw a toy,a little away from the baby and encourage her to go and get it,while holding her side ways.I did as instructed and Aadya,pushed with her hands to grab the toy.She was so excited,when she got it and didn’t want to leave it.After the first two attempts,she realised that retrieving the toy was more fun than holding on to it..and stopped resisting. We walked from one end of the pool to the other,reaching for the toy.
Next was bubble time. We had to blow bubbles at the surface of the water and teach the babies to do it.Aadya tried that and gulped a little water..but the instructor,taught her how to spit it right out. And then she had fun trying to spit out.. rather than blowing.Poor child,didn’t realise that she had already gulped the chlorinated water and that there was no spitting it out.
Soon,it was time for a wrap up.And we wrapped up with some singing and dancing.The instructor told us,to go around in a circle,while singing,” The wheels on the bus go”.We did,imitating the instructor,and the babies squealed. Then we said,good-byes.I let Aadya,splash her way to the steps, and she didn’t want to leave.She was so mad at me,for making her leave.
As I came out the water,I realised,how heavy we were- the whole idea of being weightless in water,completely forgotten!!Wish I could just stay in the water,all the time!
It was fun fun experience.I think sometime in those 30 minutes,that little girl in me,got her shot in the water too…looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Matar Paneer Dry

You know how some days,you are just pressed for time but feel like eating something fancy.Or how you are hungry and craving something yummy…or more elaborate but don’t have the patience to make it.That’s exactly what happened to me,yesterday.
I had some left over daal-fry dhaba style,from the previous nights dinner.So, I decided to make some jeera rice to go with it.But, as the smells of the delicious basmati infused with cumin filled up my kitchen,my mind started craving for a nice curry to go with it.I quickly raided the refrigerator only to find that not a single thing appealed to me.Well Except…the paneer. But there was not enough time.With less than half an hour left for DH to arrive,I had to act quickly.I got the paneer out,cut it into cubes.While I was still thinking of what to do with it..the little one woke up.Nothing much gets done in the kitchen,when she is awake.
So,I quickly tossed a few things into the pan..and came up with this 🙂

Like what you see? Here’s the recipe:


1 1/ 2 cup paneer cubes

1 cup peas

2 tsp ginger-garlic paste.

1/4 cup milk+1/8 cup water

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp red chili powder

1 tsp coriander-cumin powder

1/2 tsp Garam masala

salt to taste



Heat about 2-3 tsps of oil in a pan.

Add ginger garlic paste and fry for 2-3 minutes.

Next add the peas and stir fry,on a low flame.

When the peas are half cooked,add the paneer cubes.By then the pan should be well greased,if not,dribble a tiny amount of oil on the sides. lightly toss the paneer cubes in the pan,so as to keep them from sticking to the pan.

Add the spices and mix well,gently.

Add the milk-water mixture and let it simmer,till all the liquid dries. If you want to make the dish richer,just add all milk,no water.

Garnish with fresh coriander or mint leaves and serve hot,with roti .

Artsy Shartsy

Today Ms. Aadya was very restless and was getting upset,when I tried to make her nap with me,at my naptime. She kept pointing at the door and wanted to go to the living room. Not one to give up easily,I dragged my pillow and balnket to the couch..but she got even more upset. After trying to sleep for a good 30-30 minutes,I gave up.

I tried reading to her-she didnt want to read.Then,singing..she put her hand on my an attempt to shush me. Then I remembered some colors I had picked up a few days back,for finger painting.We tried it sometime last week and she wanted to taste the color-one lick with a finger, the rigourous mouth wshing and stern No,was all it took to discourage her from eating the whole tube. She made a general mess of herself,her clothes,her hair and the newspaper that I gave her to splash color on.

Today,however,I thought of trying something else.We had a hanger,from a 6-pack of onsies.I thought of doing something fun with it. It had a general appearance of a,we started out with a big blot of red color. I showed her how to spread it all over the hanger. She did..Then we let it dry and started coloring in the color book with crayons. When the finger-paint dried up,I took a tube of brown oil paint and a brush and evenly spread the brown all over that. and hung it to dry.

Then,we played with the blocks and colored some more. And as I watched the drying hanger..a thought struck didnt look like a tree..but looked like a lobster or something. So,I quickly got it down and dotted some yellow color on the ends and helped Aadya,blend it. And then,to add a final touch, made the eyes..

