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I’ve been awarded

I am in a very happy place right now. I feel so much love,its going to spill,if I don’t share soon.

Awards have been sent my way,by loving friends and its time,I accept graciously and thank them.

Rayshma gave me this:

Thanx gal!I am honored and boy, am I glad to have met you. You are totally a pleasure to be with.And now, I pass this award to-

Swati- who keeps coming back to my blog,even when I don’t update it,regularly.

Shobana- for being the friend thats always there to listen

Upsi- for being you.

And Swati gave me this :

She says,” I love her blog for the honesty with which she writes and for the antics of Aadya 🙂

Thank You, Swati..I am honoured 🙂

Here’s what the Brilliante is all about-

“The Brilliant Weblog Award- a prize given to sites and blogs that are smart and brilliant both in their content and their design. The purpose of the prize is topromote as many blogs as possible in the blogosphere. Here are the rules to follow:When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, togetherwith the name of who has given it to you, and link back to them.Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing them that they have been awarded with the ‘Brilliant Weblog’ award.Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional) to.”

I would like to pass on this award to-

Kiran – I love her humor injected posts.I can keep reading her posts,over and over again and still laugh.

Suki– This one claims to be a teenager, but her posts are really thought provoking.Rock on girl!

invictuspeak– he doesn’t quiet update as often as I like…but the posts are always, interesting.

Dottie– for her lucid posts.Each post is so well written..the words are like beads in a necklace.

Emaan– This cutie-pie speaks his mind…keeping you hooked!!!

Mona – Love reading about Noo..Mona’s post so often reflect the conflict in my mind..

Mummyjaan – For reasons unknown to me,I keep wanting to go back to her posts,again and again. She’s very positive and full of sunshine 🙂

And with this dear ones,I end this post. This may be my last post,for the next few weeks.We are in transit…regular posting will resume, as soon as we are all settled.Take care,be good,See you on the other side!

Of Little girls who make your Boos better

These last few days all I have done is packing,sorting, packing and more sorting. And all the while there are a thousand thoughts in my mind. I have a couple posts in draft and countless others in my mind,but this one needs to be written.
I had a followup appointment at my doctor’s office today and we all were happy to get away from this mad place we call home. I tell you, there is so much mess- well, actually not mess.its our things- clothes,books, etc..but in general moves are messy and to add to it, we are trying to pack a week long vacation in SFO, before we leave the U S of A. So, anyway, we were at the doctor’s office.
The doctor’s assitant came in to take all the details,Aadya was happily chattering ,saying hi giving hi-fives..till, she started checking my temperature and blood pressure and then,all the love evaporated .Sanj tried to distract her, but all she wanted to do was pry the pressure cuff off my arm. That got done and then we had to wait for the doctor. This is the only bad part about my doctor visit. She is great doctor, patiently answers all our queries but,the wait time is too long.So,thats a challenge,keeping a super-active toddler out of trouble. Sanj took her out for a walk and still no sign of the doctor.. after a long wait I think about 25 minutes or so..she came to see me.
“You are glowing,you seem to have lost weight”…these were her first words,on entering the room.Grinning ear-to-ear,I forgot about the long wait. When your doctor tells you, you are looking good,its a cause to celebrate. The next she asked Sanj ,if he had had his flu shots.When he told her that his sugar levels were back to normal,she reached out and hugged him. This is the reason, why I still keep going back to this place.. they make us feel like we belong. Anyway
then came the tricky part- the blood draw.
Its so difficult a good vein in my arms,and so as soon as the nurse came in to take the blood, sanj took aadya out .They came back,and we were still trying to find a vein after one missed attempt.Aadya saw the band-aid and started pointing at it saying “Boo Boo” with a sad face.I said, “Mumma has got a boo” she looked even sadder.I said, can you make it better?
And she did..She climbed up on the chair and kissed the band-aid and then asked me..”boo?”I said,with a sad face,Boo hurts.She climbed up on the chair and kissed it again and kissed my hand and face too.How could the Boo not get better then?
I hugged her and said,its Ok now,baby..then she smiled. The nurse hugged her too..and said..”see that’s why I wanted atleast one little girl”..What can I say,I got lucky!
So, if you want to make your boo better,you know where to go 🙂

Chiti Chiti Bang Bang

This post has nothing to do with the movie. I was feeling rather uninspired and couldn’t come up with an interesting Title.So poked and prodded the sleeping husband,he woke up irritated and groggy and was ready to bite off my head..when I asked him for an interesting title. “For my blog post”.. The poor guy rubbed his eyes…”tell me na,fast.” I urged and he came up with this!!So,I will be damned if I use some other title..after all this.

