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A chat with Pipette

This morning,I was doing the dishes and Aadya was playing in the kitchen.Its a nice sunny day and the sun-lit kitchen looked lovely.She was singing and talking to herself.
Suddenly she got up and opened the refigerator and lugged out the almost full 3 L can of milk. Here’s the dialogue that followed-

Mimi- “Aadi, what are you doing?”
A- “Dudu”
Mimi- “You want dudu”
A-“Yeah”..(getting excited)
Mimi-” Are you sure?”
A- “Da da…”

ummm OK..I gave her some.. 2 mins later her cup was abandoned and she got the TV remote.

Mimi(Aadya calls me Mimi)-“Oh you want to watch TV?”
A- “Yeah..(gets impatient)”
Mimi- “OK,sit on the couch and watch .”

I turn my back and she gets up from the couch,and starts fiddling with the TV button..

Mimi- “What are you doing?”
A- “TiTi”
A- “YEah Yeah..”
And she throws the remote on the floor.
Mimi- “Are you Mad?”
A- “No No”
Mimi- “You think Mumma is mad>”
Pipette- “YEah yeah!”

My sister told me that if she is bored..she just says yeah.. but I wonder how..she says no..when it comes to her..


And A Happy Diwali to Everyone

Diwali, this year was going to be very low-key. The family,back home has been going through some troubled times and I am constantly obsessing about that. and then, we just moved.We are still trying to settle in.I haven’t even unpacked all the bags.And with the limited 3-4 vessels,hyper-active Aadya, there is no way,I wanted to attempt making Diwali sweets and savories.
To add to that, grandparents on both sides of the family were upset, about not being able to send anything for their precious grand-daughter.We sent the address so late. So, anyway, we had pretty much given up on receiving any gifts this year.New place, not many friends..and the works.
But, we were pleasantly surprised,when our “only” friends here,when we moved,T&S, called up to say they wanted to visit. We were happy.They came bearing-diwali sweets,wishes and a surprise. A package from our very own,Dipali.There were gifts for Aadya and Me!! And boy were we thrilled..:) That sort of got us in the mood.Then we feasted on the goodies 😀 Then,I decided to make a little something, just shagun ka. Strapped Aadya in her Pram, and marched up to the Indian store. I got some stuff to make Chivada and laddu. And while we were there, Sanj called,with good news. A car,that he had gone to see over the weekend, got approved and the dealer was ready to deliver it the same day.So, I picked up some more mithai.We got back home, I finished cooking..and then after dinner, we went for a long drive. And what a fine car it is.
This morning when I woke up,I decided to make some chivada.That’s another thing,that I got around to doing it only by 6.00 in the evening. I just about managed to make chivada, mathri,and something,that tastes like Rava laddu but,is not even close to it in appearance..oh well.. something is better than nothing,na?
This time,we just lit candles and prayed..No elaborate pooja happened..More because,there is no space..and with this super-curious Aadya,I didn’t want to risk keeping it down. And its the thought that counts,ain’t it?
Anyway,now I have an excess stock of sweets and Sanj,doesn’t eat it.. Aadya is not getting any..I have decided no more sweets for her, after 4 in the afternoon.She gets a sugar rush and refuses to sleep.Which,leaves me.All the calories and the measly two pounds that I managed to lose in this one month..I am going to put it on back,with interest..Oh..such is life.
Wish you all a very happy diwali.May this diwali bring lots of joy and prosperity to every one.

Bed-Time Battle Begins

That’s right..its a battle..and not one to be taken lightly.

Last few months have been so busy and crazy.We were travelling, catching up with friends, packing to move to Australia and so,our schedules have been erratic.Add to that a very social little girl and it means chaos everywhere.

She refused to go to sleep till the last person in the house was out flat. And in these past crazy months,slowly, sometimes,out of sheer lack of energy and sometimes,out of pure laziness, we let Aadya sleep in our bed..and before we could even blink,she became a permanent fixture in our bed. And that’s OK, its nice cuddling up with her, but what’s not OK is that she refuses to sleep,till we are awake. Now, no little body has so much energy to keep up with two adults,after being Super active all day long!