I present to you,our first attempt at art work –

Welllllllll, what do you think??

All my doings and the movie

Weekends are meant to sleep-in and we are strong believers of that. We don’t make any early morning plans,we rarely meet people for lunch on weekends,because by the time we eat breakfast,most people are beginning to think of lunch and by the time,we do lunch,normal people are thinking of tea. This was pretty much what we did until a few months back.
Even when I got pregnant,I would wake up in the mornings ,ravenous..So,I would sneak to the kitchen,grab a cup of milk,drink it in bed,reading a book and then go back to sleep. Then,Ms.Aadya happened and she started waking up early..So,I’d just nurse or give her a bottle and cuddle up with her,and she would go back to sleep too.
But a couple months back,she decided that the weekend should be treated as any other day..and its a great idea to wake up early.So,now,she wakes up early..and starts playing,jumping on the bed,poking me..till I don’t get up. I hate being woken up from my sleep,and god help the one,who tries to wake me up from my slumber..well..except if that someone is Aadya. So,i wake up..and most days,being a meanie that I am..I tell her to ask papa to wake up..Bolo Utho utho baby (say wakey wakey baby) and she would just pat him.Yesterday,they were both up and I was sleeping,this little missy comes up to me and pats me on the cheek and says-“Mamma,utho utho!” Oh well,I taught her to say it!
When Sanj is in the bathroom and we are getting late for going somewhere..or sometimes,just to tease him,I have Aadya knock and tell her to say Kholo papa kholo(open up,papa). She just taps on it one or two times and then comes running to cling to me..a couple days back,I went to the bathroom and closed the door.Aadya and Sanj were in bed,reading a book.She pushed the book away, and banged the door-“dham dhaam” and screamed,”Mumma,Khollo” I mean how is that she never says it when I tell her to say it..but is ready to use it for me!!Grrr..
When Aadya is being naughty,I just wag my finger at her and scold her…or try to..Sometimes,I ask her,Understand? or Got it? Now, whenever,we are talking or arguing and our voices are raised,Aadya,wags her finger at the offending party..and says something,gibberish..we used to just laugh it off..until a few days ago,she turned towards me,when I was laughing and scolded me some more and said,”Understand?” with a dead-pan serious expression!!! I just wanted to go hide somewhere!!Need I say,how much Sanj enjoyed watching my face turn white!
And this one surely takes the cake..Sanj and Aadya were cuddling in bed and Aadya was patting her dolly. so,she was trying to put her to sleep.She was humming..aaaaa aaaa aaaaa…and patting the doll.Suddenly she got up,propped her self on her elbow and scolded the dolly..haaannnnnnnnn..ninni ninni.. was so cute..but so identical to our typical nght-time scene..Me patting Aadya..,humming,aaa aaaa aaa..and propping myself up on the elbow and scolding her,for not sleeping..haaannnn.. ninni karo.. jaldi close your eyes and ninni karo!!
Uh-oh time to change my tactics!!:D

And now the movie,that I almost watched.So,we went to watch The dark knight with some friends..I had been really down,last couple days and so Sanj planned this evening,the Batman,being my favorite and all.We got to the theatre well in time and got great seats too.There was a lot of room for Aadya to play and we were close to the exit.Besides,it was almost her bed-time. Mostly,we just go for the last show,that way,she sleep through it..Ideally,I would’ve liked to not take her..but,somethings cant be helped. So,not to digress.10 minutes into the movie,Aadya,started getting fidgety,we gave her popcorn,she munched happily.A little extra snack never hurt anyone. Pop-corn finished,she turned back and started pointing to the bag of popcorn that belonged to the people behind us. After the usual No-No’s she started watching the movie..and almost dozed off..but,then the screen lit-up,and she was wide awake.I took her out,let her run around in an attempt to tire her out.She was more than happy to run around. We played catch in the deserted upper floor lobby. Then,she started feeling sleepy.So,I changed her diaper,put her in the stroller,gave her the bottle..And started walking her.normally 10 minutes of this routine and she is fast asleep..But yesterday was something else.She just didn’t want to sleep. I walked around the mall,before it closed one time.Sanj offered to trade places..but I figured at least one of us,could watch the complete movie!
So we walked some more..and after a while,I actually started enjoying the quiet walk.When I got tired,I sat down,drank some water,gave her some water and called my dad.Had a quiet chat with him,while Aadi looked around. As soon as I hung up,she said,”Mumma Ghumi”..yes baby,I said..and off we went for Ghumi again..While everyone else enjoyed the movie..we enjoyed our own movie…Sigh.. the dark knight will have to wait..until this fair princess is awake!