Anyway,blogging has been slow. First because Aadya wasn’t well..she got a little better and off we flew to Seattle,to see my friend and her cuddly 16 month old. We got back,and the weekend was here..So,we spent it painting the town most of the day and following Hurricane Ike the rest of the time.

When you have so many things to take care of, time just flies.Lot of things have been happening-some I can write about,some I have to restrain myself from.For one, like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts..we are busy packing.We are moving out of the US of A. Where? Some details need to be fine tuned..till then,I have been advised to keep my mouth SHUT! hehe..the things you do for love.

Which brings me to my one true LOVE, My angel..She has been chattering nineteen to a dozen. The newest additions to the vocabulary are – “esstrollarrrr( the stroller), Jaii jaii ( for praying),Chikin( the obvious,chicken)..And now,I can safely call this kid,bilingual. She commands us in both Hindi and english,depending on her mood. Sometimes, its “waann thiss” some times it is..Ye do na.( give this) ..sometimes it is “aao” ,at others its commee. And so on.This calls for a seaparate post.

And so does the Seattle Visit..I will be writing about both shortly.

I will be back with more masala..till then,be good,be safe..Mucho love,my lovelies.

I leave you with a pic of the two stars of my next post…

17 months and counting….

Can you believe it?? In another month,my baby girl would be one and a half years old.Aadya turned 17 months young,over the weekend I completely forgot about the 16 month post..and so,this one has to be written.Co-incidentally,Aadya was sick on both her 16 month and 17th month birthday.My poor baby has fever since yesterday and her cold and cough doesn’t seem to be going away.

She has evolved so much in these last two months.She is getting more and more communicative.She knows how to effectively use pointing and words. If she wants something,she drags us by the hand, and points at the thing that she wants. If she wants to watch TV, she points at it.That’s another story,that she turns it off,when we are watching it and not paying attention to her. She knows that her favorite song,Lakdi ki kathi can be watched on the computer,so she points at the computer,when she wants to listen to that. She points at the fridge when she wants milk or fruit. If she wants milk,she brings her sippy cup to us!

And she is trying to say so many words.Whatever you say,she has to repeat it or try to repeat it. She is a big copy-cat. She is seen walking around,with the phone propped between her shoulder and neck.Obviously,why not? That is how mamma holds the phone! The keys on the keyboard have to be typed at furiously..not slowly,not one by one.Her fingers even imitate mine. The food is to be eaten with a spoon or fork. She waits patiently for the spoon if I forget to give it to her.

And the funniest is when she tries to laugh. Its so cute.When we are laughing,she crinkles up her nose and pretends to laugh.And she always has to have the last laugh!!She won’t quit till the last person has stopped laughing!

She likes to choose her own clothes.So,I lay out two outfits for her and let her pick one. She things she has done something great and happily lets me dress her.If she doesn’t like what she is wearing,she just takes it off. No one told me how your work increases ten fold,when your child learns to undress herself.And God!how she hates her diapers. She just doesn’t want to keep it on.The moment she pees,she takes it off and gives it to me. In a way its good.I know she is ready to be Potty trained..but, with this move and everything else that goes with it,I don’t want to start potty training her. Anyway,she now,points at the bathroom and wants me to take off her diaper,when she wants to pee,which is another sign that she is ready!

This last month,has been great for the father-daughter duo. Aadi is getting more and more attached to her dad. Earlier,she would play with him,but when it was time to sleep or if she was hungry,she needed only mumma. But now, sometimes,she goes to her Papa. And falls asleep as soon as he picks her up. And on some days,I spend so much time, putting her down for a nap,all he has to do is pick her up!and she puts her head on his shoulder and dozes off in 5 minutes.Bedtimes are also incomplete without Papa.She keeps looking out for him,till he doesn’t come and join us .

She loves to gently touch our faces with her hands.Its so amazing,feeling that soft little hand on our faces. At other times,the meltdowns continue.We are kind of able to recognise the signs now, and many meltdowns have been successfully averted. Though there are some that still can’t be helped. Like today, she didn’t want to put on her diaper and her Papa just put it on her,forcefully. And she got upset and she cried and cried..flinging her body..not listening..just crying. I think she was tired and not well. He took her out,I walked with her,then showed her the magic of flicking switches and making everything bright.That cheered her up.

In these 17 months, she has grown so much(knock on the wood),changed so much,from the little baby,we brought home.This change is amazing. I don’t know what else to say..But leave you with this

17 day old wonder

17 month old monkey