Our routine of last few days has been- quick meet and greet when Papa comes home from work,followed by a rushed dinner,long bath for Ms.Aadya,followed by her tucking in.Now, tucking her in means, all the lights have to be turned off, we have to lie down next to her, pretend like we are fast asleep and even then, madame,takes her own sweet time to fall asleep.First we are poked in the eyes and noses and then when we don’t wake up,there is some singing,followed by story telling,all done by Aadya herself-remember,we are pretending to be asleep. After a long long time,she falls asleep.By then, we are really truly sleeping.Another day gone by and we wouldn’t have spoken.

I am not kidding-Sanj joined a new job and we haven’t had a chance to talk about it. We haven’t had any couple time in forever!!! So,today,I declared war! I had decided..I am going to re-train her to sleep,on her own. I repeated her routine as it was, before,we er…things got crazy. I gave her dinner at 8:00, followed by a quick wash,then nice relaxing massage with her lotion,and donned her jammies. Then we said,nite-nite to her Papa, and her toys and went to bed,with a warm bottle of dudu and goldilocks book.

Dudu was downed,book was read,and then she rubbed her eyes,till then,we were on track. I thought to myself,wow she is going to sleep now.I started patting her.Till then we were on track.Then,I don’t know what happened,she was suddenly so fresh …like she had never been sleepy at all.But that wasn’t possible.She was sleepy, her eyes were watering,she had missed her nap.. Then,Papaa was asked to take over.But no,she wanted both of us there…like her captives.Like she doesn’t want us to have fun while she sleeps. So,I was pestered and tempted with baby cuddles and sweet smiles and “shoieees” till I finally gave in and went and lay down next to her.

And the moment I got in bed, the mischief started again..jumping,bumping her head into us…singing,talking.I threatened to go out.. and I was dared..”Mumma is going to go out,Aadi”..”yeah”..and out I went, and “Noooo Noooooo,aaja aaja”said the brat! Sanj almost smothered himself with his pillow,trying to hide his grin.Anyway, since the threat didn’t work,there was yelling followed by smacking. But it just made her more stubborn. Like she wanted to defy me. Like she knew,it was getting my goat and she was enjoying that. There was a lot of crying and loud crying at that too,because at some point of time,I was really mad and suggested that she get out of the bedroom! Yeah I know she is just a little girl!!

By now,Sanj had given up on his two girls- one not trying to sleep and the other trying to not sleep. Yes,I had made up my mind..I was not going to fall asleep today.anyway, after 4 long hours, finally she fell asleep.And before she did,I did doze off. But at the end of those four hours I was tired and hungry. I sneaked out of bed and guilt kept nagging at the back of my mind. I don’t like hitting Aadya, nor do I like it when she cries. And today was the limit of everything.. her mischief,her screaming and crying, my yelling, my smacking and most of all my patience.As I sit here, writing this, I know, that I didn’t give into her..but, is it really worth all the crying?At the same time,I do want to develop good sleeping habits for her. I really dint like the current sleeping arrangement.

I remember when I was growing up, 9.00 pm was bedtime and even if there were visitors, we were given our marching orders. 5 minutes to 9.00, we had to say our good-nights, brush our teeth and at sharp nine pm,lights out. Now, if only I could remember when we started doing that.I know the poor child has been through a lot of changes and I need to be patient,but come on 4 hours is too much ..even for a saint.I am totally at my wits ends..I will keep updating,the battle of bedtimes…in the meantime,if you have a magic wand to make my troubles, go away,please wave it this way!

Bye-Bye USA

So we are officially off the US soil.4 years,6 moves,5 major road-trips across various states, so many other smaller road trips,later, we finally said good-bye to the US of A. This move was much awaited..but still leaving finally wasn’t easy. I felt like a phase of life was ending and a whole new phase was beginning.The last couple weeks have been crazy…we have been on a roller coaster literally.And boy travelling with uncertainty is never fun.But we made it.We are still in transit..well living out of technically transit..even if its indefinitely.
Thank you for all your wishes.
And now,I don’t know how else to say this,but directly. Blogging openly has been fun..but I guess its time to disappear into anonymity.And though technically I wont be anonymous..coz ‘most of you are not strangers anymore..and know me..:) but still having the option of not being “google-able” is a biggie.
I know where to reach the regulars..and would send them an invite..coz hey,I am not running away..:) and I love hearing from you guys.
As for the are welcome too..just send me your,I can send you an invite too.
Leave me a comment with your assured,comments with email ids will not be published 🙂
Take care,people..Be good!