Just other things

I am in a mood to blog today and I want to write something non-baby.Some days I feel,my whole life is revolving around Aadya..and I love it..OK that’s all I am going to write about her.
So, last couple days have been really eventful- happy or not,I will tell you in a bit.

I have been dealing with some health-related issues and that has left me feeling rather low. I am just coming to terms with the situation and hoping things start to look up soon. But seeing doctors,waiting for reports and then waiting to get appointments is tiring.And on the whole,I am really tired.The house is a mess-I tidy up,then,it gets messy and I am just too tired to pick up again.Some days,even cooking seems like a big chore too.There is no energy for socialising too,so other than the really unavoidable ones,I have been keeping a low profile.. Hopefully things will get better from here on.

I spent quite a few days moping over my health but its just not me to keep moping..There is always something that makes me want to get up and take charge! Getting doctors and specialists appointments unless you are pregnant or unless its an emergency or unless you are just back from the ER is so tough. I waited 2 months to see a specialist,only for her to refer me to a super-specialist,who doesn’t have any openings for new patients for at least 2 and half months from now.It is nerve-wracking,I tell you,this waiting.You know there is a have google for support and talk to people you know,who might have some ideas for you.. but you are still at a loss,till you don’t get the final verdict from the doctor!Gahh!!

Then,there is a big move on the cards..and this time,it seems like the right thing. Sanj’s assignment officially ends on August 28th and anytime after that,we would be boarding the flight to leave Dallas. Dallas bloggers ,how about having a meet before that? I had booked my tickets to Seattle for mid I don’t know if I will be able to take that trip..But somehow the uncertainty that came with this new development doesn’t seem overwhelming.May be because we had made up our minds to move,even before this announcement came through. Some time in June,we had decided that we wanted to go back to India,when our visa may be that why we are mentally ready for this change.

Now,I need to start organising our stuff- what to throw,what to donate/give away,what to take along,what to ship ahead of time.Oh and there is this question of destination.We don’t have any idea about destination,can’t start on the apartment search.That’s always the first on my list,every time we move.But this time,that will have to wait. The sorting of the stuff will take a long time. I have a complete section of the garage packed with boxes and trash bags,full of stuff. They need to be unpacked,checked through and repacked. I know I can do it during the day,when Sanj takes the car out, but its too hot in there. And its not such a good idea to let Aadya run around when I open the boxes.There will be more things on the floor than in the boxes,if madam is around.So, may be that needs to be done on the weekend. I guess things will pick up only when,we have a final date and destination for the move..till then,I should at least try to collect the odds and ends scattered around in the apartment.

This time,I am really excited to move ..if only I had the energy to keep up with the excitement.Funny, now when I think,I have had really low energy levels,around the last two moves..the first was from Chicago to Phoenix,when I was pregnant..and the next was from Phoenix to Dallas-when I was sleep deprived.. and this time I am just sick.But there is still time for the actual move and by then,I am sure I will be fine. Oh and BTW, those are just two of the six moves we made in the less than 4 years.

And now,since I have decided to write about non-baby stuff,I am going to steal this tag from , Cee Kay. No one remembered to tag me * sulk*

Here’s the Book tag:

Pick up the nearest book.
Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.
Post the next three sentences.
Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you .

I am currently reading “Sweet Dreams at the Goodnight Motel” by Curtiss Ann Matlock.
Here’s what I have :
“But her money was gone,all that she had saved out,little by little,for the past six months of serving Krispy Kremes.The money that would get her to the doctor,that would get her somewhere if Denny left her.
Denny had known about it all along.”
OK,now I am tempted to flip through the pages and reach page 123. I am still on page 94 and have no clue..who this woman is and who this Denny is!!
As for tagging and acknowledging..remember I am sulking..No one tagged me..*sulk sulk*

Ha! and even in this non-baby post,I managed to mention Aadya 4 times!!Oh what the heck,I spend every waking second of my day with her.. so,its OK..Na?